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Bullseye! After learning the basics of equipment, form, and technique, girls will challenge themselves to hit the target and encourage their friends to do the same. The sport of archery takes practice, focus, and a sense of fun, so when Girl Scouts apply themselves to learning archery, they also learn what it takes to master any new skill in the future.

Answers to frequently asked questions:
Who can participate?

Current 2nd graders (Brownies) and older can participate.

If anyone in your group requires special accommodations, please contact us. We can work with you to plan the best experience for your entire group.

If you would like your encampment to participate, please contact or 619-610-0787 for more information.

Can corporate or nonprofit groups participate?

If you would like to book an archery experience for your nonprofit staff or corporate group, please contact or 619-610-0787 for more information.

Where are the ranges available?

Girl Scouts San Diego has four archery ranges available: at our Balboa Campus, Escondido Program Center, Camp Winacka, and Camp Whispering Oaks. The archery ranges are available for sessions weekdays and weekends, September through May (and are used for summer camp programs June through August). Please contact or 619-610-0787 to check availability for your desired date.

What is the length, cost, and capacity of a session?

Sessions are two or four hours, depending on the range location and choice of instructor. Time blocks generally fall between 8:30a.m.-5:30 p.m.; times may vary due to scheduling and available day light.

There are no minimum or maximum numbers of participants per session; however, we recommend scheduling no more than 20 participants to be at the range at a time to ensure everyone has ample opportunity to participate. For Brownie participants, we recommend scheduling no more than 12 participants to be at the range at a time to ensure adequate instructor assistance and supervision.

Cost for range rental only*:
$35/two hour session
*You may supply your own instructor with current USA Archery certification, per Girl Scout Safety Activity Checkpoints .

Cost for range rental with council-provided instructor:
$75/two hour session (available at Balboa and Escondido ranges only)
$125/four hour session

Who are the instructors?

All instructors must be USA Archery certified. Groups may bring their own instructor, or may book a council-provided instructor. In order to ensure the best experience for you, council-provided instructors have been chosen for their abilities in working with groups and passion for archery. 

How do I sign up?

To book a session for your nonprofit staff or corporate group, please contact or 619-610-0787.

If you would like your encampment to participate, please contact or 619-610-0787.

If you are a registered Girl Scout troop:

  1. Visit our Property page.
  2. Scroll down to the desired property’s "Reserve location" section. Click "Check available facilities."
  3. Select "Activities" as the category.
  4. First, select the date you want to reserve; you will then see available activities and times. Make your selections and follow checkout instructions.
  5. You'll receive an automated email confirming your reservation. We'll email you an informational packet within a few weeks of your scheduled session.

If you have questions or need assistance with booking, please contact or 619-610-0787.