Join Our Summer Camp Team

Join Our Summer Camp Team

Join Our Summer Camp Team


Camp provides girls in grades K-12 with a memorable, coming-of-age outdoor experience that allows them to take on challenges and discover new interests in a supportive environment.  

As a camp staff member, you will help Girl Scouts experience the magic of camp while growing your own skills and resume. You will inspire and encourage girls to become more courageous and build their confidence, all while enjoying the great outdoors.  

Camp team testimonials: 

"Camp is the most supportive and positive environment. There is always someone there for you, and all we want is to see each other succeed and grow!"

"Working at Camp Winacka was the best job experience I have had. I appreciate the emphasis on community and transparency throughout the organization. I can't wait for next summer!”

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Girl Scouts San Diego can make camp affordable for all members and provide financial assistance for those who need it because of the generosity of our donors and community partners. Please consider sponsoring a camper and donating today.