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Are your girls looking for an outdoor adventure? STEM experience? Journey, badge, or patch program? Or just a fun time together? Check out the fabulous troop and girl opportunities for San Diego Girl Scouts in the coming months on our Happenings pages:

February 2020
Expert insight:
 Your girl is going to need to make smart financial decisions later in life, and Girl Scout Cookie season is the perfect time to start. Hands-on experience with goal setting, money handling, and budgeting will help her thrive. You don’t have to be a financial whiz to help her learn all about money matters. Check out more fun ways to help your Girl Scout get comfortable managing money.

February 2020
Pro tip:
Saturday, Feb. 22 is World Thinking Day, so this is the perfect time to elevate global awareness and appreciation by guiding your girls through an exploration of the daily life of a girl in another WAGGGS country. What does her school experience look like? What are her family responsibilities? How about social expectations? The GSUSA Global Action Days Toolkit is filled with ideas and links to use throughout the year.

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