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Increase your confidence and invest in yourself and the girls in your troop by taking courses designed to fully support you as you guide girls through their Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Check out the training options below or see the Training Calendar. Need to cancel or transfer to a different in-person course? See the cancellation policy to learn how. 


Required Training for Leaders

Getting Started with Your Troop

Start with Getting Started with Getting started with Your Troop (online, 90 min). New leaders and co-leaders automatically receive an email invitation from our online learning portal, Litmos. Don’t see an email? Check your spam folder or contact for assistance. Once you’ve logged in and created a password, you can return to Litmos anytime by visiting Your username is your Girl Scout email. Forgot your password? Select the “I forgot my password” option to reset it. For best results use Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser. 

Intro to Girl Scouts

Intro to Girl Scouts (in person). You’ll receive an email with a coupon for a free class after you complete Getting Started with Your Troop. Learn how to use the Volunteer Toolkit, apply the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to troop activities, and engage troop families. Plus, gain tips and best practices for leading a troop of any level. Register for Intro to Girl Scouts.

Learn and Lead:  Join us for this training-in-a-day to check off your required courses! You'll take Intro to Girl Scouts in the morning and choose a program-level course (i.e., Diving into Daisies, Blasting into Brownies, etc.) to take in the afternoon. We provide lunch and childcare so you can focus on getting things done! Pre-requisite: Getting Started with Your Troop online. Register for Learn and Lead.

First Aid/Lifeguard Training

First Aid/CPR/AED

All troops need a volunteer trained in first aid/CPR/AED to attend meetings and outings. This “first aider” may be the leader, co-leader, or another troop volunteer. 

Register for a Girl Scouts San Diego first aid course or take a course taught by:

  • American Red Cross
  • National Safety Council
  • EMP America
  • American Heart Association

About online first aid courses: In-person courses are preferred for beginners. Blended courses that are part online and part in-person are allowed if they include hands-on practice and feedback from a certified trainer. Blended courses are a good option for recertification (required every two years). Contact before enrolling in a blended course that’s not provided by Girl Scouts San Diego.

First aid courses that are entirely online don’t meet Girl Scout safety standards.

Upload Your First Aid Certification

If you take a first aid/CPR/AED course from a provider that’s not Girl Scouts San Diego, upload a scan or photo of your certification to your online Girl Scout training record. Log in to with your username (Girl Scout email) and password. Select Course Library on the left and then Alternate Certification Upload. Need help? Contact

Wilderness First Aid

When emergency medical services will be more than 30 minutes away from a troop activity, the troop first aider must have Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Responder certification. Have questions? Contact Register for Wilderness First Aid.

Lifeguard Training

This two-year lifeguarding certification includes first aid, professional-level CPR, and AED in one certificate. This is an in-the-water course. Come prepared to get wet! It’s a 30-hour course. Prerequisites: Rigorous swim test and home study. Contact for more information. Register for Lifeguard Training .

Outdoor Training

Outdoor Training (Overnights and Camping)

Take your girls outside! Our outdoor training prepares you to introduce girls to the great outdoors in progressive steps from a local overnight to rustic camping. Not sure what course you need? See the Outdoor Progression Chart to learn more. Classes must be taken in order.

Do you have extensive camping experience with Girl Scouts or another youth organization? You may be able to test-out of some of these courses. Contact to learn more.

Basic Overnights (45 min, online course)
Take this training if your troop is planning its first neighborhood overnight (required before girls can go cabin camping) or if your troop plans to attend a service unit encampment or council-sponsored Adventure Weekends where program activities and meals are provided and girls lodge in cabins. At least one adult in attendance must have this training.

Sign up using the code sleepingbag.

Let's Camp (2.5 hour, in-person course)
If you've completed a basic overnight, encampment, or adventure weekend with your girls, they may be ready for a troop cabin campout. Learn about outdoor program delivery, how to choose and reserve property, manage safety, involve girls in no-cook meal preparation (adults may use heat), and build troop skills, teamwork, and memories. You’ll be qualified to take girls cabin camping in our mountain properties and at private and public campsites. Pre-requisites: Getting Started with Your Troop (online), Intro to Girl Scouts , Basic Overnights.

Register for Let’s Camp.

Let's Have a Campfire (3 hour, in-person course)
In this hands-on class, you’ll learn safe campfire activities you can teach your girls, including building and extinguishing fires, using pocketknives and hatchets, tying knots, campfire programs and reflective debriefing. Get tips for safely cooking on a stick while you enjoy a tasty snack. This training qualifies you for stick cooking (like s'mores), beach or backyard fires, and campfires held while cabin camping. Pre-requisites :  Basic Overnights, Let's Camp.

Register for Let’s Have a Campfire.

Let's Cook Out! (7 hour, in-person course)
Discover several fun methods of outdoor cooking you can empower your girls to use. Using propane, charcoal and wood fuel, you and your new friends will cook and share a tasty four-course meal. Learn about safe food handling, sanitation and accommodating allergies and dietary practices. You'll be qualified to use many outdoor cooking methods with your girls. Note: This course includes all food and materials. Email if you have dietary restrictions. Pre-requisites: Basic Overnights, Let's Camp, Let's Have a Campfire,

Register for Let’s Cook Out.

Let's Tent (overnight, in-person course)
Once you and your girls are ready for more rugged experiences, explore troop tent camping. Learn about safety, environmental considerations and how to sleep comfy outdoors. You’ll discover tips for gear selection, cool night-time activities and much more. Note: This course includes food. Email if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions. Please view the  Let’s Tent FAQ and Packing List before attending. Pre-requisites:  Basic Overnights, Let's Camp, Let's Have a Campfire, Let’s Cook.

Register for Let’s Tent.

Backpack Training Program

The Backpacking Training Program offers great new outdoor adventures for girls and adults! Designed for individuals, our three-step wilderness progression safely takes girls and adults out of the campground and into the woods. 

Wilderness Hiking, the first in the outdoor backpacking progression, this one-day training teaches adults and girls (sixth grade and up) the essential skills and knowledge necessary for exciting wilderness exploration. The course covers safety, proper gear and equipment, the Leave No Trace ethic, building independence in girls, and laying a strong foundation for more extraordinary adventures, such as backpacking. The class fee includes course materials and a "Ten Essentials" starter kit. Register for Wilderness Hiking.

Basic Backpacking teaches everything adults and girls (seventh grade and up) need to know to begin a true, multi-night wilderness adventure. Hikers gain the knowledge and skills they need to make important decisions about gear, clothing, and trip planning so that they can hit the trail feeling confident and self-sufficient. Training includes classroom instruction, group day hike, and backpacking trip. Prerequisite: Wilderness Hiking. Register for Basic Backpacking.

Advanced Backpacking Trips safely takes girls and adults on unforgettable wilderness adventures where they'll enjoy the majesty of nature along with the camaraderie of fellow backpacking enthusiasts all while building higher level skills. Prerequisites: Wilderness Hiking and Basic Backpacking. Register for Advanced Backpacking Trips.

Questions? Contact

Archery Instructor Training

Meet the safety-wise standard for Archery Instructor Certification. Leaders, assistant leaders, and interested adults (18 years and older) are welcome. Archery instructors can lead archery for their troop, an encampment, and/or assist in leading an archery workshop. Certification is valid for three years. Register for Archery Instructor Training.

Event and Encampment Director Training

Planning a large event (200+) or an Encampment (3+ troops)? Take Event and Encampment Director Training online. It’s required for directors and recommended for anyone who is part of the planning team. The course is 20 minutes and includes a reference guide. Email for access to the course.

Program Training

Diving into Daisies

Explore program options that focus just on Daisies. Take a closer look at meetings, Journeys, badges, games, and traditions for younger girls. Register for Diving into Daisies.

Blasting into Brownies

Explore program options that focus just on Brownies. Take a closer look at meetings, Journeys, badges, games, and traditions for younger girls. Feel confident and prepared by taking a new training each Girl Scout year! Register for Blasting into Brownies.

Just for Juniors

Explore program options that focus just on Juniors. Program level training for older girl troops focuses on best practices for working with and engaging older girls. Register for Just for Juniors.

Cruising into Cadettes

Explore program options that focus just on Cadettes. Program level training for older girl troops focuses on best practices for working with and engaging older girls. Register for Cruising into Cadettes.

Senior/Ambassador Roundtable

Network with other leaders on tips for engaging older girls during this busy and critical stage. Register for Senior/Ambassador Roundtable.

Multi-level Troop

Take this online course to learn tips for managing a multi-level troop. Find it in the course library at Log in with your username (Girl Scout email) and password. If you don’t remember your password, select the “I don’t remember my password” option to reset it. Need help? Contact


Girl Scouts "bridge" when they transition from one program level to the next. It's a celebration of achievements that is fun, personalized, and memorable. A bridging ceremony should be designed by girls in partnership with adults. See the Bridging Guide to learn more.

Ready, Set, LEAD!

Ready, Set, LEAD! In this interactive training session, gain group management and program delivery skills from the Girl Scout Outreach (GSO) team. GSO staff regularly lead programs for K-12 girls in large groups, and they’re ready to share their secrets for successful troop meetings, engaging activities, and cooperative leadership. Childcare is provided for age 5 and up.

Highest Awards Training

Bronze Award

As a Girl Scout troop leader, it’s very rewarding to know that you’ve set girls on the path of community leadership and personal success by guiding them though the highest awards.

Troop leaders, parents, and adult volunteers take Bronze Award training to learn how to guide girls through a successful Bronze Award project. For online training, signup and enter the code “gobronze1” to begin. Or, register for the in-person Bronze and Silver Award Workshop. Contact for assistance.

Note: You must be 13 years or older to register for the online course. By clicking this registration link, you certify that you are at least 13 years old. This course is intended for adults.

Silver Award

As a Girl Scout troop leader, it’s very rewarding to know that you’ve set girls on the path of community leadership and personal success by guiding them though the highest awards.

Cadettes, troop leaders, parents, and volunteers take this training to learn about the Girl Scout Silver Award. Learn about award steps, requirements, and the difference between a community service project and a Take Action project. (Course duration: 25 minutes). Register with your Girl Scout email and enter the code “gosilver1” to begin.

Note: An adult must register for girls under the age of 13. Need help? Contact

Gold Award

As a Girl Scout troop leader, it’s very rewarding to know that you’ve set girls on the path of community leadership and personal success by guiding them though the highest awards.

Got girls interested in the Girl Scout Gold Award? Guide them to check the pre-requisites and steps for going gold. They’ll start with online training and then attend the Gold Award Workshop. Both are required. Questions? Contact

About the workshop: The workshop is a hands-on workshop, where space is limited in order for girls to have a quality, productive experience developing their Gold Award Take Action project idea. Girls in their Junior and Senior High School years are given priority, though younger high school-aged girls are welcome after April 1 of their freshman year.  

Trips and Travel Training

Troop Tripping

Troop Tripping is required for leaders whose troops are planning trips out of state, trips involving air travel, or trips lasting 3 or more nights. This workshop addresses group and safety management, paperwork requirements, money-earning tips, planning timelines, and keys to managing girl and parent expectations. Take this course at least 3 months prior to the trip. Register for Troop Tripping.

San Francisco Bridging Workshop

Make bridging from Juniors to Cadettes with Girl Scouts NorCal a meaningful, girl-led adventure. Prerequisite: The Troop Tripping workshop is required before any domestic or international travel. Register for the San Francisco Bridging Workshop

Destinations Expo

Global adventures await! Meet world travelers from Girl Scouts San Diego and learn about travel opportunities. At this free open house, you’ll hear from past Destinations participants and about the application process, financial assistance, and what to expect. Girls, troop leaders, adult volunteers and families welcome. Visit Girl Scouts USA travel website to view destination options and to apply. Trips for the upcoming year will be posted mid-to end of August. For more information, contact: Register for the Destinations Expo

Volunteer Toolkit

Want to spend less time planning and feel more satisfied with the time you spend with your troop? Check out the Volunteer Toolkit (VTK). This web app helps troop leaders and co-leaders plan meetings and communicate with families easily with materials lists, activity timelines, standard email language, and more! Access it on your computer, tablet, or phone—it’s mobile friendly.

Learn how to log in and VTK basics and check out the cheat sheet to get going quickly.

Fall and Cookie Product Program

Troop leaders and co-leaders can watch an overview of the fall product program and the cookie program online. Find the course on your online learning dashboard—it’s automatically assigned. Contact if you need assistance.

Seasonal training for both programs is available for volunteers taking on a troop fall manager or troop cookie manager role. Contact or visit the cookie page for more information. 

Training Resources

Online Training

Online training is an easy, convenient way to learn about Girl Scouts. And, it’s available for any member or volunteer. New Girl Scout troop leaders and assistant leaders automatically receive access to our online learning portal, Litmos. Look for an email invitation from Litmos in your inbox. Don’t see it? Check your spam folder.

If you haven’t received an email or need access for yourself or another troop volunteer, contact

Once you’ve logged in to Litmos, you can return any time to finish a course you’ve started or view free courses in the course library. Simply visit and enter your username (Girl Scout email) and password. If you don’t remember your password, select the “I don’t remember my password” option to reset it.

Use Google Chrome as your browser. If using an iphone or other Apple device, download Google Chrome rather than using Safari for best results. Need help? Contact for assistance.

Special Request Training

Want to take training right in your neighborhood? We can bring most of our classes to you! (Though we are unable to accommodate outdoor classes other than Let's Camp).

To get started

  • Check out the Training Calendar to make sure there isn’t a class already scheduled for the same region at the same time that you are requesting.
  • Have three dates (at least 30 days in the future) ready to suggest for your Special Request Training. This gives us time to find a trainer and get registration ready.
  • Identify a potential location name and address for your class (but don't book the space until you hear back from us).
  • Line up a minimum of 10 students for all classes except First Aid. First Aid classes have a strict 10:1 student to teacher ratio, so classes can have 7-10 students with one instructor or 16-20 students with two instructors. In all cases, we reserve the right to open the class up to other members in the council to make sure we're using resources wisely.
  • Enter your information on our request form.
  • The Adult Learning team will follow up once you request the class to confirm a date and provide information on getting your group registered.

Questions? Contact

Financial Aid for Training

Financial aid to cover the cost of training is available to volunteers who are registered members. Select the financial aid option when registering for a course at on our events page. Contact with questions. Troop funds may also be used to cover training costs.

Be a Trainer

Are you passionate about the outdoors or leadership development? Do you have tips and tricks from years of Girl Scouting that you would like to share with other leaders? If this sounds like you—and you’re ready for a new challenge with Girl Scouts—consider becoming a trainer. Trainers collaborate with staff and other trainers to deliver trainings that support the next generation of leaders and adult volunteers who help to build girls of courage, confidence, and character. Fill out this interest form or email for more information.

Additional Resources