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Online Safety

In order to make sure that girls are aware of how to safely use the Internet, you should discuss online safety issues with the girls and distribute copies of the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge. The girls should also take a copy of the pledge at home and go over it with their parents. Both the girl and her parent or guardian should sign the pledge.

Safeguard Information

Girls must understand that the Internet is an open means of communication that anyone can access. As such, websites will often attract people other than their intended users. It is therefore imperative that any information that could jeopardize the safety and security of girls and adults not be disclosed on a website.

The following measures will help to ensure girls’ online safety:

  • Girl Scouts should only use their first names.
  • A Girl Scout’s last name, address, phone number, or e‐mail address should never be posted. For Digital Cookie a girl may post her unique Digital Cookie URL on her Facebook page and may email it to friends and family (for additional information, please refer to the Safety Activity Checkpoints for Online Product Sales, Digital Cookie Terms and Conditions for Volunteers, and Digital Cookie Pledge for Girls).
  • Always have a parent’s or guardian’s permission when using pictures of girls on a website. This is especially important if the girl is under 13 years old.
  • Do not post addresses of group meeting places, dates and times of meetings, events or trips on a website. Instead, an adult who wishes to communicate upcoming events with families of Girl Scouts should send an email to the families.
  • Do not allow automatic posting of messages to a website. All postings to message boards, social media and guest books should have adult oversight, and be screened prior to posting live.
  • Ensure that websites do not show personal email addresses of girls, but use a troop, group or adult’s email.
Technology-Based Sales

Girl Scouts use the internet for a variety of reasons, including the online marketing and sale of approved Girl Scout-related products. Below are some key points to keep in mind for all online sales and marketing:

  • Girls must read, understand and accept the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge, prior to conducting any online sales or marketing activities.
  • Girls may send email messages to alert friends and relatives about product sales and accept customer commitments via email.
  • Social media sites may be used to market product; however, all applicable GSUSA and council guidelines must be followed.
  • Girls writing product emails or announcements online should sign with their first names only, their troop/group number or name and their council name.
  • Personal emails or street addresses of girls should never be used. Instead, use one of the following:
    • A blind return address account where the girls’ name or personal email is not revealed to the customer and is instead hosted on a secure site
    • A group account, monitored by an adult
    • An adult’s email account, which is supervised by that adult
  • Girls should never arrange in-person meetings with online contacts, other than to deliver cookies and only with the approval and accompaniment of a parent or designated adult.
Digital Cookie

Digital Cookie is an online sales outlet for Girl Scout Cookies, designed to supplement and enhance the traditional cookie sales program. Since this is a unique way for girls to participate in the Girl Scout Cookie sale, separate Terms and Conditions for Girl Scouts, Volunteers, Parents/Guardians and Councils have been developed.

  • Girls must read and accept the Girl Scout Digital Cookie Pledge before they can participate in Digital Cookie.
  • Volunteers must read and accept the Digital Cookie Terms and Conditions for Volunteers before they can participate in Digital Cookie.
  • Girls may only post about their participation on Digital Cookie on social media websites that allows them to restrict access to friends and family (e.g. Facebook).
  • Parents/guardians must approve the content of a girl’s Digital Cookie web page before it goes live.
  • For girls under 13 years old, a parent/guardian must manage the girl’s website and be responsible for all content. In other words, girls under 13 are not allowed to post anything to their websites; it must be done by their parent/guardian.

For additional information, please refer to:

Also, see the Digital Cookie Terms & Conditions for Girl Scouts.