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Equity and Social Justice

“I will do my best to be honest and fair…” It’s the first line of the Girl Scout Law and has been an important component of the Girl Scout program since its founding. Ongoing events have brought to light how unfairly some girls and families have been treated in America and across the globe for centuries.

This page is a resource to help girls, families, and troop leaders navigate equity and social justice issues.

Racism goes against the values of Girl Scouts, and although we have acted to counter racism throughout our history, we know we have enormous work ahead of us to build a truly anti-racist organization. We are prioritizing these efforts, both on an individual level and within every aspect of Girl Scouting. Girl Scouts of the USA and all 111 Girl Scout councils are engaging in challenging discussions, bringing forward previously unheard voices, acting with integrity, and learning from any missteps. We pledge to never stop working to create the just and equitable world that every girl, and all of us, deserve. You're invited to stand with us against racism.

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
Celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

To celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Girl Scouts San Diego hosted a Facebook Live chat with children’s author Maxie Villavicencio Pulliam about her new book FIERCE FILIPINA (recommended for ages 8+). She shared the inspiration behind this story (her great, great-grandmother!), what it’s like writing a children’s book, and how writing this story helped her connect with her family and heritage. The chat ended with a demonstration of how to make a traditional flan!

Black History Month

Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements and contributions of the African American and Black communities—a time (though not the only time!) for emphasizing the central role of this varied community throughout U.S. history. Also known as African American History Month, the event grew out of “Negro History Week,” the brainchild of noted historian Carter G. Woodson and other prominent African Americans. We’ve got plenty of activities for you to choose from as you join the Black History Month celebration. You’ll discover and learn your way to earning a fun patch!  

Hispanic Heritage Month

During Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15–October 15), we celebrate the countless contributions that Hispanic people and Latinos have made and continue to make in the United States. We honor the cultural richness of all people in the U.S. whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. Girls and leaders have plenty of activities to choose from to earn this fun patch. And regardless of their specific ethnic heritage, they’re sure to learn interesting new things.

Native American/Indigenous Heritage Month

Throughout November, Native American Heritage Month celebrates the cultures, histories, and countless contributions that Native American communities have provided to the United States. We invite you to take this opportunity to learn more about the cultures of the Indian Nations in your state and across the country. We’ve got plenty of activities to choose from, so you can make new discoveries and have tons of fun learning while earning a fun patch!

Girl Scout Programs
Badges and Patches

Citizenship and Democracy badges: In-depth explorations of how government works for every program level (filter by Topic > Citizenship). Learn more about how these badges help girls see the impact of their actions.

Suffrage Centennial patch: A century after the ratification of the 19th Amendment, girls are invited to explore the history of women’s right to vote.

Girl Scout Ranger 19th Amendment patch: Enhance your understanding of the significance of the 19th Amendment, celebrate the advances resulting from the suffrage movement, and get to know key historical figures.

World Thinking Day activity guide: Celebrate the diversity, equity, and inclusion reflected in our global movement.


G.I.R.L. Agenda: A nonpartisan initiative to inspire, prepare, and mobilize girls and those who care about them to lead positive change through civic action.

Pledge Against Racism: Girl Scouts commits to taking action to support Black girls, their families, and their communities, and we reiterate that we do not tolerate racial injustice

Promote the Vote National Service ProjectThough some girls may be too young to cast a ballot, they can still mobilize their communities to take action like a Girl Scout.

More Resources
Local Resources

Women’s Museum of California: Write a thank-you note to the women who fought for our right to vote, learn about women in history through a scavenger hunt, explore a “History of Suffrage in the U.S.” digital exhibit, and more.

A Note from Carol: GSSD CEO Carol Dedrich talks about discussing and taking action against racism with your girl.

National Resources

Civic Engagement: Get the tools girls and adults need to take civic action now (from GSUSA).

What Girl Scouts Stands For: Read a message from former GSUSA CEO Sylvia Acevedo.


Resources for Troop Leaders and Parents