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Activity Approval

Does your troop activity need approval?

A troop activity or trip needs approval from your service unit activity consultant if it meets one or more of these criteria:

If you need approval:
  1. Complete these forms:
  2. Request approval from your activity consultant. Answer a few questions and upload the documents you completed in Step 1. Upload just one copy of the Trip or Event Permission form—not one for each girl.

Note: These forms are required whether visiting Girl Scout San Diego properties or elsewhere.

If you don’t need approval:
  1. Let parents know where you’ll be and when. Use the communication method you agreed on.
  2. Provide a Trip or Event Permission Form for any parent who didn’t give permission for routine activities on the Girl Health History and Annual Permission Form.
  3. Make transportation plans clear. If troop parents will be driving girls other than their own, ensure that they’ve had a background check and have received the Message to Volunteer Drivers.
  4. Always follow the Safety Activity Checkpoints (following these is required even if approval isn’t required).
  5. Have fun and share your troop’s experiences at
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Approval for Encampments and Large Events (50+ or 3 or More Troops)

If your troop is attending a large event that is hosted by a trained event, encampment, or camp director, you do not need to obtain separate approval from your activity consultant. Approval is automatically granted through the director. The director will submit an approval request for the entire event and provide safety info to troop leaders. It’s a good idea to confirm rules, first aider requirements, and the safety management plan with the director.

When Special Approval Is Needed

Special approval is required for international travel and some shooting sports.

International travel requires advance planning of at least 12 months. Use the troop travel resources and follow the checklist in the Let’s Go! booklet. The approval process begins with your activity consultant. The adult learning manager gives final approval.

Shooting sports require special approval. Strict standards apply and more approval time may be necessary. Refrain from putting down deposits at any range or facility until approval is granted.

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Questions? Contact your activity consultant or