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Short and Snappy

Short and Snappy trainings are quick activities (usually 10-15 minutes) to do at service unit meetings, troop meetings or other gatherings. Anyone who’s interested in the topic can lead one. Give one a try!

Afterward, please take our survey and let us know how it went. We love your feedback — responses help us learn where Short and Snappys are being delivered, what trainings our community needs, and how to improve our material.

5 Skills for Girls Selling cookies is about more than just raising funds for troop activities. Girls earn and learn through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, developing professional skills they can use now and later in life.

10 Common Girl Scout Forms Explain how to complete 10 common Girl Scout forms.

10 Tips to Boost Cookie Sales Volunteers can encourage girls to take ownership of their Girl Scout Cookie sales by teaching them these tips.

Being Inclusive Experience the effects of inclusion and exclusion.

Community Partners Girl Scouts San Diego’s community partners are organizations approved by Girl Scouts to offer events and activities based on the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

Co-op Troop Leader Some volunteers prefer to share troop leadership and determine together how to split or rotate responsibilities to fit everyone’s schedule.

Creative Sit-Upons The sit-upon is a longstanding Girl Scout tradition! There are many ways girls and adults can make these insulated (usually waterproof) cushions to use when sitting on the ground.

Four-Player Model Leadership Style Before volunteers begin empowering girls to lead, they might benefit from exploring their own leadership styles.

Engaging Girls in STEAM There are fun ways to introduce girls of every age to science, technology, engineering, art and math.

Girl Scout Birthday Quiz Test your knowledge of Girl Scout history!

Guided Outdoor Exploration — Create an engaging environment for exploring nature.

Holidays for All — Are your troop’s activities planned for holidays welcoming to girls of different faiths?

Introduction to Journeys Journeys, the main Girl Scout program, include fun activities and are fully customizable. Teach easy ways to make Journeys fit girls’ interests and needs.

Money Earning Projects Clear up some common misconceptions about rules and regulations associated with money-earning.

My Promise, My Faith Pin This award complements other religious recognitions and allows any girl to strengthen the connection between her faith and Girl Scouts.

Recognizing Volunteers Share the basics of recognizing volunteers, the Adult Recognitions program, and make sure everyone feels appreciated.

SWAPS SWAPS (special whatchamacallits affectionately pinned somewhere) are meaningful to Girl Scouts around the world.

Tips and Advice for the Multi-Level Troop Having a multi-age-level troop offers lots of benefits to Girl Scouts, but might come with a few challenges.

Volunteer Toolkit This app offers yearlong troop meeting plans based on badges and Journeys, including meeting activities, supply lists and extra meeting resources. It’s easy to add, delete and customize meetings.

Ways to Participate in Girl Scouts Illuminate the different ways girls and adults can participate in Girl Scouts.

World Thinking Day On Feb. 22 each year, Girl Scouts and Girl Guides from 146 countries celebrate World Thinking Day and global sisterhood.