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Hiking at Camp

There are miles of trails for Girl Scouts to explore while camping at Winacka and Whispering Oaks. Be sure to review Volunteer Essentials and the Safety Checkpoints on our safety resource page before you go.

Trail map

This two-sided color map of Winacka and Whispering Oaks includes trail names, length, GPS coordinates and degree of difficulty. While hiking, you'll find that each trail is marked with color-coordinated wooden posts to help guide you. 11x17" printed copies of the map are available at each camp.

Trail Guides

The Trail Guides cover what to expect, how to prepare, safety tips, length and difficulty guidance, GPS coordinates, and approximate time to complete each trail. These guides are to be used in partnership with the map (above).  

Winacka: Trail guide includes Meadow Trail, Eagle Peak Trail, Sunset Ridge Trail, Creek Trail, Middle Trail, Manzanita Trail, Gorge Trail, Tower Trail, Panorama Trail, Los Caballos Trail and Lakeside Trail

Whispering Oaks: Trail guide includes Hobbits Turn Trail, Inspiration Point Trail, Dehr Creek Trail and Chaparral Trail

Trails between camps: Trail guide includes Coulter Trail and Winacka-Whispering Oaks Trail

Discovery Hikes

Discovery Hikes at each camp identify a set of trails that create a loop hike, with marked stops and activities for girls along the way. 

Winacka Discovery Hike | Whispering Oaks Discovery Hike

 Special thanks to the team of Girl Scouts San Diego volunteers who hiked, annotated, painted posts, created activities, and gently reminded staff to get this project finished.