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Older Girl Resources

The RealTalk event for 2019 has been cancelled. Please stay tuned while we reimagine RealTalk and work out the details of how to engage and connect with Cadette Girl Scouts throughout the year.

Cadettes-Ambassadors (grades 6-12): Want to get involved with Girl Scouts beyond your troop or service unit? Check out these opportunities to take the lead, meet fun people, and make a difference locally, nationally, and globally!

Teen Leadership

Girl Advisory Board (grades 10-12)

Girl Advisory Board (GAB) is a girl-led group designed to enhance teen leadership in order to help keep girls in grades 6-12 engaged in Girl Scouting. GAB members partner with Girl Scouts San Diego staff to identify areas of improvement within the “older” Girl Scout experience and create innovate solutions that meet their needs and interests. To do so, they collaborate with their peers to create presentations, workshops, and lesson plans on relevant topics—and, most importantly, chat with Girl Scouts San Diego staff about their experiences as a teen Girl Scout in today’s society.

GAB members must be prepared to make a one-year commitment to the group, including:

  • Serving as a spokeswoman for the Cadette-Ambassador Girl Scout community
  • Attending monthly meetings with the group
  • Committing to working on GAB projects throughout the year, occasionally in-between meetings
  • Participating in occasional opportunities in addition to scheduled meetings

Grade: Registered Girl Scouts entering grades 10-12
Dates: Generally the second Sunday of every month during the academic year
Time: 2:30-5 p.m.
Location: Girl Scouts San Diego Balboa Campus
Cost: Free

For more information, please contact Robyn Murray, 619-610-0705.

Global Arms of Advocacy (grades 9-12)

Global Arms of Advocacy (GAA) is a safe, collaborative, discussion-based space where high school Girl Scouts (grades 9-12) educate themselves and their peers on local and global issues relevant to women and girls. Through monthly exploration of issues, GAA equips teen Girl Scouts with a global mindset and the tools to educate others on a local and global scale. Participants choose the meeting topics, often focusing around issues such as women’s health and education (i.e., sex education, STIs, HIV/AIDS), feminism, privilege and stigma, racism, human trafficking, sexual health, gender and sexuality, mental health, violence against women, and all the intersectionalities involved. Meetings will feature interactive activities, guest speakers, films, field trips, and opportunities to facilitate discussions amongst the group and peers. 

Participants make at least a one-year commitment to the group, attend monthly meetings (usually October through June, the second Sunday of each month from 2:30-5 p.m.), peer educate within the group, are actively involved in social media conversations, and occasionally participate in additional planning meetings and events outside of scheduled meetings. 

Girls involved in GAA have:

  • Pursued Gold Awards and college paths based on their work in this group
  • Built relationships and interacted with lively guest speakers from various community organizations
  • Presented workshops to their peers and fellow students
  • Attended United Nations’ Commission on the Status of Women in New York City as youth delegates (2009, 2016)
  • Represented teens as panelists at Girl Scouts San Diego’s Conversations of Consequence on women’s inequality and economic empowerment

Take a look at what girls are saying about GAA: 

  • “This advocacy group has empowered me to empower others.”
  • “You will make lifelong friends, learn amazing new skills, form a million inside jokes, and become an effective leader and peer educator.” 
  • “I’ve changed so much as a person and learned that even small things can make a big difference.” 
  • “I can make a difference if I care about an issue and am able to find a medium [GAA] for my passions to develop.”
  • “[I have an improved] willingness to delve deeply and understand the issue from different perspectives.”
  • “I am so sad to be leaving this group, but I am so happy to know that some other lucky girls will be coming to fill my place and develop their confidence/knowledge in a safe, accepting group.”
  • “GAA is something I look forward to every month!” 


Many of our community partners and other organizations offer scholarships perfect for Girl Scouts.

Featured Scholarship

Ethical Torch Essay Scholarship: Students are often faced with ethical dilemmas in school, at work, or within their social circles. When faced with a situation or circumstance where there is a choice to be made, how will they respond? This essay prompt challenges students to dive into inner-conflict while describing resolution tactics for their unique encounters with ethics and integrity, with consideration for overall impact as it relates to community. Students in grades 9-12 (graduating classes 2020-2023) are invited to apply and submit their 400 word essay on the "Importance of Ethics & Integrity in Our Community" for their chance at winning one of five scholarships up to $1,500.

Current scholarship opportunities
Scholarship Deadline Details
Athena Foundation's Pinnacle Scholarships Monday, March 11 $10,000 scholarships awarded to five outstanding high school seniors pursuing STEM degrees.
BBB Ambassador Scholarship Thursday, Oct. 31 Up to $2,500 awarded for delivering consumer fraud prevention tips and resources to peer groups through the Better Business Bureau
Chelsea's Light Foundation Scholarship rolling deadlines $300 for girls currently working toward the Girl Scout Gold Award in San Diego County
Cottey College Grants and Scholarships   Girl Scout Leadership Award Scholarship available, $1,000 Gold Award scholarship
Ethical Torch Essay Scholarship Friday, Aug. 30 Up to $1,500 awarded for essay on "The Importance of Ethics & Integrity in our Community" through the Better Business Bureau
Explore the World Travel Scholarship from Hostelling International USA Saturday, March 2 $2,000 travel scholarships for San Diego and Imperial County area residents ages 18-30
Lockheed Martin STEM Scholarship Tuesday, March 12 $10,000 scholarships to students studying engineering or computer science
Mira Mesa Town Council Verne Goodwin Scholarship Friday, May 3 $1000 scholarship to graduating high school seniors who are Mira Mesa residents.
Nordson BUILDS Scholarship Program Wednesday, May 15  
Paul Smith's College Gold Awardee Scholarship   PSC students only, Gold Award scholarship
PEO Scholarships rolling deadlines  
Prudential Spirit of Community Awards Annually in November See link for application process
Scholarships for Student Caregivers deadlines vary  
SeniorAdvice Caregiver Scholarship Monday, July 15 $2,000 Award for students who have acted as a caregiver to an adult friend of relative in any capacity Aging Matters Scholarship May 15, annually $1500 scholarship given to college student or incoming freshman currently caring for an aging loved one, working within the senior community, or intending to pursue a career which will have an impact on the elder population
Sweet Briar College Girl Scout Gold Award Scholarship Monday, April 1 $2500 Gold Award Scholarship
Scholarship Resources