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Troop Travel

Travel is about fun, exploration, and progressive experiences where girls learn to appreciate other cultures, new places, and the outdoors. Girls can plan, earn money, prepare, and participate in regional, national, and international trips. Financial assistance is available in some cases.

Explore travel options such as Getaways and visiting the WAGGS World Centers, and access valuable travel resources.

Troops or groups can travel together on a number of trips that become progressively more challenging. Some examples:

  • Field Trips—discovery trips around the neighborhood, short hikes in local parks, or visits to zoos or museums. These trips get everyone accustomed to walking, staying together, and listening.
  • Basic Trips—go a little farther than field trips, or last a little longer. Popular trips include visits to a local hostel for a cultural food experience, a day trip to Los Angeles, or an overnight in a museum. These trips often overlap with camping trips, whether in cabins or tents.
  • Advanced Domestic Trips—last several nights or more, and cover more terrain. A trip to Yosemite, to San Francisco, or a trip to Washington, D.C., are typical examples.
  • International Trips—visits to a World Centre, exploring art in Paris, or participating in a jamboree in Australia are among the many options available to well-traveled troops.