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Troop Camping

Troop camping reservations are now open! Visit the properties page to see what’s available at our properties and book your troop’s next camping trip. Questions: email

Venture up to Julian for your next outdoor adventure, or camp in the city. Cabin and tent area rentals at our mountain properties—Winacka and Whispering Oaks—and urban properties—our Balboa Campus and Escondido Program Center—are perfect for your troop camping trips.

Unlike service unit encampments or our council-led outdoor programs, with troop camping, you’re in charge of your experience! Explore camp, pack your day with activities, or just kick back and revel in quality time with your troop. First time camping with your troop? Try one of our council-led outdoor programs, designed to make troop camping simple!


Modern cabins, available at our mountain and urban properties, are heated sleeping areas with bunk beds or mats on a floor and full electricity. Some have indoor kitchens. All cabins have access to flush toilets, hot showers and outdoor cooking areas.

Rustic cabins, available at Camp Winacka, are screened in, with built in bunk beds and no heat or electricity. All cabins have access to flush toilets, running water, hot showers and outdoor cooking areas.

Tent site rentals, available at Camp Whispering Oaks, our Balboa Campus and our Escondido Program Center, feature access to flat areas to pitch tents, several picnic tables, a campfire ring, potable water and portable toilets or outhouses.

Watch our camp video to learn more about Winacka and Whispering Oaks.

Activities and Options

Pick and plan your own crafts and badge work. Camp staff are here to help with activities at our mountain properties, such as hikes! Brush up on your outdoor cooking skills and cook meals as a group.

Training and Progression

Let’s Camp is the minimum training requirement for independent troop camping. Additional training may be required depending on the type of cooking, and use of tents.

See our Outdoor Training page for more info on our progression of classes. Work with your service unit's activity consultant to ensure you get the proper training and obtain activity approval.


Reserve accommodations up to six months ahead of your trip. Review dates, add lodging and activities to your cart, then check out. You’ll receive a confirmation email within a few days.

Reserve space at our mountain properties: Camp Winacka or Camp Whispering Oaks.

Reserve space at our urban properties: Balboa Campus or Escondido Program Center.


Sandy Sultz, 619-610-0814 or