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Patch Programs

Patch programs provide Girl Scouts opportunities to enjoy activities, learn new skills, and explore their world. These patches, along with GSSD fun patches, are available in our shops. Follow the link on each patch program name to find requirements.

4Her patch
4Her Troop Helper

Girls who have family support and participation in their Girl Scout adventures are more likely to stay, and troops excel when parents are part of the fun. Ask your troop families to volunteer four hours this year, 4Her!

Ability Awareness and Inclusion
(and Blind Awareness rocker)

Earn this patch by becoming aware of the need for inclusion and finding ways to include people with disabilities in your troop and community. Then earn the Blind Awareness rocker patch by understanding people who are blind or experience visual impairment.

Art of Ballet

Discover dance as you watch a live performance or video of a professional ballet, take a class to develop new skills, create a costume, or choreograph a dance to perform.

Building Bridges

This program, generously supported by Linden Root Dickinson Foundation, encourages intergenerational learning. Girl Scouts connect with older adults in their communities, allowing both groups to learn from each other. Discover that everyone stands to benefit from interacting with individuals from generations. Pick up your free patch at any council shop.

Cesar Chavez

Find out what it takes to work as a farmer. Research Cesar Chavez, learn more about his life, and increase awareness of the contributions of this Hispanic-American hero to our community.

Climate Controller

In partnership with Swinerton Renewable Energy (one of the largest solar contractors in the country with headquarters in San Diego) and Feeding San Diego (a nonprofit on a mission to connect every person facing hunger with nutritious meals by maximizing food rescue), this patch program explores how food is at the center of climate action. Girls learn how food rescue benefits the health of our environment and community. Learn more about the Climate Controller series.

Day on the Mall

Today’s malls: a relic of the past, or a central and vital part of today’s society? Central shopping areas provide not only convenient shopping, but also a wonderful opportunity for learning. Explore a little and consider what a mall really has to offer.

Dolores Huerta

Daisies-Juniors and Cadettes-Ambassadors
Research the life of Dolores Huerta and the three issues at the core of her legacy: both the human and civil rights of farmworkers, women and immigrants.

Field Hockey

Learn the rules of the game and how this international sport is governed. Watch a local team play, learn drills, or make up some moves of your own and try them out with friends.

Flag Fun
Flag Fun

Increase your knowledge and understanding of flag protocol and customs and put into words what a flag can stand for or symbolize.

Go Electric! Patch Program

Explore the benefits of renewable energy by participating in the Go Electric! Patch Program brought to you by SDG&E. Investigate new transportation options, be environmental stewards, and learn to inspire others to reduce their carbon footprint. Contact our shops to pick up your patches.

Guide Dog

With its collaborative, hands-on activities, this program teaches girls about the importance of guide dogs.

Helping Hands

Give yourself a hand! Earn a patch for every 25 hours of service—unpaid babysitting, picking up trash, or other small jobs—and a rocker when you reach 100 hours.

Juliette Low World Friendship

Reach for global understanding and goodwill through discussion of cultural diversity and what it's like to be a Girl Scout or Girl Guide around the world.

Money Madness

Daisies, Brownies, Juniors
Take a “cents-ible” and entertaining approach to financial literacy with these patch programs designed to help young Girl Scouts learn about currency, earning, saving, and spending.

Old Town

Discover the history of thirteen locations, and the lives of early San Diegans, to better understand how California as we know it came to be. Great for visitors as well as local Girl Scouts.


Plan a presentation on preparing for earthquakes. Teach others what an earthquake is, what items to have ready, how to create a family plan, and what to do during and after a quake.

Smart Start

Work together, girls with adults, during your troop's first year to make a bright beginning! Each year after, add a rocker “ray” to show continued fun and learning.


Watch a triathlon in person or on television and learn about swimming, biking and running. Identify the safety activity checkpoints for all three sports, then participate in a race on your own.

Venturelab Entrepreneurship Patch Program

Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes/Seniors/Ambassadors
In partnership with VentureLab—a nonprofit organization helping to develop the next generation of innovators—this patch program instills an entrepreneurial mindset all year long. Girls will learn skills to help them develop into entrepreneurs that can change the world.

World of Whales

The California gray whale lives in the Pacific Ocean and migrates every year from Alaska to Baja California, between late December and early March. Learn about these whales and what has been done to save them from extinction.

Wondering where your awards, badges, patches, and pins go on your uniform? Check out this helpful visual guide to vest placement.