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What's New


Girl Scout Training
April 2019

Learning options abound at Girl Scouts San Diego! Visit our new training page to discover how learning more opens up opportunities for you and your troop like camping, archery, backpacking, travel, highest awards, and other enrichment activities.


Bridging Guide
March 2019

Find tips for planning a bridging ceremony at the troop or service unit level, and learn to make it a truly girl-led event by using the three processes of Girl Scouting on our new online Bridging Guide.


Girl Scout Bronze and Silver Award Resources
February 2019

Learn about highest awards for Girl Scout Juniors and Cadettes on the new Bronze and Silver Award web pages. You'll find info on award prerequisites, award steps, and frequently asked questions to help you guide girls.


Large Event and Encampment Director Training
January 2019

Calling all new and experienced event and encampment directors. Check out the new Large Event and Encampment Director training online. This 20-minute course covers first aid, safety, registration, budgeting, marketing, and more. Plus, you’ll learn about the new large event and encampment approval process and resources just for directors. Training must be retaken every three years. Contact to sign up.


Storing and Locking Prescription Medications
January 2019

Prescription medications used by adults or girls must be kept locked away during overnights on Girl Scout sites. It’s an American Camp Association standard. Camping at Winacka or Whispering Oaks? You’ll find lock boxes in each cabin and refrigerator. Use the locking packs in the refrigerators for meds that need to remain cool or when taking meds on a hike or other location away from the site. Camping at Balboa or Escondido? Bring a combo lock and your own box or backpack where meds can be locked away. A TSA lock works just fine. Locking prescription meds is a good practice at non-Girl Scout sites too and may be required.

Rescue medicines. It’s important to know that rescue medicines, like epi-pens for allergies, asthma inhalers, and diabetes medication, must be immediately available. Do not lock these. Girls may carry rescue medicines themselves if approved by a parent and physician.

Over-the-counter medicines. It’s optional to lock up over-the-counter medicines like first aid cream, Advil, etc.


Safety Management Plans for Encampments
October 2018

Troop leaders whose troops attend an encampment do not need to complete their own safety management plan. The trained encampment director will complete a plan to share with all troops and volunteers. Be sure to ask for the plan and review it before attending.


Approvals for Encampments
October 2018

Troop leaders whose troops attend an encampment do not need to submit their own approval request as long as the encampment director who planned the event has:

  • Taken training in the last three years.
  • Requested and received approval from the service unit activity consultant.
  • Completed a safety management plan and shared it with attending adults.

Note: Troop leaders must still obtain parent permission for girls attending encampments.