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Become a Girl Scout Daisy

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Girl Scouts is the place for every G.I.R.L.! As a Girl Scout Daisy, your girl will practice leadership with grit like a go-getter, problem solve like an innovator, embrace challenges like a risk-taker, and show empathy like a leader—all in a girl-led environment where she can feel free to let her full, magnificent personality shine through.

The sooner your girl begins to realize the power in her potential, the sooner she’ll know that there’s nothing she can’t accomplish—no matter how young or how small she is! Unleash her power at Girl Scouts.

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Complete registration at any point during the calendar year using this handy how-to guide.

How to Find a Troop
  1. Click the Join button above to begin the process on our registration site and tell us a bit about yourself and your girl.
  2. Enter your zip code to find a nearby troop and choose one that works best for you and your family. Or, to pick a specific troop, enter the number of the troop.
    • Some troops on the troop catalog are still in-formation, meaning we need a few more girls or adults to sign up before the troop can begin meeting. If you join one of these troops, a Girl Scouts staff member will contact you to discuss next steps.
    • Not sure what troop is best for your girl, or your troop isn’t showing up? Select “unsure” and let us know what experience your girl would like or what troop number you are searching for. A staff member will reach out to you to help you find a troop.
    • If you've chosen a troop that is already meeting, the troop leader will reach out to you soon to welcome you and provide more details.
  3. Complete the process by becoming a Girl Scouts member. You will pay $25 in member dues. Apply for financial assistance if needed.
Learn More

Join us at one of our Girl Scout information meetings to talk with a Girl Scout representative in person, or contact the Membership staff, 619-610-0702.

Fill out the form below and we'll send you an email with more information about our organization and programs.


Volunteering with Girl Scouts is flexible, fun, and meaningful! Be the troop leader that supports her every week, an advocate for girls in your community, a mentor in your area of expertise, or provide behind-the-scenes support that makes Girl Scouting possible.

Are you a parent interested in joining Girl Scouts? Sign up to volunteer with her troop by logging into your MyGS account and register as an adult member.

San Diego Girl Scout Daisies explore the world, bringing their fresh energy and ready smiles to every experience. Visit our events page for a complete listing of upcoming events and opportunities, and find highlighted happenings for Daisies.

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE), the foundation of the Girl Scout program, features a variety of fun, challenging, and experiential activities that empower girls as they develop attitudes, skills, and behaviors essential to effective leadership. Your Girl Scout Daisy will:

  • Develop a strong sense of self.
  • Seek challenges and learn from setbacks.
  • Display positive values.
  • Form and maintain healthy relationships.
  • Identify and solve problems in the community.

Research shows that Girl Scouts stand out significantly from non–Girl Scouts, demonstrating more well-rounded lifestyles and a stronger propensity for success. Compared to non-Girl Scouts, Girl Scouts are more likely to:

  • Exhibit strong leadership outcomes.
  • Earn excellent grades.
  • Expect to graduate college.
  • Aspire to STEM, business, and law careers.
  • Feel hopeful about their future.