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Open Your Troop to New Members


Reap the benefits of a full troop!

Troops with 12 or more girls have more parent involvement, stay together longer, and give more girls the opportunity to participate in Girl Scouts. So why not invite a few more girls (and adults!) to join your troop? The more the merrier!

The Troop Catalog (accessible through My GS) is an online tool that lets girls and their families browse and join available troops in their area. When a new girl joins your troop through the catalog, we’ll let you know by email. Then all you have to do is contact her and invite her and her parent/guardian to a troop meeting, activity, or just to chat to tell them more about your troop.

Submit this brief form to open your troop in the Troop Catalog!

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Do you want to invite more members to your troop, but aren’t ready to open in the catalog yet? That’s OK! You can still open your troop without being displayed in the catalog, and a Girl Scout staff member will personally contact you when we have someone who might be a good fit for your troop. Please fill out the form to be added to this internal list of open troops.

Troop Catalog FAQ

What is the Troop Catalog?
The Troop Catalog is an online tool that allows girls and families to browse and join available troops in their area and grade level.

Why should we open our troop on the Troop Catalog?
It’s an easy way to build/maintain a full troop of at least 12 girls and keep with the Girl Scout spirit of inclusivity! Invite and welcome new members without the hassle of waitlists. Personal troop info such as volunteer names, contact information, and specific meeting places will remain private.

How do we open our troop on the Troop Catalog?
It’s easy! Submit this online form or email Once you tell us how many spaces you wish to open (your capacity to reach 12 or more), what grade level(s) you’ll take, and when and where you meet, we’ll open your troop so interested families can check it out.

What happens when a girl joins our troop?
When a girl joins your troop, you’ll receive an email with her family’s contact information so you can reach out and welcome them to the troop. When all spaces are filled and your troop reaches capacity, your troop will be automatically removed from the catalog.

Have questions or want more information about the Troop Catalog? Please contact, 619-610-0702.

Inviting New Members to Join Your Troop

Once you open your troop, you can invite friends to join you through the catalog. Just send them to and tell them to search for your troop number and zip code in the catalog. Again, we’ll let you know when they sign up.

Troop Standard

Adding your troop to the online Troop Catalog is the best way to have your girls benefit from a full troop. A standard troop, by definition, has 12 or more girls. Staff and volunteers are here to support you and give you the tools you need to make your troop a super success. Remember, when you add new girls, you are adding more adult volunteers to support you!

Reaching Troop Capacity

Once you open your troop in the Troop Catalog, it will remain open until:

  1. You troop reaches the total desired number of girls.
  2. You change the desired number of girls, either by re-submitting the opt-in form or by emailing us at

The catalog will only show your troop number, general meeting area, and time your troop meets. We will never share your private contact information on the catalog.

Do you need to update your troop meeting information without opening your troop? No problem!

  1. Leaders and co-leaders, log into your My GS Member Profile.
  2. Go to the TROOPS tab and select VIEW/EDIT TROOP INFORMATION at the bottom of the page.
  3. Edit your troop meeting day(s), time(s), location(s), and more, and then SAVE.
  4. A Girl Scout staff member will update your troop in our records shortly.