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For Cookie Entrepreneurs

When you participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program, you're doing more than just helping your customers stock up on delicious treats (and having lots of fun). You're doing it with a goal in mind. Whether that goal is a pizza party, a community project, or your first overnight trip with your troop, you know how many packages you need to make it happen.

Top 100 Girl Scouts
1: Sahara R. (T6105): 10,713 packages 51: Kianna M. (T4233): 2,191 packages
2: Emma B. (T4920): 7,091 packages 52: Landry S. (T4870): 2,189 packages
3: Tabitha A. (T5274): 6,865 packages 53: Alyssa S. (T1270): 2,165 packages
4: Taylor H. (T4579): 6,324 packages 54: Leilani D. (T5808): 2,160 packages
5: Charlotte R. (T6956): 6,132 packages 55: Morgan S. (T1523): 2,148 packages
6: Karley C. (T4573): 5,625 packages 56: Charlotte L. (T3637): 2,148 packages
7: Kirena G. (T4252): 5,552 packages 57: Neena A. (T6923): 2,146 packages
8: Eva Z. (T4336): 5,092 packages 58: Nina S. (T6956): 2,145 packages
9: Dalia O. (T6149): 5,077 packages 59: Vanessa F. (T6956): 2,141 packages
10: Marian B. (T3868): 5,042 packages 60: Samantha S. (T6381): 2,139 packages
11: Rhianna J. (T4190): 4,872 packages 61: Kyleen S. (T5390): 2,136 packages
12: Isabel J. (T1044): 4,754 packages 62: Lauren E. (T66892): 2,132 packages
13: Amy M. (T6215): 4,749 packages 63: Jordin J. (T2012): 2,127 packages
14: Grace M. (T4336): 4,736 packages 64: Gabriella-Sophia R. (T6039): 2,109 packages
15: Amanda N. (T6136): 4,731 packages 65: Ryan L. (T1565): 2,101 packages
16: Ciara T. (T5248): 4,663 packages 66: Kayla T. (T6501): 2,100 packages
17: Abigail C. (T5099): 4,660 packages 67: Macie Lynn L. (T5146): 2,086 packages
18: Penny G. (T4487): 4,594 packages 68: Izabela Z. (T4469): 2,080 packages
19: Joanna Beatriz A. (T6581): 4,584 packages 69: Adrienne H. (T2956): 2,069 packages
20: Savannah S. (T4288): 3,750 packages 70: Anaeya B. (T6501): 2,063 packages
21: McKensi G. (T5081): 3,629 packages 71: Alexis M. (T4190): 2,059 packages
22: Lillian K. (T5805): 3,538 packages 72: Isabelle W. (T5925): 2,058 packages
23: Jessica L. (T1393): 3,364 packages 73: Sabrina B. (T6215): 2,056 packages
24: Anika Z. (T1165): 3,326 packages 74: Kaylee E. (T1523): 2,051 packages
25: Emily L. (T4186): 3,317 packages 75: Hayden F. (T4469): 2,050 packages
26: Gabi B. (T4069): 3,167 packages 76: Karly H. (T4100): 2,041 packages
27: Kendra T. (T2721): 3,128 packages 77: Jaden V. (T1233): 2,032 packages
28: Jasmine M. (T6956): 3,125 packages 78: Grace T. (T5023): 2,028 packages
29: Kayla M. (T6215): 3,113 packages 79: Sophie G. (T4419): 2,023 packages
30: Gabriella O. (T5984): 3,111 packages 80: Sophie B. (T1329): 2,022 packages
31: Kaylee S. (T3434): 3,067 packages 81: Kaitlyn B. (T6215): 2,021 packages
32: Angelina M. (T2012): 3,015 packages 82: Mia R. (T1940): 2,021 packages
33: Elizabeth B. (T5099): 3,000 packages 83: Mikayla G. (T3997): 2,021 packages
34: Katherine-Rose R. (T6039): 3,000 packages 84: Isabella G. (T4529): 2,021 packages
35: Madeleine-Elizabeth R. (T6039): 3,000 packages 85: Jasmine T. (T6058): 2,021 packages
36: Brooke S. G. (T7036): 2,833 packages 86: Madison C. (T4928): 1,851 packages
37: Elisa R. (T7036): 2,833 packages 87: Dorothy S. (T1133): 1,796 packages
38: Ashley G. (T4935): 2,747 packages 88: Olivia L. (T62891): 1,765 packages
39: Isabella M. (T62095): 2,579 packages 89: Kayleigh M. (T2707): 1,726 packages
40: Kyla A. (T6208): 2,551 packages 90: Aubrey M. (T1917): 1,669 packages
41: Annabelle H. (T5925): 2,436 packages 91: June J. (T61991): 1,660 packages
42: Chloe G. (T2950): 2,397 packages 92: Sophia A. (T3879): 1,627 packages
43: Leah E. (T4647): 2,322 packages 93: Audrey P. (T2118): 1,589 packages
44: Skylynn W. (T8780): 2,319 packages 94: Mackenzie T. (T2950): 1,569 packages
45: Rebecca H. (T2211): 2,313 packages 95: Lorilei D. (T2012): 1,565 packages
46: Emily W. (T1422): 2,297 packages 96: Westley V. (T4487): 1,565 packages
47: Leah H. (T5046): 2,242 packages 97: Rose C. (T6956): 1,545 packages
48: Gabriella S. (T3752): 2,236 packages 98: Kaylee S. (T2184): 1,544 packages
49: Macyn P. (T5810): 2,200 packages 99: Mila S. (T2927): 1,543 packages
50: Sofia V. (T6956): 2,200 packages 100: Haylee B. (T5122): 1,541 packages


About the Cookie Program

The Girl Scout Cookie Program® prepares girls with the business smarts they need to take on the world! Find out more about the 2021 cookie program below. Find out more about our cookies, how the cookie crumbles, cookie recipes, and more on our About Girl Scout Cookies page.

2021 Cookie Program Survey

Girl Scout Families your feedback is vital as we plan for the 2022 cookie program. Please share with us your ideas and constructive feedback to help us improve future cookie programs.

Key Program Dates

While the 2021 cookie season publicly begins Sunday, Jan. 24, troop initial orders are due Monday, Dec. 14 and Digital Cookie will open for pre-orders Monday, Jan. 11. Review other key program dates and submit the online participation agreement below to ensure your Girl Scout is ready to go! Check back often for additional updates to this page.

December-January: Troop cookie managers train girls and parents/guardians

Friday, Dec. 4: Girl Scouts San Diego all-council virtual cookie rally

Monday, Dec. 14: Troop initial order due

January: Service unit cookie kickoffs (virtual)

Friday, Jan. 8: Girl Scouts San Diego all-council virtual cookie rally

Monday, Jan. 11: Digital Cookie opens; girls may begin taking online orders

Saturday, Jan. 23: Delivery day

Sunday, Jan. 24: Cookie program publicly begins at 9 a.m.

Friday, Feb. 5: Cookie booths begin (county guidelines permitting)

Monday, Feb. 8: Troop funds for first payment must be in troop bank account by end of business day.

Friday-Sunday, Feb. 19–21: National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend

Monday, Feb. 22: Troop funds for second payment must be in troop bank account by end of day.

Forms and Resources
Virtual Office Hours for Families

Girl Scouts San Diego’s Product Program team will be hosting a series of virtual office hours to answer questions, assist with Digital Cookie, and provide clarification as we progress through cookie season. Click on the date(s) that work for you to register.  

How to Participate

Every girl and troop should participate at the level comfortable to them. Girls are on their honor not to begin public marketing of their cookies before Sunday Jan. 24, 9 a.m. They can begin taking pre-orders via Digital Cookie on Monday, Jan. 11.

Cookies in hand: Customers pay girls and receive their cookies immediately.

Order card: Girls may take orders for packages they will deliver later.

Cookie pro tip: Always keep order cards in your purse, car, cookie wagon, etc. Running out of cookies or not being able to carry enough packages for all potential customers is never a problem for girls if they bring an order card along.

Girls may leave an order card in a visible spot at their caregiver’s workplace, accompanied by a note from them outlining their goal and plans for the proceeds. Even if an adult helps make the connection, it is the girl’s responsibility to fill all orders, oversee delivery, and thank her customers!

Digital Cookie: Girls receive orders through their personalized Digital Cookie website where options for shipping or girl delivery are available. Visit the Digital Cookie section for more information.

Tips and Techniques for Marketing Cookies

All marketing techniques should be done within local and state guidelines. Please consult the in-person guidelines as to when these can happen.

Family and friends marketing: Contact your friends and family via phone or in person to ask if they are interested in receiving Girl Scout Cookies or donating to Operation Thin MintSM. Remember to review last year’s order card to reconnect with your reliable customers and practice networking.

Cookie House Party: Hit your goal faster with a Cookie House Party. Invite your friends, families, and all your favorite cookie customers to a party to share your cookie stories, package goals, and dreams. You can customize your pitch with a script and plan fun games and activities. Find instructions on how to host a Cookie House Party on the Little Brownie Bakers website.

COVID-19 consideration: Have a virtual party! Find safety information in our Safety Activity Checkpoints document for Virtual Troop Meetings.

Standabouts: You may set up lemonade stand-style “standabouts” in front of your family’s private residence to market cookies to your neighborhood. During standabouts, girls learn how to manage change, cash flow, and cookie inventory in real time, just like other businesses.

Door-to-door: Visit any residential neighborhood in San Diego and Imperial counties. Accompanied by your caregiver, walk around neighborhoods knocking on doors and ringing doorbells to market cookies. You may leave door hangers or business cards with your unique Digital Cookie code at homes where there is no reply. Going door-to-door, you learn the benefits of casting a wide customer net and how to build relationships within your community.

COVID-19 consideration: Conduct door-to-door with members of your household only.

Door hanger packs are available for purchase at our shop for $5.95: Includes 50 pre-cut hangers to fill out with your goal and an adult’s contact information.

Business and corporate asks:  Ask business owners or managers for permission to market cookies at the workplaces during a staff meeting or one-on-one meeting with upper level management. Companies may be interested in purchasing cookies as gifts or in making large charitable contributions to Operation Thin Mint SM .

COVID-19 consideration: Conduct all business and communication through virtual meeting platforms.

Up Your Cookie Game

Know the cookie varieties. Use this knowledge to convince customer to order more.  “Did you know Thin Mints are vegan? We have two cookie varieties with peanut butter: Tagalongs have chocolate, and Do-Si-Dos don’t.”

Say thank you. Pre-write thank you cards with your unique Digital Cookie link.  Customers can use the link to reorder later in the season.

Set a goal. Set small, achievable goals throughout the season to reach your big goal.  “Today, I will send three Digital Cookie emails and go door-to-door for one hour.”

Wear a Girl Scout vest. Show your Girl Scout spirit by wearing cookie swag and decorate the supplies.

Promote Operation Thin Mint SM . Encourage customers to donate toward our goal of 200,000 packages to celebrate the 20th anniversary.  Offer to send customers a digital donation receipt for tax purposes. Keep notecards available and ask them if they’d like to send a message to the troops with their donation. COVID-19 consideration: Ask customers to mail their notecard directly to Girl Scouts San Diego (address printed on notecards).

Customize your marketing to key dates.

  • Thursday, Jan. 21: Get to know your customers day. Connect with your previous customers to see if they would like to pre-order cookies through your Digital Cookie link.
  • Sunday, Feb. 7: Superbowl Sunday. Remind customers to order their favorite snack  in advance.
  • Friday, Feb. 12: Chinese New Year.
  • Sunday, Feb. 14: Valentines Day. Who wants flowers when they can have Girl Scout Cookies!
  • Tuesday, Feb. 16: Mardi Gras.
  • Friday, Feb. 19: National Chocolate Mint Day. Ask all customers to add a package of Thin Mints with their order or to donate a package!
  • Friday, Feb. 26: Purim.
  • Monday, March 1: National Peanut Butter Lovers Day. Make sure to let your customers know you have not just one, but two types of cookies with peanut butter.
Contests and More

Win a Girl Scouts San Diego outdoor program experience!

Girls with 100 or more shipped or donated packages through Digital Cookie will be entered into a drawing for a 2021 outdoor program experience. (Packages ordered for girl delivery or paid in person using the Digital Cookie app do not count toward the total.) Twenty-five lucky winners will be announced in the March Cookie Alert.

Cookie keepsake coin

The top 100 Girl Scout San Diego cookie participants will receive an exclusive keepsake coin. 

VIP Visitor Patch

Girl Scouts San Diego board and staff members will present this exclusive patch (limit, 1,500) to girls who conduct themselves professionally and wear their Girl Scout uniform while marketing cookies.

Cookie Case Race

Troops that exceed their 2020 cookie results by 10 percent will earn an exclusive Cookie Case Race patch for each participating girl. Troops exceeding their 2020 cookie results by 25 percent will earn an additional $0.01/package in troop proceeds. Check with your troop cookie manager for your troop’s targeted goal.

2021 Rewards

650+ Packages

Club 650
As a member of this exclusive club, you’ll design your very own VANS shoes. But first, develop your own personal brand and learn great design tips and tricks during a workshop. You’ll also receive a personalized hooded sweatshirt (you get to choose what name goes on the front) and a vacuum-insulated, wide-mouth Basecamp bottle (40-oz./easy-open spout/ handle) both branded with the Club 650 logo. Branding You workshop will be in-person or virtual depending on GSSD and San Diego County COVID safety guidelines. Dates TBD.


Girl Scouts San Diego Outdoor Program Experience: End of Summer Movie Under the Stars
Enjoy a movie with special guests (Buttercup, Chewy, Rusty, and Skamper), snacks, photo opportunities, two movie selections, and more on our Balboa properties. Dates TBD.


Sewing Machine
GSSD is working with JOANNS to source the sewing machine. Exact model will be determined by the availability of the quantity needed in late-April.


$100 Cookie Buck Program Credits
Cookie Buck Program Credits may be used with Girl Scouts San Diego for council events, program fees, camps, store merchandise, girl member registration, Girl Scout Destinations and more!


Entrepreneurs with Empathy
Give back by donating your reward to support a local horse rescue.


800+ Packages

Flying Adventure with iFly
Juniors-Ambassadors: Be blown away! There’s no jumping, no parachute, and nothing attaching you to planet Earth. Experience the feeling of freefall while safely floating on a smooth cushion of air. Feeling brave? Choose the optional high flight! This reward includes two flights, your personal video and photo, as well as a group virtual program experience. (Participants must be under six feet tall and 230 pounds.) Dates TBD.


Listen and Chill (Retro boombox and GSSD Chair) 
Enjoy a full-size folding chair branded with We’ve Got This in a color to match the Retro Mini Boombox. This boombox includes Bluetooth, FM radio, LED light up, dancing speakers, stereo sound, headphone jack, aux input, SD and USB input, remote control, rechargeable battery and charger.


Entrepreneurs with Empathy
Give back by donating your reward to support a local horse rescue.


1,000+ Packages

Disney on Broadway Virtual Experience
June 29, 2021 10 a.m.
Learn what it takes to bring a story from the silver screen to Broadway! This 60–90-minute webinar-style workshop will take a look at storytelling and how shows are transformed from film to stage, highlighting the amazing women that are part of its development journey. Explore iconic Disney characters such as Elsa and adventurous settings like Pride Rock, and stretch your theatrical imagination! Girls will also receive a Disney gift bag with a patch, water bottle, towel, tote bag, and a Pandora bracelet with Disney charm.

June 30, 2021 1 p.m.
Learn about the world of Broadway and hear from some of the amazing women that help it run. This 90-minute webinar-style workshop will take a look at the business of show business and peek behind the curtain as we track the journey of a Disney on Broadway production from creative idea to opening night. Girls will also receive a Disney gift bag with a patch, water bottle, towel, tote bag, and a Pandora bracelet with Disney charm.


Drone with HD Camera
GSSD is working with BestBuy to source the Drone with HD Camera. Exact model will be determined by the availability of the quantity needed in late-April.


Entrepreneurs with Empathy
Give back by donating your reward to support a local horse rescue.


1,500+ Packages

Spa Experience with LUSH
Pamper yourself at this exclusive event, and receive a collection of Lush’s handmade products to keep or present as gifts. Experience will be in-person or virtual depending on GSSD, San Diego County, and LUSH’s COVID safety guidelines. Dates TBD.


$100 Cookie Buck Program Credits
Cookie Buck Program Credits may be used with Girl Scouts San Diego for council events, program fees, camps, store merchandise, girl member registration, Girl Scout Destinations and more!


Entrepreneurs with Empathy
Give back by donating your reward to support a local horse rescue.


Rewards at 2,021 and above are coordinated directly with the girls at each level. Additional details will be based on girl age, interests, and availability.

2,021+ Packages 

Girl Scouts San Diego Executive Experience
The executive experience will be scheduled and determined based on GSSD and San Diego County’s COVID safety guidelines and executive availability. This event traditionally happens at the end of summer.


3,000+ Packages

REI Exclusive Outdoor Experience
Enjoy a private experience with REI and GSSD and receive outdoor gear. Experience will be based on girl interest level, REI availability, and as well as GSSD and San Diego County COVID safety guidelines.


Pocket Projector
GSSD is working with BestBuy to source the pocket projector. Exact model will be determined by the availability of the quantity needed in late-April.


Entrepreneurs with Empathy
Give back by donating your reward to support a local horse rescue.


4,500+ Packages

We’ve Got This! Travel Opportunity
Travel details will be scheduled and determined based on the number of girls traveling as well as COVID safety guidelines.



GSSD is working with BestBuy to source the laptop. Exact model will be determined by the availability of the quantity needed in late-April.


Entrepreneurs with Empathy

Give back by donating your reward to support a local horse rescue. 

Family Cookie Guide

Download the printable PDF using the arrow button in the top left corner. View full screen using four-corners button in bottom right.


Getting Started

Give your Girl Scout permission to participation in the 2021 cookie program by completing the 2020-2021 Product Programs Participation Agreement, then send a copy to your troop cookie manager or leader. Troop leaders can find information on how to prepare your troop to participate in the cookie program at our Quick Start webpage

Participation Agreement

Parents: Use the 2020-2021 Product Program Participation Agreement button below to sign up your girl for both the cookie and fall product programs. Then forward the confirmation email to your troop cookie manager or troop leader to notify troop leadership that you have given your Girl Scout permission to participate.

Padres de familia/tutores: Use el botón Acuerdo de Participación Programas de Productos 2020- 2021 abajo para inscribir a su niña en los programas de productos de otoño y de galletas. Luego, reenvíe el correo electrónico de confirmación a su coordinador de galletas de la tropa (TCM) o líder de tropa para notificarles que le ha dado permiso a su Girl Scout de participar.

Individually Registered Members (IRMs)

An IRM is a girl participating in Girl Scouts independently of a troop. Girls in troops may also participate in the cookie program as IRMs if their troop is not participating; it will not affect their membership status. IRMs must have a trained adult who is registered and background screened to oversee their participation.

When you’re ready to take the cookie program training for IRM parents and guardians:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your name, Girl Scout email, and the course code: IRM2021 .
  3. Watch for a training invitation email from Litmos (if you don’t see it, check your spam folder).
  4. Select the link in the email to begin viewing the course.

The code and course link will only work once. If you’ve already logged in with the code but need to return to the course to begin or finish up, visit and login with your username (Girl Scout email). If you don’t remember your password, or haven’t set one, select the “I don’t remember my password option” to set/reset it. Once logged in, you’ll see the 2021 IRM cookie program icon on your dashboard. Select it to begin. Need help? See technical help or contact

Supporting Your Girl Scout

Encourage goal-setting. Guide your Girl Scout to set practical goals about what she hopes to learn and earn.

  • Ask about her troop’s goal, and help her set a personal goal.
  • Encourage her to share her goal with customers. They want to help her succeed!

Support her participation. Be by her side as she develops the confidence to ask people for their support.

  • Help her practice a marketing pitch.
  • Accompany her while she talks with customers and delivers cookies.
  • Help her network with family and friends. (Let her do the actual “ask” so she can learn that important business skill.)

Volunteer. Help the troop by chaperoning at cookie booths, picking up cookies, and sorting rewards.


Digital Cookie

Digital Cookie is the customizable order-taking website for Girl Scout Cookies. Girls personalize their individual pages with their goals and share their pages with potential customers. Customers can either pay for shipping or have the Girl Scouts they purchase from deliver their orders. After setting up their profiles from their web pages, girls can use the Digital Cookie mobile app to check their goal progress, access safety and selling tips, place new orders for customers, and share their site URLs via email.

New This Year
  • Girls earn additional rewards for using Digital Cookie.
  • Caregivers now have the ability to turn off the girl delivery option.
  • Girls can indicate if they are out of a particular variety.
  • Faster transactions! The Digital Cookie mobile app now features OCR scanning technology. It can be used for credit card payments easily during booths, door-to-door, or other in-person activities on a smartphone.
Online Safety

Girls may use the internet only to market the cookie program to friends and family. Before engaging in any online activities, caregivers should discuss and review the GSUSA Internet Safety Pledge and online/email marketing guidelines from GSUSA.

Girls under the age of 13 may use the emails in Digital Cookie to market to friends, family, and customers. They are also permitted to use social media sites and email as long as they use the accounts of a caregiver.

Girls 13 and older are permitted to use their own online accounts with adult supervision.

If your Girl Scout sales link is posted on a public-facing site, be aware that the link is now searchable by anyone and could potentially appear anywhere on the internet.

Girl Scout Digital Cookie links cannot be posted on any online resale sites (such as Craigslist, Ebay, or Facebook Marketplace).

Girls and their caregivers must follow through on accepted girl delivery orders and caregivers must supervise all communications and product delivery logistics with any customers girls don’t personally know; girls should never deliver product alone.

Program links may not be shared with any news outlet (this includes online and traditional news media, such as radio, television, or magazines).

Should any online marketing activities be identified in violation of above guidelines, Girl Scouts San Diego reserves the right to request removal of posts.

Tips for Online Advertising

Advertise your site via emails to family and friends. Once on the Digital Cookie dashboard, click the “Customers” tab to add or import customer contacts, bring up information about customer orders, and send marketing emails.

Aim to send “open for business” emails within the first day or two of Digital Cookie opening. This will give potential customers time to place an order and to follow up if they have any questions. Send “There’s still time to order cookies” emails later in the season.

Let family and friends know to expect an email through Digital Cookie to welcome them to your personalized site. (Some people don’t check their emails often or have strong email spam filters.) Communicating with customers through different methods at different times leads to more cookie orders.

Send emails to 12 different people to earn the Digital Cookie patch!

Sharing Your Digital Cookie Link

Email potential customers a link to your personal Digital Cookie website, or post the link to social media. Find your link on the Digital Cookie homepage as “[Your name] cookie site URL.”

Use digital marketing to expand your network and grow your people skills. Use the following strategies when you create a marketing video or post on social media:

  • Create a sense of urgency. Girl Scout Cookie season only comes around once a year! A countdown to the last date to order is a great motivator. Use language that encourages potential customers to order from you right now.
  • Make an impression. Use clear, eye-catching photos of the cookie varieties, yourself in your Girl Scout uniform, or something tied to your goal.
  • Highlight special features or products. Share the most-ordered cookies in your lineup. Let customers know about gluten-free Toffee-tastic and that Thin Mints® are made with vegan ingredients, for example.
  • Use a clear and prominent call to action. Share your goal and exactly what your customer can do to help you achieve it.
  • Research! Check out the websites and social media accounts of your favorite brands. How do to create a relationship with their customers on Facebook or Instagram? What can you do to safely build a relationship with your online customers?
  • Use marketing to inspire, educate, entertain, and entice your prospective customers. Share how you’ll use your cookie proceeds, let people know about all the skills you’re learning through the cookie program, and have fun while you’re at it! Get creative in your communications—consider writing a poem or recording a video to educate and convince potential customers to order cookies from you.
  • Show off customer testimonials. Collect and highlight enthusiastic testimonials from your customers through social media. This shows potential customers that ordering cookies from you is a great investment. Make sure to ask if you can share their words!
  • Say thank you! Impress customers with a custom thank-you message via email or social media. As your customer base expands beyond friends and family, find ways to maintain personalization while following Girl Scouts’ Safety Activity Checkpoints for Computer and Internet Use.
How Customers Purchase Cookies

Direct shipping: When customers order their cookies to be shipped directly from the warehouse to their home or work, girls get credit without handling delivery. This is a great option for out-of-town family, those who work odd schedules, or anyone willing to pay a little extra for shipping. Fun fact: customers who order shipped cookies on Monday, Jan. 11 will likely have them before Sunday, Jan. 24, when they will be available to the public!

Girl delivery:  Provide excellent customer service, since happy customers order again and spread the news to other potential customers! 

Tip Sheets
Cookie Finder

The GSUSA Cookie Finder opens on Monday, Feb. 1. This will enable customers to enter their zip code and find a randomly selected local troop from which to order shipped or donated packages of Girl Scout Cookies. For girl safety reasons, troops who have opted to make their troop link available for girl delivery will not appear in the GSUSA Cookie Finder.

Girl Delivery Requests
We are receiving inquires from customers who do not know a Girl Scout but would like to order cookies for in-person delivery. In order to connect these customers with local Girl Scouts, we are asking families to opt in, giving us permission to provide their girl’s Digital Cookie link. Parents who are interested should complete this online form. Girls' links will be shared randomly by zip code when customers reach out to Girl Scouts San Diego. 



Safety is our number one priority here at Girl Scouts San Diego, and the Product Program team has been working around the clock to create a massive array of plans to allow our entrepreneurs and their families to participate and experience the fun and rewards of the cookie program in a safe and healthy environment. They have made contingency plans for their contingency plans and have collaborated with councils across the nation and in California, whose cookie programs were affected last spring by the coronavirus, to learn best practices and ensure that our girls have the best experience possible. With the assistance of HHSA, we have revised our safety checklist for hosting in-person meetings and activities for girls and adults which now include cookie program activities.

In-Person Cookie Program Guidance

Based on the California Blueprint for a Safer Economy
Updated 3/1/2021

As our most publicly visible activity, the Girl Scout Cookie Program provides us with a unique opportunity to model leadership by doing our part to reduce community transmission of COVID-19.

In addition to understanding and following this guidance, girls and adults should model their behavior on the Girl Scout Law at all times, including during cookie program activities.

Girls and adults should review, accept, and adhere to the Girl Scouts San Diego (GSSD) COVID-19 Guidelines and the current Girl and Adult In-Person Participation Guidance and Waiver.

Girls must remain within their council county (San Diego and Imperial County) boundaries during in-person activities, except:

  • They may do contactless (see description below) deliveries in all counties (San Diego and Imperial).
  • If they are in a Red, Orange, or Yellow county (San Diego and Imperial), they may go to same-color counties for door-to-door marketing and booths.

Girls who do not comply with COVID-19 guidance from the State of California, San Diego and Imperial County, and/or Girl Scouts San Diego may be removed from the 2021 cookie program. (Examples of non-compliance: hosting booths in purple counties (San Diego and Imperial), not wearing masks, not taking social distancing precautions, and allowing more people than permitted at a booth, etc.)

  • First report of non-compliance: A volunteer will follow up with the girl and her family.
  • Second report of non-compliance: Girl Scouts San Diego staff will follow up with the girl and her family and possibly remove her from the 2021 cookie program.

Contactless: without contact; for example, “contactless delivery” would include leaving purchased items at the entryway of a home rather than handing it directly to a person.

Touchpoint: any point of contact between multiple people; for example: girl gives cookies to customer, customer gives cash to Girl Scout, Girl Scout gives cash to parent, parent gives cash to troop cookie manager, troop cookie manager gives cash to bank teller.

In-person activities

Door-to-door contactless marketing

  • Knocking on doors to transact with customers, while taking all appropriate safety precautions, is allowed in Red, Orange and Yellow risk level counties (San Diego and Imperial).
  • In GSSD counties (San Diego and Imperial) of all risk levels, girls may leave flyers, business cards, or signs with their Digital Cookie information at residences and businesses, but only in a contactless manner.

Contactless payment acceptance

  • We recommend all customer purchases be transacted through girls' Digital Cookie sites.
  • When not possible to accept payment through girls’ Digital Cookie site, we encourage using credit card readers or the Digital Cookie mobile app to reduce transmission touchpoints.
  • We do not recommend accepting cash or checks. However, if circumstances require it and a girl and parent elect to do so, we recommend taking appropriate safety precautions. To reduce touchpoints, this year, adults may deposit cash or checks into their personal accounts, then electronically transfer the funds to their troop volunteers. Each troop may decide whether to allow this option.

Contactless deliveries

  • Delivery day: Volunteers will provide troops with county and site-specific guidance for exchange of products on delivery day (Saturday, Jan. 23). Plan for extra time as pick-up processes are new.
  • Troop distribution: Prepare receipts in advance and create a plan for families to pick-up cookies and sign receipts safely. Consider placing cookies outside with the receipt attached, and having a box for signed receipts.
  • Customer delivery: Make delivery plans with customers before dropping off the cookies.

Standabouts (lemonade-style stands)

  • Girls can set up lemonade-style stands in front of their family’s private residence to market their cookies to their neighborhood.
  • Families should review the GSSD Safe Standabout Guidelines prior to setting up their stand to ensure they have the resources needed to be safe.
  • Customers should be encouraged to use Digital Cookie to purchase cookies.
  • All COVID-19 safety practices should be enforced during a standabout. 

In-Person Booths

  • Booths and standabouts are allowed in Purple, Red, Orange, and Yellow risk level counties.
    • Participants may include individual households (a single household of people who have been social distancing together) or troop cohorts with a max of two girls and two adults.
    • Follow county, state, and GSSD guidance to determine frequency of in-person activities per girl.
    • Follow any additional site and/or business restrictions.
    • Follow all GSSD booth safety protocols regarding number of adults and girls (two adults per girl in grades K-5; two adults if more than one girl present, etc.)
    • Take all appropriate COVID-19 precautions.
  • Booth submission, approval, and management processes are done only by the service unit and GSSD.
  • Booths must be outdoors.
  • Booths must be approved by GSSD (for insurance tracking purposes and to be included in the Girl Scout Cookie Finder).

Reminder: Any in-person activity carries an inherent risk of exposure and illness. There are no guarantees that anyone can prevent exposure to COVID-19, even with health and safety precautions.

Standabouts and Booths

Updated 2/23/21

In response to inquiries from our Girl Scout community about when girls might be able to gather, we have partnered with San Diego County’s Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) to review our GSSD COVID-19 safety guidelines alongside the guidelines for small group youth cohorts, youth recreation, and others. After careful review and under the HHSA’s guidance, we are able to offer our members in San Diego and Imperial counties more choices for in-person gatherings including Girl Scout troop meetings, standabouts, and traditional cookie booths. Please read our What's New page for a full explanation of this decision.

Resources for a safe standabout and booth:

Kits available for purchase through GSSD shop:

  • Cookie Mobile Kit: Includes 1 set of laminated "Cookie Mobile" letters with instructions, one cookie menu board (11x17 laminated), two pages of cookie images, one OTM clip art, laminated "5 Skills and Goal" poster, one business plan/calendar, one inventory tracker, and one "Thank You" note.
  • Booth Kit: Includes one 2021 booth resource kit, one table banner, 1 DIY bunting banner, 50 "Thank You" stickers, one GSSD money bag, one counterfeit detection pen, and one clear GSSD tote.

Additional printable resources:

FAQ: What Can She Do Now?

updated Feb. 12, 2021

Under current stay home order and "County Risk Level Purple Tier: Widespread Risk," your Girl Scout can:

  • Do everything listed above and…
  • Deliver cookies in a contactless manner (leave on doorsteps) to customers or businesses known by her family.
  • Host a standabout (lemonade-stand style) in front of her family's private residence.
  • The troop cookie manager can create a Digital Cookie webpage for the troop where community members may find your business via the Cookie Finder app. Cookie customers may make OTM donations or purchase cookies to be shipped directly from the baker to ensure girls’ safety.
  • Participate in a council-hosted cookie booth in front of an approved retail shop or business (participants must be from the same household).

Under the "County Risk Level Red-Yellow Tiers: Substantial-Minimal Risk," your Girl Scout can:

  • Do everything listed above and…
  • Participate in a limited contact manner.
  • Knock on doors, wear a mask, and maintain six feet of social distance from customer when interacting, take credit card orders directly, and distribute at time of order (cash and checks may be accepted, please take precautions to limit contact)

Find more information in our in-person cookie program participation guidance based on the California Blue Print for a Safer Economy.


Money Matters for Caregivers

A brief overview of what caregivers need to know about the cookie program. For a full list, review your copy of your signed participation agreement.


Caregivers have the right to:                                

  • Determine how many cookies you will accept responsibility for. While cookies may not be returned to Girl Scouts San Diego, your troop might accept returns if they can be used at cookie booths or for another girl’s inventory. Ask your TCM for details.
  • Participate at a level that is comfortable for you and your Girl Scout, regardless of the council recommendation or troop goal.

Note: Troop proceeds belong to the troop, not individual girls, and while there is no pre-payment for cookies, troops may require payments owed before giving additional cookies


Caregivers are responsible for:

  • Every cookie package picked up and signed for (by completing a receipt with your TCM).
  • All customer payments collected, until turned in to the TCM and receipt for money turned in is received.
  • Signing and retaining a receipt for each exchange of money/product between you and the TCM.
  • Following through on girl delivery purchases accepted through Digital Cookie and coordinating with TCM if additional inventory is needed.

Caregivers should:

  • Safeguard all money collected immediately and do not send money to school with girls.
  • Submit payments to the troop in their original form within five to seven days of receipt. If a customer pays $20 in cash, the same $20 must be given to the troop cookie manager. Do not write a check to the troop or use a third-party app like Venmo to send $20 to the troop.
  • Not accept payment from a customer using personal credit card readers or any third-party apps like Venmo, Paypal, or Zelle.
  • Not deposit any funds into personal bank accounts (this includes using personal credit card readers); cookie funds deposited in personal accounts can be viewed as taxable income by the IRS.

COVID-19 consideration: Each troop has its own policies for money and package drop-offs, pick-ups, and exchanges. Connect with your troop cookie manger to see if families can make troop bank deposits directly, or if they’ve chosen to give caregivers access to pick up cookies at cupboards (access must be given by troop cookie manager only).


Service Unit Cookie Kickoffs

Start the cookie season off at a service unit cookie kickoff! These virtual celebrations are a great way to kick off the cookie program. Through different activities, girls will get excited about the cookie program and learn how to develop the 5 Skills essential to leadership, success, and life: goal setting, decision-making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.

Participating Service Units

These service units are hosting cookie kickoff events for girls within their service unit. For registration details, contact a member of your service unit team or email GSSD (please provide your troop number). If your service unit is not listed, check out the list of kickoffs open to all girls below.

Chula Vista La Mesa San Marcos
Clairemont Magnolia Trails Scripps Ranch
Coronado Mission Trails Sunny Trails
Diamond Mountain Shadow Sunrise Valley
Emerald El Cajon Oak Creek University City
Encinitas Park Hills Valley Grove
Fallbrook Rancho Foothills Vista
Kickoffs Open to All Girls

If your service unit is not hosting a kickoff, don’t worry! You can register to attend any of the service unit cookie kickoffs below.

Date Time Prog. Lvls. Contact Info
Saturday, Jan. 16 10 a.m.-noon Daisies-Juniors Register
Sunday, Jan. 17 10 a.m.-noon Daisies-Juniors Register
Sunday, Jan. 17 2:30-4 p.m. Cadettes-Ambassadors Register

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