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Is Your Daughter Ready for Camp?

Camp Readiness Quiz

Take this simple interactive quiz to help determine if your child is ready for resident camp. Check the scores at the end of the quiz for recommendations.

Indicate the grade of your camper.

6th and up

How many times has your camper spent the night away from home?

0-5 times
5-10 times
10 or more times

How many nights in a row has your camper spent away from home?

0-1 nights in a row
2-3 nights in a row
4 or more nights in a row

How does your camper feel about wildlife, dirt, bugs and nature in general?

She's frightened or very unsure about nature.
She has some hesitation or fear about bugs or wildlife but is otherwise pretty comfortable in nature.
She's just as likely to have an earthworm in her hand as a crayon.

Has your camper ever gone camping?

No, not yet.
Yes, in a modern cabin setting.
Yes, in tents or rustic cabins.

How does your camper react to a new situation (first day of the school year, first day of a sports season, new environment or playground, etc.)?

She is very hesitant and clings closely to me.
She is hesitant at first but usually gets over it fairly quickly with a little reassurance.
She's off and running before I can even say goodbye.

How does your camper interact with her peers?

She has trouble communicating with them and relies on adult help.
She interacts positively with her peers with little involvement from adults.
She interacts positively with her peers and usually solves conflicts without adult help.

Can your camper do her own daily self-care such as tooth brushing, hair brushing, hand-washing, buttoning pants, and tying shoelaces?

She cannot do most of these things without adult help.
She needs minimal adult help with any of these things.
She doesn't need any adult help, other than a reminder, to do these things.

How well does your camper follow instructions?

Other adults in her life and I usually have to repeat instructions many times before she will follow them.
She usually follows instructions but sometimes has to be reminded.
She is very good at following instructions and will ask questions if she's not sure.

When you talk about the possibility of summer camp, how does your camper react?

She gets nervous and seems concerned.
She has a lot of questions, but seems at interested in the idea.
She's begging to go.

What is your gut feeling about how she will do at summer camp?

I'm just not sure; I think she might not be ready.
It could go either way, but I think she'll be fine.
I'm confident that she will be okay.

Your Score: 0

You received 1 point for each question you answered A, 2 points for each question you answered B, 3 points for each question you answered C.

11-16 Points: Talk with your child more and see if resident camp is the appropriate choice for her this year. If your camper is really interested in going, but scores low on this quiz, review your answers and see what you can do to change her score. Can you teach her to tie her own shoes? Can she try some overnights with her troop or some friends to practice being away from home? Can you go with her to the library so she can learn about bugs and wildlife she may encounter so she's not so frightened? If not, you may want to try Girl Scout day camp as a first time Girl Scout camp experience.

17-25 Points: It seems like you have a pretty ready camper on your hands. A great way to make sure she's prepared is by taking the Virtual Tour together. You may also want to attend an open house where you can both ask questions about camp. Invite her to be part of the planning process by looking through the web pages together and picking the camp that fits your schedule and her interests. For more tips and tricks for camp preparedness, look for the camp planning guide in your confirmation packet.

26-33 Points: Your camper seems very prepared for resident camp! Encourage her to be part of the planning process by looking through the website together and picking the camp that fits your schedule and her interests. Invite her to take a helping role in preparing for camp. With your help, she can shop for supplies, pack her own bag and pre-address stationery to use at camp. See you this summer!