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Thank You

Our Supporters

Donors, we love you! You are ensuring Girl Scouting is available and affordable for all girls, regardless of their ability to pay. You empower girls to find their unique voices and become leaders of our future.

With your continued support and generosity, you help build girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.

Please check out these lists of tremendous supporters who gave during fiscal year 2022.

Individual Lifetime Giving

Centennial Circle
$1,000,000 and above

Dorothy and John Helm*
Jo* and Ron Moss
Katie and Dan Sullivan
Frances Hamilton White

Platinum Circle

Barbara and David Groce
F. Helen Pratt-Kurz**
Darlene Marcos Shiley 

Diamond Circle

Carlo and Nadine Daleo
Barbara J. Dickey*
Gladys F. Jukich**
Sue and John Major
Patti Roscoe and Jim Tiffany
Katherine D. White

Pearl Circle

Julia R. Brown
Sandra Brue and Chris Carstens
William T. Elliott**
Beth Fischer and Jamie Wong
Fifi D. Guest**
Alice and Charles Jackson**
Robert R. Jackson
Joseph Thomas Kenney**
Jan and Wayne Loftus
Catherine Veatch*

Gold Circle

Barbara L. Alderson
Marla and Larry Black
Helen Bloomfield
Cora Carmody
Solveig and Dan Deuprey
Evelyn E. Ferguson**
Ben and Bryn Hamson
Arlene Harris and Marty Cooper
Linda and Mel Katz
Andrea Migdal and Michael Tierney
Mimi and Mike Murray
Carole Sachs
Evelyn Truitt and Paul Black
Laura and Ervin Wheeler

Silver Circle

Michael Baker
Roseanne and Rick Brooks
Regina and Shea Buckley
Liza and Tony Crisafi
Anne and David Fege
Arline M. Fisch
Tange and Tom Gavin
Marcia and David Gill
Jo Dee and Glenn Jacob
Shellie and Greg Kalinsky
Shannon Kelly
Elise Marie Larson*
Deanna Martin Mackey
Kimberly and Mike Manhard
Edith I. Meador**
Pearl A. Murray**
Katherine and Matthew Nowak
Hollyce and Robert Phillips
Vicky Pion
Kay Porter*
Debbie and Mike Rider
Regina and John Todd
Lori and Bill Walton
Patsy and Steven Worley

Bronze Circle

Marian Benassi
Joyce and William Biffar
Edwin and Naoma Bingham**
Catherine and Philip Blair
Merle*** and Mitchell Brodie
Barbara Bry and Neil Senturia
Sandra and Harry Carter
Stephanie Casenza and Kevin
Judy and Jack Cater
Carol and John Crossman
Rita and Keith Datko
Tracey and James DeBello
Carol Dedrich *** and Alex Nurse
Janet DeGruttola Lancaster
Billie and Richard Deihl
John and Annette Denson**
Kathy Drucquer Duff and George
Julie and Mitchell Dubick
Bernadette and Jeff Fargo
Pamela Farr
Cheryl Fisher
Debbie Fitzhugh
John Forrest
Dori and Andrew Gallagher
Zita and Richard* Gardner
Laura and Douglas Garrett
Lawrence Gratt
Ann and Ben Haddad
Jim and Cheryl Hernandez
Karla Hertzog
Karen and Andy Hewitt

Bronze Circle

Anne and Edward Holler
Sherri Howard and James Hoyle
Sue Carter Kahl
James Kelly*
Daniel and Bunny Krall
Harry Krokus
Janice and Matt Kurth
Barbara Lamb and Bill Hale
Kimberley and Farrell Layton
Carole and Woody Ledford
Susan and Craig McClellan
Cindy C. Moore
Pamela Mudd
Sara and Anthony Napoli
H. Maxine Peoples
David Pepper
Monica and Joseph Piepenkotter
Charlene Price
Peggy Price
Dawn and John Rawls
Lawrence and Ewa Robinson
Robin Roulette
Denise and Phil Scott
Claudia and Simon Silva
Kathleen Slayton* and Robert Kilian
Claudette and Ralph Steinhauer
Mary Kay Stolting
Judy Thompson and Mike Conner
Carolyn and Kent Walker
Ellen and William Whelan
Arelene Wolinski
Cathy Young and Mike Buhai
Carole and Michael Ziegler

* Deceased
** Estate of
*** Staff

Institutional Cumulative Giving

Centennial Circle
$1,000,000 and above

  • Qualcomm Incorporated

Platinum Circle

  • Girl Scouts of the USA
  • The Hervey Family Non-Endowment Fund 
  • San Diego Gas & Electric Company
  • Ellen Browning Scripps Foundation

Diamond Circle

  • Community Campership Council
  • Linden Root Dickinson Foundation
  • The Favrot Fund
  • GEICO Philanthropic Foundation
  • Barbara and David Groce Fund 
  • Price Philanthropies Foundation
  • The San Diego Foundation
  • Sharp Health Plan
  • Southwest Airlines Co
  • Kathryn & Daniel Sullivan Family Foundation
  • Wells Fargo

Pearl Circle

  • Cox Communications, Inc.
  • Samuel H. French & Katherine Weaver French Fund
  • The Elwyn Heller Foundation of San Diego
  • Las Patronas
  • Little Brownie Bakers
  • Maurice J. Masserini Trust
  • Mission Federal Credit Union
  • The Nordson Corporation
  • Pratt Memorial Fund
  • RJS Law
  • The Timmstrom Family Fund of the Ayco Charitable Foundation
  • U.S. Bank

Gold Circle

  • Julia Richardson Brown Foundation
  • Cushman Foundation
  • Samuel I. & John Henry Fox Foundation
  • Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers
  • Issa Family Foundation
  • Northrop Grumman
  • The Parker Foundation
  • ResMed Foundation
  • Sempra Employee Giving Network
  • Sycuan Resort & Casino

Silver Circle

  • Bank of American Charitable Foundation
  • Charles and Ruth Billingsley Foundation
  • Chelsea’s Light Foundation
  • Chevron Products Company
  • Community Service Association, San Diego Unified School District
  • Cubic Corporation
  • Donors of Valley Endeavors
  • The Farrell Family Foundation
  • Los Angeles Chargers
  • Marsh & McLennan Insurance Agency, LLC
  • Howard P. Meyer Foundation
  • Ronald and Joan Moss Fund 
  • One San Diego
  • Sempra Energy
  • Sempra Energy Foundation
  • Tipton Motors

Bronze Circle

  • Academy of Our Lady of Peace
  • Anderson Plumbing Heating and Air
  • Blankinship & Foster, LLC
  • David C. Copley Foundation
  • Cox Charities Fund 
  • Manpower, Inc.
  • Delphi Private Advisors
  • Dyna, LLC
  • GlobalGiving Foundation, Inc.
  • Albert W. and Mildred Hubbard Non-Endowment Fund 
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • LPL Financial
  • Manpower, Inc.

Bronze Circle

  • Merrill Lynch
  • Mitek Systems, Inc.
  • Rhaylene Montgomery CPA, Inc.
  • Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust
  • The Edith Hazel Ondraski Girl Scouts Campership Endowment
  • The Pepper Family Foundation
  • Etta Schwieder Fund – Girls Club of San Diego 
  • Soroptimist International of Coronado
  • Swinerton Renewable Energy
  • Technology Integration Group
  • We Can Rise Network

 The San Diego Foundation

Daisy’s Circle

Named after Girl Scout founder Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low, Daisy’s Circle is Girl Scouts San Diego’s monthly giving program designed to cultivate philanthropy among friends, members, and volunteers of Girl Scouts.

Angela Addington

John Anderson

Jeni Barajas

Lorinda Bluma *

Natasha O. Bowman

Rick V. Brooks

Shannon Bryant *

Lauree Camarato *

Melissa Castillo

Sheila Cavanaugh

Myla J. Coleman *

Nina Crabtree *

Alexandra Delgado

Rea de la Cruz *

Trisha S. Domingo

Michelle P. Fischer

Sara Fletcher

Lourdes Gonzalez *

Julianne P. Graessle

Leslie Hodge

Lupe E. Jenkins

Divya Kakaiya, Ph. D.

Kimberly E. King

Susanna King *

Barbara J. Kramer *

Stephanie A. Kwiatkowski

Lauren Ledesma

Pam L. Levin

Stacy Maxa *

Cindy C. Moore

Michelle Mullen *

Darlanne H. Mulmat

Robyn Murray *

Kassie Panian

Nickie Peña *

H. Maxine Peoples

Jessica Pinell

Penni Piskor

Sarita Pitones

Natalie W. Powell

Laura Reinig

Valencia Rodriguez

Ashley Rollins

Cathy Sandoval *

Marisa Segoviano *

Kimberly Siebenthal

Dayana Silva-James *

Sabryna Smith

Sandy R. Sultz *

Amethyst Tagle-York

Jessica Thomas

Jill E. Treppa

Amy Trewella

Elizabeth Valadez

Alexis Vercollone *

Sandra Woodhouse

Cathy Young

* Staff

Tribute Gifts

In memory of:

Sarah Baros 
Lori Cummings

Patricia R. Dahlberg
Robin L. Dahlberg

Barbara J. Dickey
Dorothy Applegate
Carol Dedrich

Mary L. Donnelly
Maureen T. Rymer

Kerry Doyle
 Jo Dee C. Jacob           

Elizabeth Fisch
Nancy Helsper

K's Grandpa 
Karen Hess

Susan J. Harris
Michael B. Harris

Ashley Heffington
Christel May

Marian Hicks
 Susan Shirk

Lizbeth Jackson
Rob Jackson
Jennifer J. Werner

Diane Kahler
Marie M. Boozel
Dale P. Powell
Charlene Price

Elsie Marie Larson
Carole J. Larson

Patricia G. Macdonald
Marie M. Boozel
Sybilla G. Dorros
Kathleen Hare
Alberta MacDonald
Barbara Wood

Ron Moss
Jo Dee C. Jacob
Katie B. Sullivan

Janine L. Perrill
Lori Cummings
Walter A. Perrill

Charles J. Poey
Jo Dee C. Jacob

Freida Riess
Consuelo E. Murillo-Quintanar

Kathryn E. Saxer
Boy Scout Troop 861 Glasgow, Mt
Jo Dee C. Jacob
Annette Schindler
Mindy VinCurek

Martin Schroeder Jr.
Connie F. Schroeder

Kathleen Slayton
Robert Kilian
Nancy Worlie

Frances D. Styles
Marie M. Boozel
Carol Dedrich
Barbara A. Groce
Jo Dee C. Jacob
Pamela Lynd
Susan Mapes
Diana L. Osborn
Dale P. Powell
Charlene Price
Peggy W. Price
Lance Smith
Barbara S. Wiggins

Frances H. White
Katie B. Sullivan

Sarah Woodruff
Jenna Flannery

Howard Wygle
Ellen L. Anderson
Deirdre and Gresham Bayne
Leslie Hanna
Beth Mooney
Jeanette Norton
Suanne S. Pearson
David M. Pepper
Ann Simoneau
Cora W. Steffen

Alice Yamada
Diane and Ted Matsuoka


In honor of:

Emma and Addison Bowman
Cam L. Bowman

Natasha O. Bowman
We Can Rise

Merle Brodie
Dale P. Powell

Cecilia Castagnola
Jasmin Castagnola

Rashmi Char
DeLinda Forsythe

Cool Women and Emerging Leader Class 2021
Michelle P. Fischer

Evelyn Conrad
Barbara Savaglio

Carol Dedrich
Barbara Alderson

Mary Doyle
Jo Dee C. Jacob

Zita B. Gardner
Barbara L. Alderson
Steven B. Frates

Girl Scouts San Diego
Barbara L. Alderson
Carol Dedrich

Emilie Harmon
Trisha S. Domingo

Val Harmon
Trisha S. Domingo

Patty Hinojosa
Elizabeth Stevens

Jo Dee C. Jacob
Robert M. Kaufman

Rita Jamil-Clovis
Trisha S. Domingo

Divya Kakaiya Ph.D.
Jenny Meiselman

Roshni Kakaiya
Divya Kakaiya Ph.D.
Healthy Within, Inc.

Barbara J. Kramer
Tange T. Gavin
Robert M. Kaufman
Jenny Meiselman
Jo-Ann and Richard Shaw 

Janet D. Lancaster
Ruth A. Lancaster

Emily Lanzel
Harold Loeshelle

Katalyna Lavarez
Christopher Auyong
Rachelle Domingo-Rogers
Trisha S. Domingo

Robin J. Lemon
Trisha S. Domingo
Dawn M. Groff
Celeste Jacob
Diana L. Osborn
Judy A. Pritchett
Heather Smith
Jill E. Treppa

Susan B. Major
Susan B. Bien

Salyka Noravong
Dan Stroud

Rebecca Ordas
Trisha S. Domingo

Isabella Pierotti
Lorena Pierotti

Kera Reinig
Laura Reinig

Laura Reinig
Trisha S. Domingo

Dr. Sally Ride
Tracy Jarman

Emersen Rider
Barbara J. Kramer

Nicole M. Roberge
Mary Ostridge

Sara Rodriguez
Trisha S. Domingo

Patti L. Roscoe
Ingrid de Llamas

Lily Roughneen
Jeffrey Fancy

Cathy Sandoval
Jo Dee C. Jacob
Daniel J. Krall

Tina K. Shinsato
Kristin Childs

Dayana Silva-James
Christian James

Anna Spengler
Mary Ann Milias St Peter

Alice Tevelson
Genevieve Chesnut

Randa M. Trapp
Dea Hurston
Lelya Sampson

Danielle Walker
Debora Walker

Ellen H. Whelan
Steven B. Frates

Charitable Gift Annuities

A charitable gift annuity is a simple contract between you and Girl Scouts where you agree to make a gift to Girl Scouts, and we, in return, agree to pay you (or someone else, if you choose) a fixed amount each year for the rest of your life.

Barbara J. Dickey (deceased)

Juliette Gordon Low Society

The Juliette Gordon Low Society honors our friends who have included Girl Scouts San Diego in their estate plans by naming this beloved organization in their wills, living trusts, IRAs, and other life-income gifts. These planned gifts provide critical long-term support for our council, allowing future generations of girls to experience the fun, education, and leadership training available only through Girl Scouting.

Our sincere gratitude goes to the following individuals and families who are committed to keeping Girl Scout traditions alive for generations to come through their participation in the Juliette Gordon Low Society.

Melyn Acasio

Meredith and Robert Alcock

Barbara L. Alderson

Eva and Erik Andersen Girl Scout Movement-wide Challenge Planned Gift

Sandra Banfield

Jeni and Elias Barajas

Virginia "Ginny" Barton**

Dianne Belk & Lawrence Calder Girl Scout Movement-wide Challenge Planned Gift

Sally and Michael Bixler

Marla B. Black

Helen Bloomfield

Marie and Lee Boozel

Merle and Mitchell Brodie

Regina and Shea Buckley

Christopher Carstens

Sandra and Harry Carter

Sheila Cavanaugh

Elizabeth Crisafi

Debra L. Cushman-Parrish

Carlo and Nadine Daleo

The DeBello Family

Nina de Burgh

Carol Dedrich* and Alex Nurse

Janet DeGruttolla

Bianca Del Rio*

Solveig and Dan Deuprey

Barbara J. Dickey**

Heather and Paul Dierolf

Kathy Drucquer Duff and George Duff

Robin and Kimberly Evans

Anne and David Fege

Arline M. Fisch

Michelle Fischer

Kimberly Fowler

Zita B. Gardner

Dr. Danell Scarborough Gavares

Tange and Tom Gavin

Lourdes Gonzalez*

Barbara Ann and David E. Groce

Grace Halvorson

Nancy Hanlon

Marni and William P. Hayman

Jim and Cheryl Hernandez

Molly Higley

Ryder and Clayton Hill

Don and Susanne** "Sally" Huebner

Lucy and Tom** Jackson

Jo Dee and Glenn Jacob

Rebecca James

Susan Jeannette

Divya Kakaiya, Ph.D.

Gerry L. Keshka

Kim and Evan Kleber

Terry and George Klein

Barbara J. Kramer*

Drs. Janice and Matt Kurth

Stephanie and Paul Kwiatkowski

Sarah K. Lamade

Makenna Lang

Pam and Brent Levin

Karen Linehan

Lynne and Willard Litwiller

Lani and Joshua Longacre

Pamela Lynd

Patricia Macdonald**

Madden Family Trust

Sue and John Major

Stacy Maxa* and William Pashley

Elinore Y. and Ralph V. Mazza*

The Honorable M. Margaret McKeown

Bob** and Cindy Moore

Melinda Mulkey

Michelle Mullen* and Dennis Broyles

Mimi and Mike Murray

Sara and Anthony Napoli

Kristen and Bryan Newman

Barbara J. Norman, ChFC

Matt and Katherine Nowak

Janestine Olaru*

Justine Panian

Kassie and James Panian

Betty and Kenneth Peterson

Judy Peterson

Nichole Peterson

Kristen K. Pieper and Family

Debra and Charles** Poey

Annie Revel

Laura and Justin Rice

Debbie and Mike Rider

Patti L. Roscoe

Megan Murray Scheid

Barbara Schettler-Jehl

Nancy L. Scott

Liz and Phil Sheahan

Dayana Silva-James* and Christian James

Ellen Roca Single

Kathleen Slayton** and Robert Kilian

Carol Sonnenberg

Claudette and Ralph Steinhauer

Jean B. Stewart

Pamela Stubbs

Kenneth Suerig**

Katie and Dan Sullivan

Sandy Sultz*

Pamela L. Summers

Pearl and Andrew** Szymanski

Mary E. Talle*

Judy Thompson 

Coralie C. Thomson**

Evelyn Mack Truitt

Elizabeth and Andy Van Pelt

Catherine Veatch**

Tammy and Louie Vener

Kelly Waggonner

Maggie Watkins

Lois Weinberger

Laura and Erv Wheeler

Arelene E. Wolinski**

Sandy Woodhouse

Anonymous (9)