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*BY INVITATION ONLY* Outdoor Challenge Skills Demonstration * Balboa * Oct. 23, 2022

Sun Oct 23, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT

By invitation only: Please register for this session when you have received a passing score on your gsLearn Outdoor Challenge assessment.

The Outdoor Challenge is a way for experienced adults to “test out” of Let’s Have a Campfire, Let’s Cook Out, and/or Let’s Tent with assessments through gsLearn then an in-person skills demonstration. This event listing is for the skills demonstration. The adult taking this challenge must have a strong background in camping with groups, extensive Girl Scout camping experience, or camping experience with comparable youth organizations. The trainings must be completed in order and the gsLearn assessment completed 7 days before this in-person skills session. Participants are not guaranteed to pass the preliminary gsLearn assessment or the in-person skills demonstration. 

There are three pre-requisites for this in-person skills demonstration challenge:

  1. Basic Overnights, an online course
  2. Let’s Camp!, an in-person course
  3. 623 Outdoor Challenge (Test-out), an online assessment

Courses that are eligible for challenge:

  • Let’s Have a Campfire
  • Let’s Cook Out
  • Let’s Tent

You may challenge any of the three courses, in order. Example: Let's say you've completed Basic Overnights and Let's Camp. You are eligible to challenge all three classes, but you can’t skip Let’s Have a Campfire and move straight to Let’s Cook Out.

To complete the Outdoor Challenge, follow these four steps:

STEP 1: Take pre-requisite courses ‘Basic Overnights’ (online) and ‘Let’s Camp!’, if you have not already.

STEP 2: Complete the online Outdoor Challenge assessment on gsLearn

To access the online assessment, log into your gsLearn account and search "Outdoor Challenge Out" in the gsLearn Content Library. You may take the assessment at your own pace but can not register for this in-person skills demonstration until you complete and earn a passing score. 

All adult volunteers can access online training in gsLearn. You’ll find gsLearn in the My GS portal at Your membership must be current and you can’t have chosen to opt out of email. If you need assistance updating membership or email options, contact Instructions for using gsLearn are available here. 

Please note the gsLearn assessment must be completed at least 7 days prior to the Outdoor Challenge in-person skills demonstration. 

STEP 3: *Once you have been notified of a passing score* register for this in-person skills demonstration

STEP 4: Prepare for and attend the Outdoor Challenge in-person skills demonstration

The in-person session with the trainer may include demonstrating your facilitation skills of some or all the following, depending on the type of certification you seek.

  • Dishwashing system set up
  • Various knots
  • Light a charcoal and/or wood fire using a charcoal chimney and fire starters
  • Jackknife safety
  • Propane stove lighting and use
  • Other skills as indicated by the trainer

Reference materials and time to prepare will be provided. The trainer will also fill in any knowledge gaps noticed in your assessments. Suggested resources to help with this challenge are Volunteer Essentials Chapter 4: Safety, Safety Activity Checkpoints and Girl Scouts San Diego’s Property Resource Guide. You may also wish to browse the council website at


  • Please book classes carefully. We can only transfer your course one time. The same payment can’t be transferred more than once.
  • All participants will be required to follow the current safety guidelines found at
  • If you are sick, stay home. We will reschedule you.
  • You will receive a course reminder email 5-7 days prior to your course date. Please review for more detailed information.
  • Contact with any questions, concerns, or need for special accommodations.