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Branding 101 for Girl Scout Volunteers

Few brands are strong enough to be identified simply by a color or a shape, but we have both the unique shade of "Girl Scout green" and the singular Girl Scout Trefoil symbol working for us. These much-admired elements, combined with consistent and accurate language, ensure recognition of the Girl Scouts brand. Help solidify our identity by using the tools below and be sure to review our Branding 101 Volunteer Booklet.

Creating Branded Items for Resale

You cannot create Girl Scout branded items as a money earning project. See the money earning application for ideas of other money earning projects.

To produce branded materials for resale at cost (e.g. troop shirts, encampment patch, etc.), a GSUSA licensed vendor must be used. Designs must be approved by council by submitting the Branding Permission Request form.

Brand Ambassador 101 Volunteer Training
  1. Visit and select the My GS tab.
  2. Log in with your Girl Scout email and password.
  3. Select My Account (top) and then gsLearn (left).
  4. Select the Content Library tab (left).
  5. Enter the word “brand” in the search field and select the Brand Ambassador 101 for Volunteers training to begin.
Brand FAQs

What is brand?

Our brand is not just a logo, a visual identify, or a product. It is the personal connection and experience that people associates with Girl Scouts San Diego, including our programs, services, marketing, and reputation.

Why is it important to protect the brand?

It is critical to protect the brand for financial reasons and for the sake of our organization's recognition, reputation, and credibility.

What is copyright?

Copyright is a law that gives the owner of a work (like a photo, song, or written material) the right to say how other people can use it. With copyright, a work can be copied only if the owner gives permission. Copyright laws help Girl Scouts San Diego protect our marketing assets.

The same laws protect the visual and linguistic property of other organizations/companies. Copyright infringement is the use, reproduction, distribution, display, or performance of works protected by copyright law without permission. Do not infringe on copyright!

What does trademark mean?

A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, and/or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others. Logos, photographs, symbols, designs, words, phrases, and even non-traditional elements like sounds, smells, and colors, can be trademarked. Trademarks protect the intellectual property and use of specific ideas and symbols, as well as the trademark owner's brand.

Visit the GSUSA website for detailed information about Girl Scout copyright and trademarks.

What is a servicemark or lockup?

The lockup, or servicemark, is the final form of our logo, with all its elements. Only council names (e.g. Girl Scouts San Diego) and affinity groups (e.g. Cadettes) may be locked into the servicemark. Only GSUSA can create lockups/servicemarks. See the Graphics and Logos section below.

Do I need permission to use badges and other Girl Scout symbols on my website or marketing materials?

Yes! The use of official insignia (all of which are trademarked) is highly restrictive. Please review the copyrights and trademarks FAQs from GSUSA.

Do I need permission to use the Girl Scout logo on my Girl Scout troop/group or service unit website?

Yes! Please work directly with staff for approval and assistance. Troop support staff can assist with troop websites, and service unit support staff can assist with service unit websites.

Do I need permission to use the logo on patches, T-shirts, banners, or promotional materials?

Yes! Complete the Branding Permission Request form. For additional questions, please contact

General Guidelines
Remember the Girl Scout Law

Always keep in mind the Girl Scout Promise and Law and our mission of building girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place.

Representing Girl Scouts in the Community

Thank you for representing Girl Scouts San Diego at community events! These tips will help avoid confusion that may arise due to marketplace competition. See the Talking to the Media guidelines below for more information.

  • Use consistent language and correct Girl Scout branding, as outlined below. (Please share this information with the coordinators, spokesperson, or media representatives at events in which you participate.)
  • Wear the Girl Scout uniform or Girl Scout-branded clothing at community and school functions (e.g., parades, flag ceremonies, recruitment events, Girl Scout troop outings).
  • Ask event announcers to distinguish between the two separate youth organizations (i.e., use “Girl Scouts” or “GSUSA” and “Boy Scouts” or “BSA” rather than “Scouts” or “Scouting”).

We are happy to help if you have a question about a partnership opportunity with another youth organization or need assistance with a related situation. Contact us at 619-610-0821 or

Questions about branding? Email our Marketing and Communications team at

Language and Wording

Tips to help when referencing our name:

Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) Girl Scouts of America (GSA)
Girl Scout/Girl Scouts/Girl Scouting Scout/Scouts/Scouting
Girl Scouts The Girl Scouts
Girl Scouts San Diego Girl Scouts of San Diego
Girl Scouts of Coronado
Imperial Valley
Girl Scouts
Girl Scout Troop 1234 Troop 1234
Girl Scouts San Diego's Blue Sky Service Unit Blue Sky Girl Scouts
Girl Scout Cookie Program
fall product program
Cookie sale, Fall Nut Sale
Earn the Girl Scout Gold Award, Girl Scout Silver Award, Girl Scout Bronze Award Win the Gold Award
Gold Award Girl Scout, Silver Award Girl Scout, Bronze Award Girl Scout Gold/Silver/Bronze Award winner, awardee, recipient
Colors and Fonts
  • Girl Scout Green is PMS 354, RGB R0 G180, B81, CMYK 95/0/100/0, or HEX #00B451.
  • Use the secondary colors from our Color Palette to add some fun to your designs.
  • Materials created by GSUSA and council use several proprietary fonts which are unavailable to the public.
  • Girls, troops, and volunteers are encouraged to use the Palatino Linotype font as a default for any design materials created. It closely matches the proprietary font from GSUSA.
  • Fonts can only be black or white. To add interest to your design, incorporate badge shapes from the color palette and reverse type out to white on darker colors, or print in black on lighter colors. Please don’t add an outline around the font.
  • Troops/service units who create their own materials can learn more about the style guidelines in the Volunteer Training Brief. (Note that if you're including the GSSD name and/or logo in any form, you'll need to get your design approved by council by submitting the Branding Permission Request form. We're here to help!)
Logos and Graphics

To request a high-resolution file of the trefoil or the GSSD lockup, email Please review the guidelines below and throughout this page before requesting the artwork.

When scaling artwork, do not stretch it disproportionately. To keep artwork proportionate, use the corner to drag (not the side) and (in most programs) hold the shift key.


The new style incorporates Shapes based on the Girl Scout badges. They are the signature look to the new brand, and can be used in color with black or white text for headlines, subheads, call-outs. Photos can also be added into the shape. The one exception…the Girl Scout trefoil. To preserve its integrity of the brand, no text can be used inside the trefoil. 

The Trefoil

The Trefoil is our hero. The Servicemark or logo is used to compliment the Trefoil. The trefoil should never be outlined.

  • As our official brand color, Girl Scout Green should be used for the Trefoil in formal settings. It should also be used for audiences who are unfamiliar with our brand. Using a consistent color will help to build familiarity and brand recognition. 
  • To allow for more flexibility within the design system, the Trefoil can also be used as a supporting element using colors from the official palette. This should be reserved for environments where the audience is already familiar with the brand. For example, a Daisy Bridging flyer could use the Trefoil in River (Daisy blue).
  • Do not use more than one Trefoil on a piece. It should be prominent, not used multiple times to create a pattern or design element.





The Profiles
  • The Profiles (two faces) has been retired and is now one of our legacy marks and is reserved for historical events, milestones, etc. It is not to be used to recruit or retain membership, but rather to highlight our history. 

The GSSD Lockup
  • The GSSD lockup is the final form of our logo, with all its elements. It should not be reassembled or reproportioned. Only GSUSA can create servicemarks/lockups.





Photography and Other Graphics
  • Use only high-quality photos and graphics.
  • Do not steal! Use artwork from sites that provide copyright-free materials or create your own.
  • Choose images that represent the mission, Promise, and Law of Girl Scouts.
  • Send high-quality, full-size photos from your event to By submitting images, you are giving Girl Scouts San Diego permission to use them in publicity and marketing materials and verify that all featured individuals give their consent.
T-Shirts, Patches, and Branded Items

To get started, talk to your service unit specialist or contact Customer Care. Remember to check out our great selection at the council shops! You might just find what you are looking for.

When creating banners, T-shirts, patches, or other items for troops or service units, always include an identifier for our council. It is not necessary to use the official logo, but do include the words Girl Scouts San Diego or GSSD.

All use of the Girl Scout brand is subject to council approval. Request permission to use the Girl Scout brand.

Creating Branded Items for Resale

You cannot create Girl Scout branded items as a money earning project. See the money earning application for ideas of other money earning projects.

To produce branded materials for resale at cost (e.g. troop shirts, encampment patch, etc.), a GSUSA licensed vendor must be used.

Approved Girl Scout Vendors

Advantage Emblem
Colortime Crafts dba Studs Plus
Geri's Screen Printing, LLC
Hallmark Emblems, Inc.
Joycrest, Inc.
Live Shoot-1 Photography
Mr. D's Tees, LLC
National Emblem, Inc.
Parrott Screen Printing and Embroidery

If you are planning an event or money earning project, please visit the For Event/Encampment Directors page for a wealth of information. Remember to fill out the appropriate money earning application as well.

All use of the Girl Scout brand is subject to council approval. Request permission to use the Girl Scout brand.

Social Media and Websites
Follow Us
  • Please follow Girl Scouts San Diego (@sdgirlscouts) on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
  • Encourage your friends and other Girl Scouts (age 13 or older with parent permission) and volunteers to do so, as well.
  • Like and share our posts.
Represent Well
  • Model good online behavior for the girls. Be professional and appropriate.
  • Do not write anything that would reflect badly on our organization or embarrass our members or volunteers.
  • Do not engage in online arguments.
  • Proofread your posts.
Be Sensitive About Privacy
  • Use girls' first names only. Never post phone numbers, addresses, or email addresses.
  • Get photo permission before posting pictures of girls.
  • Know the privacy settings of your accounts.
  • Do not violate copyright laws. Do not use any images without permission.

Bring any concerns to the attention of

Talking to the Media

There are several scenarios in which you might have the opportunity to represent Girl Scouts to the media. You might:

  • Write an article for a community newspaper.
  • Be approached at an event.
  • Receive a request to be interviewed by a TV, radio, or print journalist.

Please reach out to our Communications team at for support or guidance, especially if any sensitive issues are involved.

Remember to check out the Language and Wording section above.