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Preparing for Resident Camp

Sign up for summer fun! Browse Girl Scout San Diego’s 2019 summer camp offerings in our new Camp Brochure (folleto en español).


2019 Parent Handbook: Print this document. This planning guide contains detailed information about camp, and will help you and your camper prepare for her adventure! You and your camper are responsible for all the information in this handbook, and her success at camp depends on your preparation.

Resident camp mandatory forms: Log in to your Active account to view and complete forms. Contact us if you’re having trouble logging in to your online account.

Camper communications

Families can use to stay in touch with campers. Register for free access to our daily newsletter and photo updates. Purchase credits to send emails and order prints of camp photos. Girl Scouts receives a portion of proceeds from your order. To get started:

  1. Choose your daughter's camp: Winacka or Whispering Oaks.
  2. Click "Register Now" and fill out the basic information.
  3. Enter the camp-specific security code provided in your confirmation email.

If your daughter is attending both camps, you will need to set up an account for each camp.

Driving directions and maps

Cookie camp reward (650+ package level): If your girl sold 650+ packages of Girl Scout Cookies and earned a free five-day camp session, read our Cookie Camp Reward FAQ for important details.