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Background Check FAQs

California AB 506 – Background Check/Live Scan Policy for CA Volunteers

Effective, January 1, 2022, all administrators, employees, and regular volunteers in California who have direct contact with children MUST have a one-time background check, approved by the California Department of Justice, which requires Live Scan fingerprinting. Girl Scouts San Diego is adhering to this state requirement and all volunteers must complete this requirement as of the 2023 membership year. Start the process here.

About the Background Check (BC)

1. Why is Girl Scouts San Diego requesting a background screen?

Protecting the girls and young women in our charge is a top priority. Background screenings are an integral part of our due diligence process and risk management policy. At Girl Scouts San Diego, the screening of volunteers (and employees) includes criminal background checks—which are performed by an independent, third-party background-screening agency and possible reference checks, performed by our staff. 

2. Who is required to complete a background screen? What positions require a background screening?

All volunteers who are 18 and over must have a cleared background screening on file, regardless of whether she or he works directly with girls. Background screenings are required for these volunteers:

  • Troop Leader or Troop Assistant Leader
  • Troop Treasurer
  • Troop Fall Manager
  • Troop Cookie Manager
  • 4Her Troop Helper

Note: Registering as an adult member will not trigger a background check. Parents, family members, and other troop volunteers who will drive girls or have direct contact with girls in the troop need a background check. Have these volunteers register as 4Her troop helpers to trigger a background check. All volunteers who handle troop funds must have a background check.

3. What information is required for the background screening?

You must provide your name, contact information, date of birth and Social Security number. Each check may contain criminal/civil records, reference verification and Department of Motor Vehicle records.

4. What if I do not have a Social Security Number?

Please connect with our Customer Care team at or 619-610-0821.

5. How often do I have to renew a background screen? How long are background checks valid?

Background checks for most volunteers are good for 3 years. Volunteers who work at day or sleepaway camps have annual background checks.

6. How do I complete a background screen as a new member?

After you become a registered member in a leadership position (check question 2 for list of positions that require a background screening), you will receive a background screening request email from Asurint. Follow the personalized link to complete the process. This will take about 20 minutes; it is secure, safe, fast and confidential.

If you do not receive the email (please check your spam folder) or have any questions about the background screening process, please contact customer care at or 619-610-0821. Parent volunteers who do not automatically receive the Background Check email after becoming new member, contact to request your personalized link.

7. I am a current, registered member. How do I renew my background check?

Before your screen expires, you will receive an email reminder to renew. When you receive your personalized link, follow the instructions to complete the process. This will take about 20 minutes; it is secure, safe, fast and confidential. If you do not receive the background renewal email from within 24 hours of renewing, please check all your inbox and spam folders. If you do not see it, contact to request your personalized background screen link after 24 hours.

If you have any questions about the background screening process, please contact customer care at or 619- 610-0821.

Note: The link is personalized; please do not forward.

8. How do I know when to renew my background check?

You will automatically receive a trigger to renew your background check as long as you keep your Girl Scout membership current. If membership lapses between years, contact

9. I represent a community partner. Where do I go to complete a background screening for my organization?

If you are a community partner and need to complete a background check, please connect with our Program Specialist for Community Partnerships at for instructions. 

10. If I have already completed a background screen for my place of employment, do I need to complete another one?

Yes, you will need to complete another screening for our organization. A background screen is confidential; just as Girl Scouts San Diego would not provide information on your background screen to anyone else, you place of employment will not release that information to us.

Cost/Financial Aid

1. How much does a background screening cost?

The average fee for Girl Scouts San Diego is $6.25. The actual fee amount will depend on your address history and former names over the past seven years. Your total cost will be itemized for you prior to checkout through PayPal. All volunteers will have the option to self-pay or request financial assistance. When you choose to self-pay for your background screening, you allow us to put Girl Scouts San Diego funds toward directly impacting girls in our community.

2. Is there financial aid available for background checks?

If you are not able to pay the $6.25 fee, there is Council Pay. You select this option at the payment page. We pay the fee and you get an email notifying you of your eligibility.

Checking Status of BC for Troop Leaders/Volunteers

1. Will I be able to see my background screening expiration in my customer profile?

No, unless you are a current troop leader. Member profile does not show any background screening information about your screening. To keep a record of your screen, please save the confirmation email that was sent to you approximately two weeks after you submitted your screen. If you did not receive the email or need a copy for your records, please contact or 619-610-0821.

2. How will a Troop Leader know if a parent is an approved volunteer? How do I check the background check status of volunteers?

Within two weeks of completing the screening, the volunteer listed on the application will receive an approval email, which she or he can present to the Troop Leader for confirmation. The approval email states that the volunteer is responsible for sharing the email and keeping it for their records as proof of completion. Troop leaders have access to view expiration dates of screenings by logging into their member portal and clicking the tab “View My Troop.” The confirmation email should still be requested to ensure that no restrictions have been placed on the volunteer.

3. I completed my background check a few weeks ago. Where is my confirmation email?

All confirmation emails are sent approximately two weeks after the order has been completed and cleared. Please check your email and spam folder. If you still have not received your confirmation email, contact us at or 619-610-0821.

Questions About BC/Company

1. How will the information be used?

Your social security number will not be used for anything other than completing your background screen. The information provided will be used to determine eligibility for placement. We will consider factors including but not limited to, the nature and severity of any criminal offenses, length of time since any criminal conduct occurred, and the opinions of listed references. Girl Scouts San Diego will review each criminal record on a case-by-case basis. Our customer care manager will make final determinations after a review with membership director.

2. Where can I find more information on the company that performs screenings?

Asurint, our background service provider, proactively complies with all provisions of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), Driver’s Privacy Protections Act (DPPA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Acts (FCRA). Asurint is committed to ensuring customer privacy by protecting the information clients provide. Identifiable information is securely maintained solely for contact purposes within Asurint, and is not sold or transferred to other entities. Asurint respects its users’ privacy concerns. If you would like to learn more about Asurint or have any questions, visit them at or contact them at


1. Would troop funds be an appropriate way to pay for my screening?

Yes. Troop funds can be used to cover trainings, training materials, and background screenings.

2. Is there an offline or paper form option to submit my screening?

No. However, if you do not have internet access, contact us at or 619-610-0821 for assistance.