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For Service Units

What's a service unit?
A service unit is a group of Girl Scout volunteers working in your neighborhood to support troops. The service unit (or SU) team is an essential support system that organizes training, mentorship, girl programming, and membership support for volunteers, girls, and caregivers.

 Contact us to find your service unit and get in touch.

Service Unit Manager

The service unit manager works with the service unit team and troop leaders to create a healthy and sustainable service unit community.

Some service units also function as a “co-op” with up to four managers who oversee the direction of the service unit with a shared agreement of responsibility. For more information, please contact

Service Unit Registrar

The service unit registrar educates volunteers of registration procedures and provides support to troops to open to new members, update their troop records in the Girl Scout database, and more.

Service Unit Treasurer

The service unit treasurer educates volunteers on the financial procedures for troop and service unit management of Girl Scout funds.

Service Unit Lead Membership Recruiter

The service unit lead membership recruiter collaborates with the regional recruitment specialist to develop a year-round recruitment plan.

Service Unit Activity Consultant

The service unit activity consultant advises the service unit team and troops in safety and risk management for regional activities.

Service Unit Cookie Volunteers

The service unit cookie coordinator facilitates the cookie program.

Volunteer roles which support the SUCC (if none are in place, booth coordination and reward distribution are the responsibility of the SUCC):

  • The booth coordinator secures booth locations for their service unit prior to the cookie program.
  • The reward coordinator prepares and distributes rewards for their service unit at the end of the cookie and fall product programs.
  • Warehouse volunteers assist with loading and unloading during delivery day.

Contact our Product Program team at for more information.

Service Unit Fall Coordinator

The service unit fall coordinator facilitates the fall product program.

Service Unit Communications

The Communications chair is responsible for the communication pathways within the service unit and assists the service unit manager in communications to other service units and Girl Scouts San Diego council staff. Duties include management of SU information communication platforms (email lists, website, Facebook groups, Shutterfly pages, Google groups, etc.).

  • Position description (coming soon)
Recognitions Chair

The recognitions chair leads adult and girl appreciation efforts. For more information on adult recognition, please visit our Volunteer Appreciation page.

Share Coordinator

The Share coordinator leads the service unit’s efforts for the Share Her Annual Real Expense campaign.

Additional Service Unit Volunteers

Service units may also have experienced volunteers who can offer expertise in a certain field such as:

  • Encampment directors: The event director oversees the planning and progress of SU encampments, ensuring proper steps are taken for activity approval.
  • Troop mentors: These leaders with more than three years of experience support new leaders.
  • Host/greeter: This volunteer welcomes attendees at service unit meetings and introduces new volunteers.
  • Madrina/guia: Acting as a guide for Spanish speaking leaders at service unit meetings, the madrina also helps with translation as needed.

Please connect with your service unit for more information or to offer your expertise in another area.

The President's Award

The President's Award recognizes the efforts demonstrated by an entire service unit to enhance Girl Scouting in its community during a membership year.