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Get Outdoors

COVID-19 continues to impact Girl Scouts San Diego programming and property usage, as well as outdoor spaces in the community. Below are some great ways to experience the outdoors while following current guidelines.

  Summer Camp

Camp registration for summer 2021 will open this spring, so be on the lookout for our digital camp brochure in your inbox. We look forward to seeing you this summer!

 Presidents' Day Weekend camps

Sign up for a cat-filled virtual one-day camp and/or an out of this world adventure on Presidents’ Day Weekend! Learn more.

 Troop Campy Hours and Virtual Campfires

Individual girl members and troops are invited to enjoy camp games, songs, and stories with our camp directors. Get a taste of camp...all are welcome! Learn more.

 Check out our new badge kits, available in the shop.
 Girl Scouts San Diego Eco Patch Challenge

Earth is a place of many wonders, from vast oceans to beautiful little butterflies. Getting out to explore natural spaces is fun, educational, and healing. But who will lead the way in healing our planet? Girl Scouts! Take the Make the Earth a Better Place Patch Challenge by choosing your favorite activities. You can take action in nature, around town, in your own home, or virtually! Share your achievements using hashtag #ecochallenge to inspire others. Contact to order your patch.

  Girl Scouts Love the Outdoors Challenge

While safely distancing, explore the outdoors from your window, front step, laptop, or a wide-open trail! Take this national challenge by choosing from a list of activities to earn a cool new patch. The number of required activities depends on your program level.

GS Love the Outdoors Challenge FAQs

What is the Girl Scouts Love the Outdoors Challenge (GSLOC)?

The GSLOC is a fun way to get outdoors while safely social distancing, explore and complete safe activities to earn a national patch. Based on your program level, complete the required number of activities (Daisy=20, Brownie=25, Junior=30, Cadette=35, Senior and Ambassador=40).

Who can participate in the GSLOC?

Girl Scouts of all ages, their friends and familybasically everyone! This patch is available to members and non-members who love the outdoors and are up for the challenge!

How can I complete activities in this challenge that require me to go outdoors if I am staying at home?

Safety is our priority at Girl Scouts. If you are unable to complete an activity due to social distancing and/or a stay at home order you can find an alternative. Take a virtual tour of a park online, gaze out of a window or look through family photos of outdoor adventures. Drawing a picture works too!

What if I can’t complete all activities required for my grade level?

Take your time! The outdoors challenge lasts from May through September; you have time to work on completing the challenge. Remember due to safety precautions, it is totally acceptable to modify the activity as you need to in order to stay at home and safe.

Do I have to submit a completed activity sheet to show that I have earned the patch? 

No, completing this challenge and earning the patch is on your honor.

How do I receive the GSLOC national patch?

The patch is available for purchase in Girl Scouts San Diego shops or on and costs $1.50. The patch is 1 ¾” x 2” is a sew-on printed patch with embroidered edge made in the USA. 

Make camp possible

Thanks to generous donations, we can provide financial assistance to girls in need, subsidize camp fees for all girls, and provide high-quality programs at top-notch facilities. When you make a gift to Girl Scouts, you help us keep camp running!


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