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Volunteer Interest Form

Please complete the brief form below and you will be contacted by a Girl Scouts San Diego staff member within one business day.

 First Name  Middle Name or nickname  Last Name  E-Mail Address

 House #  Street Name  Dir  Apt/Unit  City  St  Zip

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 Nearest School (used to assign you a Volunteer Service Coordinator at Girl Scouts)

The organization offers girls six pathways to participate in Girl Scouting: Camp, Events, Series, Troop, Travel, and Virtual. Through which pathway(s) would you like to participate in Girl Scouting? (Check all that apply)

Long-Term (more than 6 months)
Direct Service to Girls
- Troop/Group Leader
- Troop/Group Helper
- Trip Advisor
- Transportation
- Troop/Group First Aider
- Troop/Group Camp Volunteer
- Other:
Short-Term (less than 6 months)
Direct Service to Girls
- Special Events
- Travel Volunteer
- Camp Volunteer
- Facilitate a Program
- Teach a Skill/Mentor Girls
- Other:
Indirect Service to Girls
- Fund-Raising/Event Planning/Public Speaking
- Adult Training/Learning/Development
- Troop/Group Money Manager
- Mentor Adults
- Recruit New Members
- Other:
Indirect Service to Girls
- Fund-Raising/Event Planning
- Adult Training/Learning/Development
- Manage Troop Sales Program
- Office/Clerical/Computer
- Retail Store Volunteer
- Other:
 Please list any specialized skills/talents/interests/certifications.

 Daisy (K-1)  Brownie (2-3)  Junior (4-5)  Cadette (6-8)  Senior (9-10)  Ambassador (11-12)
 At which grade level(s) (if relevant to position) do you prefer to volunteer?

Please provide any additional comments below:

All Girl Scout members pay an annual membership fee of $15
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