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Required Forms and Approval

See below for common forms related to field trips, events and other activities; find more on our forms search page. For help with new processes, see our Guide to New Permission Forms.

Routine trips or events

Notify your service unit activity consultant about trips or events that don’t require approval. Follow the prompts to provide basic information, and to upload a sample copy of a Trip or Event Permission Form, if used.
Submit to activity consultant

Trips or events requiring approval 

To request your service unit activity consultant's approval for a trip or event, prepare the Activity Approval Form and a sample Trip or Event Permission Form, then follow the simple steps to share details and upload the forms. Your activity consultant will be in touch soon.
Submit to activity consultant

Using forms
  • To use fillable forms, you may need to download Adobe Reader (free).
  • For each new trip or event you use a permission form for, save the blank fillable form on your desktop with a unique name relating to the event, like “FireStationPermSlip2017.” Next, complete the information fields and save the document again. This will allow you to send it via email or upload. 
  • Do not send any individual’s health forms to your activity consultant, or to the Girl Scout council. That information should be kept between the family and the troop leader (or designated first aider). 

Questions? Contact your activity consultant or