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Are your girls looking for an outdoor adventure? STEM experience? Journey, badge, or patch program? Or just a fun time together? Check out the fabulous troop and girl opportunities for San Diego Girl Scouts in the coming months on our Happenings pages:

August 2019
Expert insight:
 Not every girl loves hiking, climbing, and camping. Is your girl more the indoor type? That's great! She's interested, she's engaged, and she's learning and growing. But because girls can benefit so much by getting outside and exploring nature, wouldn't it be great if she took her indoor interests outdoors? Read more about how to infuse the natural world into her traditionally inside pursuits.

August 2019
Pro tip: It's back-to-school time! To ensure a smooth transition into your new membership year—beginning Tuesday, Oct. 1—make sure your troop roster is up-to-date! Log into your Member Profile and check to see that your girl members and adult volunteer roles are accurate and current. Need to make changes? Contact Customer Care.

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