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Find Cookies

There are many ways to find Girl Scout Cookies this year! Find the method that works best for you among the options below. ...and thank you!

Option 1. Talk to a Girl Scout: The best way to find Girl Scout Cookies is by talking to a Girl Scout you know. Ask her for her Digital Cookie link.

Option 2. Find a booth: The Girl Scout Cookie Finder makes it easy to locate cookies in your area. Punch in your zip code to find a cookie booth near you.

Option 3. Get local delivery:  Use the "Get Cookies Delivered" button and we'll help connect you with a Girl Scout in your neighborhood. She'll deliver to your doorstep.

Get Cookies Delivered

Option 4. Get cookies shipped directly to you: Visit the Girl Scout Cookie Finder to choose from a list cookie entrepreneurs near you who offering shipping.

Option 5. Donate cookies to Operation Thin MintSM. Join KSON and their listeners to send cookies to grateful deployed U.S. Sailors/Marines/Soldiers/Airmen/Coast Guard/National Guard and local veterans, visit the Troop KSON’s Digital Cookie page and enter the number of packages in the “Donate Cookies” line and complete the checkout. Thank you!

Cookies on the go: Download the Girl Scout Cookie Finder app. Just install the app on your iOS or Android mobile device and press "Find Cookies Now." 

The Cookie Finder locates scheduled booth sites and troop marketing in your area. You can also purchase cookies directly from your Girl Scout friends and family any time!

Download the app available for your iOS or Android mobile device.