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Volunteer Celebration

Save the Date: Saturday, Nov. 6, 2021

Volunteer Celebration Logo_FINAL

Volunteer Celebration is a chance to celebrate all of the amazing Girl Scout volunteers in San Diego and Imperial counties. Congratulations to the volunteers who received council and national recognitions for their above-and-beyond service to our girls, our community, and our world! We had an amazing time at the Nov. 7, 2020 event, and we are already looking forward to celebrating with you next year.

Nominations and endorsements are open until Sunday, June 20 for next year's celebration. Get inspired by checking out our 2020 Honorees below then nominate an incredible volunteer! You may also request years of membership or service pins.

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2020 Event Details


What is Volunteer Celebration?
Volunteer Celebration is a Girl Scouts San Diego signature event honoring every Girl Scout volunteer in San Diego and Imperial counties with a special awards ceremony for those earning a council-level or Girl Scouts USA (GSUSA)-level award.

When is it?
Volunteer Celebration will take place on Saturday, Nov. 7.

Where will it be?
Due to COVID-19 and our duty to keep every volunteer, staff member, and all other attendees safe, we will be celebrating each of you virtually! Visit the "Navigating Remo" section for more information on the virtual platform.

Who does this event honor?
Our Volunteer Celebration is planned with every volunteer in mind! Each Girl Scouts San Diego volunteer puts her/his heart and soul into our mission-building girls of courage, confidence, and character that make the world a better place. There is a special awards ceremony for our 2020 Volunteer Celebration honorees, however. You will find the list of 2020 honorees in the “2020 Honorees” section of this page.

Who decides on honorees?
Volunteer Celebration honorees are determined months before the celebration. The process to make a volunteer an honoree begins with a nomination and two endorsements. Each honoree was nominated and endorsed by her/his peers by June 2020. These nominations then move to the Recognitions Task Group (RTG), a group of around eight Girl Scouts San Diego volunteers responsible for reading through each nomination and endorsement and comparing these to each award’s criteria and decides who has earned a council-level or GSUSA-level award.

Know someone who deserves to be recognized at next year’s celebration? Nominate them now! Want to be a member of the RTG? Email

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2020 Honorees

Thanks Badge recipients
Alma Harder-Ortega

Alma Harder-Ortega, Chula Vista Service Unit

Alma believes in setting big goals for herself and her troop, her reasoning is sound…  “Even if you don't make your goal you will probably get further and learn more along the way then if you had set an easy goal.” Read more about Alma.

Justine Panian

Justine Panian, San Marcos Service Unit

Justine has been described as an eager Adult Girl Scout just trying make the world better one girl at a time. One could argue she deserves the Thanks Badge just for her willingness to say yes when everyone said no. Read more about Justine.

Margo Redford

Margo Redford, Vista Service Unit

You will never find this Thanks Badge recipient up a creek without a paddle. Even though her own troop graduated many years ago and are now adults pursuing their own careers, Margo keeps involved. Read more about Margo.

Visit our Recognition FAQs page to learn more about each award. 

More about the Thanks Badge recipients

Alma Harder-Ortega, Chula Vista Service Unit

Alma believes in setting big goals for herself and her troop, her reasoning is sound:  “Even if you don't make your goal you will probably get further and learn more along the way then if you had set an easy goal.”

In her 20 years as a member of Girl Scouts San Diego she has been the tireless leader to two troops and has delivered rich and varied programs with an emphasis on the outdoors. Beyond that, she has held several roles in the Chula Vista Service Unit, volunteered at summer camp, and led entertaining trainings for the outdoors where she imparted her passion and knowledge for the wilderness to hundreds of volunteers and leaders. You will also see Alma’s brilliant training skills at our Volunteer Conferences and Outdoor Skills Weekends. This year, Alma went the extra mile and took on the cookie program. She trained and supported all the TCMs in her service unit and spearheaded weekly Facebook Live tutorials on all things related to the Girl Scout Cookie Program! We are so very grateful for everything you do, Alma! Thank you!

Justine Panian, San Marcos Service Unit

Justine has been described as an eager Adult Girl Scout just trying make the world better one girl at a time. One could argue she deserves the Thanks Badge just for her willingness to say yes when everyone said no. For example, she took on the role of San Marcos Service Unit Manager, volunteered to be the lifeguard that was so desperately needed for the beach encampments, helped out in the cookie warehouse, led younger new troops that needed a leader, prepared leader appreciation events, always stayed with the clean-up crew after everyone went home, and pitched in at council events. You can always find Justine there with a smile, eager to be of service!

But there’s more! This young volunteer was quintessential in the establishment of Girl Scout San Diego’s College Volunteer Leader Program where she partnered with Cal State University of San Marcos’s Service Learning Department to recruit students to deliver the Girl Scouts Outreach program to schools in underserved areas. She was appointed as an “NVP”—that’s a National Volunteer Partner—by GSUSA and served on the National Alum Advisory Committee. She takes her experience and voice of the girl to many platforms to include the National Delegation and, most recently, to WAGGS at the Juliette Low Seminar at Our Cabana in Mexico.

Thank you, Justine for being keeping your Girl Scout promise, you are indeed making the world a better place!

Margo Redford, Vista Service Unit 

You will never find this Thanks Badge recipient up a creek without a paddle. Even though her own troop graduated many years ago and are now adults pursuing their own careers, Margo keeps involved because, as she says, “Girl Scouts is a wonderful organization for girls, and as such it attracts selfless, talented adults who want to see them succeed.” As a Girl Scout herself, Margo wanted to pay it forward and volunteered to lead her daughter’s troop. Then, in 2014 she accepted the invitation from Council to participate in an American Canoe Association (ACA) training for volunteers. In the process of qualifying for the ACA certification, Margo discovered that there was still a way she could contribute to Girl Scouting, by sharing her love of canoeing with the girls and their leaders.

Because of Margo, Girl Scouts San Diego’s Canoe program in flourishing. Her dream is so that every girl can experience canoeing. She is now a trainer of trainers so every girl can get out on the water. She is indeed helping shape our Go-Getters, Innovators, Risk-takers and Leaders. A lot goes into planning a canoe trip, it’s tricky and there is risk and fear that a canoe might tip over. Margo is a patient teacher and clear communicator. Under her superior training girls ae now taking trips of a lifetime and experiencing beautiful, practically untouched places on this planet. Talk about a confidence-building experience!

Wow! Thank you, Margo, for your continued contributions to get girls outdoors and exploring!

Appreciation Pin group 1

The Appreciation Pin recognizes a registered adult Girl Scout’s exemplary service in support of delivering the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. The candidate has provided outstanding service to a service unit area or program delivery audience in a way that furthers the council’s overall mission and goals to serve all girls and increase diversity, membership, and visibility and/or program participation.

SU Event 
1. Catherine Barnes_Headshot

Cathy Barnes, Solana Ranch
(GSLE, SU Event, pandemic greatness)

Even when the pandemic closed the schools, Cathy supported her troop to assume the leadership of the annual service unit sing-a-long. She was there at each turn to help the girls think through the logistics of the event, guiding them to understand what needed to be done and supported them doing the work on their own.

2. Mandy Case_Headshot

Mandy Case, Sunrise Valley
(Leadership Inspiration, SU Events)

As historian, Mandy created the first service unit scrapbook that recorded the events and news clippings, a reminder of all that girls and volunteers have accomplished. Mandy hosted a recruitment table at two back to school nights and assisted with the service unit news broadcast. Her troop routinely organizes and leads service unit events, such as the SU Kidnap Breakfast and the Cookie Kickoff Pinewood Derby. 

3. Tina Castro_Headshot

Tina Castro, Canyon Crest
(Leadership Inspiration, SU Events)

Tina’s leadership has led to a Daisy day for Daisy troops this year, by mentoring another leader and an older girl troop. She planned the Brownie encampment, that was sadly postponed for COVID-19, and led a fun Junior encampment at Whispering Oaks. Tina also assisted in multiple SU events such as the Chili Cook Off, She and Me Bowling, and the Open House.

4. Ramona Christian_Headshot

Ramona “Mona” Christian, Otay Mesa
(SU Events)

Ramona has gone beyond the responsibilities of a leader, by supporting multiple service unit events as needed. She used her own resources to print cookie material, organized a cookie kick off, and found a place to gather for an ice cream social and STEM event. In addition, she has stepped up at the encampments and taken on SU positions, when lacking volunteers.

5. Marivel Pacheco_Headshot

Marivel Cilbrian Pacheco, Otay Mesa
(Leadership Inspiration SU Events)

Marivel always does her best to make events more interesting for the SU with her troop participating in extraordinary presentations for all to enjoy at encampment, cookie kick off, thinking day or any event the service unit sponsors. For cookie kickoff, she created a jeopardy board with cookie questions that served all ages; at encampment, her troop visited every cabin and presented a lighted up dance; and she organizes Thanksgiving visits to the elderly day care in San Ysidro with crafts and presentations.

6. Alaina Harry_Headshot

Alaina Harry, Serra Mesa
(Inspirational Leadership, SU Events, recruitment too!)

Alaina is amazing at checking in and offering herself to help in any way, especially when it comes to the cookie program, recruitment, and new leader support. Alaina’s troop hosted the cookie kickoff, which had over 100 attendees from both the Serra Mesa and Tierrasanta service units. Plus, she called every troop leader to encourage them to renew and recommit to Girl Scouts leading to a higher renewal rate, compared to previous years.

7. April Mosebrook_Headshot

April Mosebrook, Solana Ranch
(SU Event)

April’s leadership of the annual song share event set the tone for the year as a service unit. She conveyed the playful, traditional Girl Scout event in a way that created an inclusive and visceral reminder of what it looks and sounds like to be a Girl Scout. She welcomed old and new troops, and built excitement for the year ahead.

8. Nancy Mowry_Headshot

Nancy Mowry, Coronado
(Inspirational leadership, SU Event)

Nancy has brought the enjoyment of camping to both girls and adults by spearheading the last two encampments. In addition to bringing her enthusiasm for the environment, the outdoors, hiking, star gazing, and archery, she included service projects at Camp Winacka, where cards and letters were written to Honor Flight participants.

10. Denise Santoro_Headshot

Denise Santoro, Coronado
(SU Event)

Denise has made STEM opportunities available to Girl Scout troops throughout San Diego by providing STEM activities at service unit encampments as well as planning and organizing the Girl Scout booth for STEM Maker Festivals. She brought her rocket launch skills to the service unit STEM’s recruitment event, Girl Scout Launch, by running a station to build and launch handmade paper rockets. This recruitment event was instrumental in this year’s formation of five troops.

11. Marisa Segoviano_Headshot

Marisa Segoviano, Sunny Trials
(SU Event)

For the past two years, Marisa has helped to guide the girls and leaders to plan not one but two annual encampments to one of the Girl Scout properties and to other destinations. With these trips, Marisa has given leaders and their troops the confidence to attempt outdoor camping that they would not have done otherwise. She’s been working with new leaders to provide fun first camping experiences to help them become more enthusiastic about the outdoors.

9. Scott Romagnoli_Headshot_crop

Scott Romagnoli, Vista
(Inspirational leadership, SU Event)

Scott is the SU treasurer, and with his wife, Wendy (SUCC), they hosted a free cookie rally bonfire at the beach, attended by 150 girls and family members. They enlisted the help of the older girl scouts to teach the younger girl scouts the five skills of the cookie program, along with games so the girls can learn about cookies and have fun while doing it. It really gets everyone excited for the season. 

12. Marilou Thomas_Headshot

Marilou Thomas, Sunny Trails
(Inspirational leadership, SU Event)

As the Senior/Ambassador service unit manager, Marilou is an integral part of girl programming and recruitment. She has developed the volunteer network, a program designed for older girls to lead events such as cookie kickoff and World Thinking Day, and to participate in various recruitment events. Girls plan, collaborate, implement, execute and run the events. For each girl who joins the network, they earn hours which get counted towards earning an incentive at the end of the year such as a movie night or an escape room.

13. Monica Winters_Headshot

Monica Winters, Pacific Jewel
(Inspirational Leadership, SU Events)

Monica wore many hats this year, including that of service unit‌ ‌manager‌, SUCC, and organizer of ‌a‌ ‌Winter‌ ‌Bucket‌ ‌List‌ ‌Challenge‌ ‌patch‌ ‌program‌ ‌for‌ the ‌service‌ ‌unit. She took the lead for the‌ annual‌ ‌ice‌ ‌cream‌ ‌social‌ ‌in‌ ‌September‌ ‌to‌ ‌start‌ ‌off‌ ‌the‌ ‌new‌ ‌year, ‌‌and‌ ‌coordinated‌ ‌the‌ ‌service‌ ‌unit's‌ ‌participation‌ ‌in‌ ‌the‌ ‌local‌ ‌holiday‌ ‌parade‌ ‌complete‌ ‌with‌ ‌a‌ ‌craft‌ ‌table‌ ‌for‌ ‌girls‌ ‌to‌ ‌create‌ ‌their‌ ‌own‌ ‌marching‌ ‌prop. 

14. Deanna Woodworth - Head Shot

Deanna Woodworth, Sunrise Valley
(Inspirational Leadership, SU Events)

Deanna developed a new leader kickoff meeting for the SU team with a “Service Unit Leadership Brochure,” providing an overview of each service unit role, noting important dates, and allowing leaders to ask questions and get guidance. She also created the service unit monthly news broadcast, by organizing and leading a group of Girl Scouts to put together a news show about what's going on in Sunrise Valley Girl Scouts. When quarantine began, Deanna kept the broadcast going with a special edition.

15. Colleen Zinner_Headshot

Colleen Zinner, San Marcos
(SU Events)

Colleen consistently volunteers to organize service unit events. Working with her troop and a sister troop, Colleen coordinated a World Thinking Day Event, as well as planned and implemented two stations for cookie kickoff. Last spring, she attended the Girl Planning Board for Spring Encampment with her girls, who ultimately could not attend the event, yet the girls sent supplies with detailed instructions for the activity when they realized they could not be there.

Appreciation Pin group 2
Pandemic Greatness
16. Abbey Boull't_Headshot

Abbey Boull’t Mission Trails
(SU Event, pandemic greatness)

Abbey has actively volunteered to assist our leaders during the pandemic. She helped spearhead the service unit chalk the walk project in the very early days of the shutdown and most recently facilitated two Zoom meetings for troops and girls who needed to complete bridging requirements. Abbey also organized a virtual volunteer celebration that included service unit bingo, swag bags, and opportunity drawings.

17. Patricia Cruz_Headshot

Patricia “Patty” Cruz, Chula Vista
(Community Service and pandemic greatness)

Patty and her troop helped organize "adopt a Chula Vista Fire Station,” a blood drive, painting birdhouses for a retirement home, and most recently delivering food and notes to local hospital workers, food donation drives, and a local senior community center. She has written notes of encouragement for the elderly isolated during quarantine, made wheelchairs for disabled dogs, and raised funds to purchase a refrigerator for a domestic violence shelter. In addition, Patty has called to assist in starting new troops, visited schools, and set up tables for recruitment events.  

18. Diana Vasquez_Headshot

Diana Vazquez, San Marcos
(SU Events and pandemic greatness)

Diana and her troop partnered with a sister troop to organize a World Thinking Day event, as well as two stations for cookie kickoff, and activities at the older girl beach encampment. She recruits and gives cultural context to our College Volunteer Leader Program, helping bring Girl Scouts to over 130 girls in the Latinx community. Diana guides girls to give back to the community: giving Girl Scout Cookies to the local Sherriff's Department, donating money to Girl Scouts of Greater New York to send cookies to the front line, and organizing a socially distanced neighborhood cleanup for troops. 

Leadership Inspiration
19. Kimberly_Hess_Headshot

Kimberly Hess, Carlsbad
(Leadership Inspiration)

Kimberly tries a new service unit role every year and inspires other adult volunteers to step up and take on new roles. When she volunteers to take the lead on something, it is with absolute certainty that she will dedicate herself fully to its success, because she brings the highest level of intelligence, heart, creativity, and work ethic to every project she takes on. She uses her admirable organizational and communication skills to answer questions, make deadlines crystal clear, and motivate leaders and girls to do their best.

20. Cam Bowman_Headshot

Cam Bowman, Peninsula
(Leadership Inspiration, pandemic greatness)

Cam started a summer reading club for the SU leaders, ensuring leaders have a supportive community to turn to and remain connected. She created a nationwide Facebook group for Girl Scout leaders, where she has organized successful baking and cooking activities for girls and awarded patches to each participant, using her own funds. Cam constantly offers her assistance, helps others figure out cookie numbers and troop financials, and makes sure they have the resources necessary to run and support successful troops.

22. Molly Higley _Headshot

Molly Higley, Sunrise Valley
(Inspirational Leadership, pandemic greatness)

Molly developed two amazing programs: a “Super Troop” program and a “Sister-ed” program. The "Super Troop" program recognized outstanding troops meeting and exceeding service unit, council, and Girl Scout goals each year. The troop receives an awesome patch designed by Molly. In the “Sister-ed” program, girls reached out to those feeling alienated during quarantine, and then recipients were asked to pass it forward. Molly created upbeat, encouraging programs rewarding troops being active, healthy troops, without making it feel like a laundry list of to-dos for volunteers!

21. Shelly Harpenau_Headshot

Shelly Harpenau, Chaparral
(Inspirational Leadership)

Shelly, the recognitions chair, coordinates a SU Celebration, the service unit’s most attended event, where girls, troops and volunteers are acknowledged for their efforts and deeds. She also organizes a night just for the volunteers, where they are pampered and treated to dinner. Shelly ensures that those volunteering receive the recognition that they deserve. Bringing enthusiasm, competency, knowledge and experience to her role, she understands that Girl Scouts can be a thankless job, and she takes her position seriously to bestow appreciation on all who deserve it. 

24. Anne Hill_Headshot

Anne Hill, Coronado
(Inspirational leadership)

Anne, the SU treasurer, is a steward of the service unit's money and is very careful that funds benefit the most individuals. Dedicated to helping anyone understand troop finances, Anne patiently walks troop leaders, new and old, through financial reports to clarify and document all transactions. She contacts troops as necessary and sits down with them to organize and document their receipts. Anne is instrumental in retrieving funds from disbanded troops, such as when a troop aged out and distributed funds to the service unit for girls working on Gold Awards.

23. Elisa Hilliard_Headshot

Elisa Hiliard, Sunny Trails
(Inspirational leadership)

Elisa is an amazing mentor to anyone who needs assistance. Leaders frequently tag Elisa in Facebook posts because she consistently provides guidance. Elisa works very hard to show families that Girl Scouts is for everyone and is a role model for girl progression. She has a Girl Scouts presence in the community by participating in events such as Wreaths Across America, and within the service unit, such as the amazing volunteer celebration that she coordinated. 

25. Laura Reinig_Head Shot

Laura Reinig, Tierrasanta
(Inspirational leadership)

Laura's leadership as SU manager has helped the service unit meet and exceed SU goals as well as council’s. Her ability to focus on the details ensures ideas get executed. Laura really stepped up the communication with council and brought attention and intention for the SU to earn the President’s Award, increase membership, and promote Share. She also helped the SU get a much-needed storage unit so the SU could more effectively "use our resources wisely."

26. Lisa Robotti_Headshot

Lisa Robotti, Carlsbad
(Inspirational leadership)

Lisa joined the SU to help bring about positive change and has taken on many roles and administrative tasks. With a passion for numbers and organization, she keeps impeccable records and loves creating agendas for the team meetings as well as the monthly SU meetings. Lisa became the encampment director, and spent months planning a fabulous Mystery/Spy themed weekend and coordinated this year's World Thinking Day event. Lisa is a true professional: she can truly be counted on, helps when needed, follows the rules, and is detailed oriented and incredibly dependable.

27. Christine Simmons_Headshot

Christine Simmons, Vista (Inspirational Leadership)

Christine has been the service unit manager and fall product program coordinator. She is always willing to lend a hand in events, whether it be creating flyers or leading girls while earning their My Promise My Faith pin. She has a wonderful ability to communicate with leaders. This skill shows through in everything that she does with the service unit. 

28. Antoinette Simonetti_Headshot

Antoinette Simonetti, Oak Creek
(Inspirational Leadership)

Antoinette has been a troop leader for 12 years. She has held many service unit positions such as service unit manager, treasurer, and communications chair. She has coordinated several service unit events including encampment, World Thinking Day, and Juliette Gordon Low celebration. With her warm and welcoming personality, she has always been a mentor to other leaders in all aspects of Girl Scouts and an asset to her troop, leaders and the service unit. 

29. Kimberly Townley_Headshot

Kimberly Townley, Sunrise Valley
(Inspirational Leadership)

Kimberly, the SU activity consultant, is the support one needs to get troops to become and stay active. She is always available for a service unit training on VTK or how to submit activity requests. Kimberly stays up to date with all the rules and guidelines for active troops, answering questions and giving ideas on how to go the safely into the wilds. She has taken the lead in keeping the SU Facebook group updated and maintains the event calendar, by posting service unit and GSSD events months in advance to increase participation.

31. Anne Marie Wilson_Headshot

Anne Marie Wilson, Sunrise Valley
(Inspirational Leader)

Anne Marie has organized countless service unit events, attends every event, and is available to all adult volunteers for consultation and troubleshooting. She is a wonderful example of living the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Anne Marie serves as an inspiration for the kind of Girl Scout and Leader everyone should aspire to be. She is warm, optimistic, honest, and passionate about Girl Scouts. Both a friend and mentor, Anne Marie pushes leaders to really think deeply about what Girl Scouts is about, and to deliver the best program possible.


Liza White, San Marcos
(Inspirational Leadership)

Liza plans events to recognize every leader in the San Marcos SU, which has over 100 troops. For the last two years, she has made the leader and volunteer appreciation gifts by coming up with the idea, getting the supplies and personally making all the gifts. Liza is a major contributor who is always ready to volunteer and lend help on a project. 

32. Julie Wunderly_Headshot

Julie Wunderly, Sunny Trails
(Inspirational Leadership, SU Events)

As service unit registrar, Julie has increased the number of troops re-registering, and specifically increased the membership of Juniors and Cadettes. She updates all records to ensure that each troop has a leader and co-leader assigned to them. Her regular communications via e-mail and updates at SU meetings allows troop leaders to stay informed about upcoming activities and events. In addition, Julie has taken charge of the annual encampment at Camp Surf for over 100 Sunny Trails girls and leaders. 

Appreciation Pin group 3
Community Service
33. Stephanie Becotte_Headshot

Stephanie Becotte, Mission Trails
(Community Service, SU Event)

Stephanie, the SU community service coordinator, schedules monthly troop and service take action projects and posts them to the SU website and Facebook group so girls and volunteers can see how they can make a difference. She always encourages Mission Trails volunteers to do grand things in the community, such as when she organized the Adopt-a-Family community service project. Acting as a liaison between the SU and Adopt-a-Family, she spent weeks tracking and picking up donations, as well as wrapping and transporting gifts to the site.


Allison Blake, Sunrise Valley
(Community Service, GSLE)

Through her volunteering with the Special Liberty Project and Ronald McDonald house, Allison guided the SU on how to organize and feed a large group. She cultivates goodwill with the local VFW, does not miss a service unit meeting nor an event, and lifts the SU up to achieve the impossible. Allison rallies troop leaders to pitch in at events, encourages attendance, volunteers to help with everything, and educates girls to seek fiscal responsibility. 


Jessica Frey, Vista
(Inspirational Leadership, Community Service)

Jessica leads one of the most beloved service-oriented projects, coordinating the collection and distribution of hygiene boxes that are given out for Solutions for Change (family homeless shelter) and St. Francis Soup Kitchen. The impact for the recipients is filling critical needs, but for the girls, it makes a lasting impression. Jessica is a troop organizer and recruiter, the webmaster and Facebook updater, and the SU activity consultant. She is also a firm believer in the Shareprogram and because of her, the Vista SU meets its Sharegoal every year.

Increased Visibility
36. Melissa Bennett_Headshot

Melissa Bennett, Coronado
(Increased Visibility, Pandemic greatness)

Melissa increased the visibility of Coronado Girl Scouts by submitting, or having leaders submit, photos and stories to our local weekly paper, highlighting service to the community, and activities that the girls have done. She has reached out to the Coronado Historical Society to have girls interview seniors in Coronado. Melissa also coordinated a back-to-school roller skating event, which had a huge turn out and girls were invited to bring friends, a majority of which joined Girl Scouts. Now with physical distancing, she has figured out how to get girls together remotely without skipping a beat.

37. Victoria Calisch_Headshot

Victoria “Tori” Calisch, Coronado
(Recruitment, Increased Visibility)

Tori, the SU lead membership recruiter, actively promoted Girl Scouts at several back to school events, welcoming new families to the community. She organized a fall STEM event, “Girl Scout Launch,” where older girls led stations for younger girls to create air-powered rockets and launch them, study the phases of the moon, learn binary code, and compare the sizes of planets. Tori also held a Daisy meet and greet, where parents met with Girl Scout staff while girls were led through Girl Scout activities such as working a cookie booth and kindness rock painting. 

38. Anna Edwards_Headshot

Anna Edwards, Encinitas
(SU Events, Recruitment)

Anna has embraced the vision of Girl Scouts and is committed to growing the Girl Scout presence in Encinitas. She helped to organize and run a recruitment event bringing several families together to learn about Girl Scouts and giving girls a chance to participate in activities led by older Girl Scouts. She coordinated the SU’s World Thinking Day event and worked with an older girl troop to manage the details of this event. Anna will be the SU treasurer for the 2020-21 year and has secured a spot for the monthly leader meetings.

39. Michelle Lyons_Headshot

Michelle Lyons, Rancho Bernardo
(Inspirational leadership, Recruitment)

Michelle is a wonderful role model for the girls and genuinely enjoys engaging with them. She invites girls' and parents' input to ensure meetings and activities are interesting, challenging and fun. Michelle mentors new Daisy leaders to get them successfully off the ground. As her school’s Girl Scout troop coordinator, she organized encampments, a SWAP event, Girl Scout mass, and service projects, which were meaningful ways for girls to experience Girl Scouts together and provided leadership opportunities for older girls while younger girls got excited about their Girl Scout future.

Cookie Award

The Cookie Award recognizes a registered Girl Scout adult member’s notable work performance that went above and beyond the responsibilities of the position held during the cookie program. The candidate provided outstanding service related to the success of the cookie program by increasing sales and/or providing excellent customer service to girls and/or volunteers.

1. Michelle Echevarria_Headshot

Michelle Echeverria, Sunny Trails, Cookie Cupboard

For over 12 years, Michelle has been the cookie cupboard manager, opening her well-stocked garage and volunteering a plethora of hours to help more than 100 troops in her service unit and others, to have a successful cookie season. She offers expertise on inventory management, booth sales, and tips and tricks to leaders and parents. Michelle will also deliver cookies to troops who are at site sales when they are in a pinch.

2. Wendy Romagnoli_Headshot

Wendy Romagnoli, Vista, Cookie Kick Off

An enthusiastic role model for leaders, Wendy and her troop hosted a fantastic cookie kickoff bonfire this year, with over 150 girls and their family members in attendance. This event really inspired the girls and the service unit’s cookie sales increased this year. For the service unit meeting, Wendy created a quiz of cookie details and as leaders answered correctly, they picked a prize that their troop could use for the program. For her first time as service unit cookie coordinator, she made the warehouse process smooth and easy for volunteers.

10. Brett Wilson_Headshot

Brett Wilson, Sunrise Valley, Impeccable Customer Service

With enthusiasm, patience, and know-how, Brett has served as the service unit cookie coordinator for two years. Each year he coordinates and leads multiple in-person cookie trainings that he encourages leaders and troop cookie managers to attend, and he follows up with those who cannot attend to ensure they complete online training. During the cookie season, he is constantly available to answer questions and makes regular "VIP" visits to cookie booths to recognize girls at every point in their selling journey. 


Emőke “Emmy” Davis, Vista, Impeccable Customer Service

For the past 10 years, Emmy has participated in every area of the cookie program. With a great attitude and amazing organizational skills, she is professional and ethical in her service to leaders and the girls. Coming into a season of decline, Emmy rallied the troops to 100% participation. It is her can-do spirit and upbeat call to motivate troops that got girls going. She followed up with everyone this season, reminding troops to register, be trained, and participate.

6. Melissa Lee_Headshot

Melissa Lee, Vista, Impeccable Customer Service

Melissa has been an irreplaceable asset to the service unit (SU) team for several years now. For three years, she served as cookie coordinator and increased SU cookie sales year over year. She opens up her home for training sessions and reward distribution. Melissa is always patient, particularly as it pertains to the lottery, and has every fact and rule at her fingertips.

4. Veronica Roni Hamby_ Headshot

Veronica “Roni” Hamby, Canyon Crest, Impeccable Customer Service

Veronica is an exceptional member of the service unit and has been an amazing cookie coordinator for the past three years. Putting an incredible amount of time and effort into helping each troop reach its true potential, she is always willing to lend a hand to troop leaders and responds immediately to any questions or concerns. Inspiring all girls to push forward, Veronica has had a direct impact on our service unit’s cookie sales, exceeding council’s expectations.

5.Dawn Groff_Headshot

Dawn Groff, Mission Trails, Impeccable Customer Service

Dawn goes above and beyond to make sure cookie season is successful for everyone. She will go to a troop cookie manager’s house for training, volunteer to be an extra adult at a booth, and check on troops and "secret shop" them at booths, handing out rewards to girls meeting requirements. Each year, Dawn organizes a huge cookie “palapalooza” for volunteers to gear up for the season and learn all things cookie. At the end of this year, she coordinated a donation drive of masks, cards, and cookies to be given to essential workers at local hospitals.

9. Janine Smock_Headshot

Janine Smock, Peninsula, Impeccable Customer Service

Since taking on the cookie coordinator position, Janine has been consistent with her training and dedication. She provides around the clock support for the service unit and makes sure everyone is set up for a successful year. Janine provided endless marketing and support to all leaders and was present at the cookie rally to help everyone get familiar with the cookie season. With most of the training online, Janine reached out to all leaders and cookie managers to make sure they felt included and supported.

7. Cindy May_Headshot

Cindy May, Serra Mesa, Impeccable Customer Service

For over 23 years, Cindy has worked with troops to guarantee their success in the cookie program. Cindy’s exemplary performance starts with information sharing in a timely fashion, followed by clear and concise training, and then interacting with troop cookie managers to ensure the girls have everything they need to be successful. With efficiency and enthusiasm, she manages to make the cookie warehouse fun, where it can become a bit crazy. Cindy keeps a schedule and makes it quick and easy to distribute cookies, and runs a tight ship.


Lisa Ronco, Solana Ranch, Impeccable Customer Service

Lisa, the service unit cookie coordinator, has successfully and gracefully assumed this role for the last seven years. She has single-handedly helped train the service unit in all things cookie, organized the cookie kickoff, provided wonderful communication, and helped remove obstacles throughout the season, while continuing to stay positive and upbeat. With her excellent customer service, Lisa graciously answers all inquiries to help and find solutions, for both new and seasoned volunteers.

12. Christine Pistek_Headshot

Christine Pistek, Canyon Crest, Cookie Booth

Christine has been the booth coordinator and a cookie cupboard volunteer for the service unit as well as the troop cookie manager for two troops. With her analytical skills, she looks at the statistics on booth sales and tries to identify better days/locations/times for the girls to sell and gets customer feedback and relays that to troops. With her infectious enthusiasm and high energy level, Christine has brought more local awareness of Girl Scouts as an organization to so many places throughout our community.

11. Judie Clayton_Headshot

Judith Clayton, Peninsula, Cookie Booth  

Judith is out in the community from November through the end of cookie season creating connections that have a lasting impact for the service unit. She has worked tirelessly to obtain more sites to host cookie booths, providing additional opportunities for the girls. Judith truly fosters relationships with the business owners, even the hesitant ones, and shows them all that Girl Scouts has to offer. When issues arise, no one can reassure and calm a business owner like Judith.

13. Heidi Russell_Headshot

Heidi Russell, Sunny Trails, Cookie Booth

For the past four years, Heidi has been the cookie booth coordinator and has worked hard to secure booth locations. With determination and perseverance, she continually looks for new locations to host booths so girls have ample opportunities to hold site sales. In addition, Heidi increased program participation and sales by mentoring girls and adult volunteers, including new troops that were hesitant to participate.

14. Jenna Tennant_Headshot

Jenna Tennant, Sunny Trails, Cookie Booth

Jenna stepped up at the last minute to be troop cookie manager due to a sudden vacancy. Through her leadership and dedication, her troop exceeded its 2019 cookie results and earned the exclusive cookie case race patch. Jenna ensured that when the service unit cookie booth coordinator needed help, it was provided. She assisted in the coordination of booth sites, including seeking and securing previous and new locations. The service unit attributes much of this cookie season’s success to Jenna’s willingness to volunteer in the time of need.

Fran Styles Lifetime Achievement Award
Fran Styles_1

GSSD has a brand new award this year: The Fran Styles Lifetime Achievement Award. This great honor recognizes one Girl Scout volunteer each year who has given Girl Scouts San Diego above-and-beyond service for 25-plus adult years. In its inaugural year, it is most fitting that we honor our beloved Frances “Fran” Styles with the award that is her namesake.

Fran co-led her daughter’s Girl Scout troop and always encouraged her daughter, Michelle, to find adventure. In the 1970s, she started training adults in outdoor skills and backpacking and became the activity consultant for her Peninsula Service Unit. In the 1990s, she took instructor training for archery skills, and it was a match made in heaven. For the past 30 years, she has trained thousands of girls, adults, volunteers, and camp counselors to respect the safety protocols and earn the coveted golden arrow. Anyone who met her could feel her passion for Girl Scouting and building up girls to be tomorrow’s leaders. We are so very grateful to have Fran as a member of our Girl Scout family. She has inspired so many girls to be their best and aim for the bullseye in everything they do. Because of her courage, confidence, and character, the world is indeed a better place. 

Friendship Award

The Friendship Award recognizes individuals, groups, organizations, or businesses outside of Girl Scouts that have supported the mission of Girl Scouts San Diego by providing superior service to the entire council.

1. Olivenhain Logo_mask

Olivenhain Town Hall, Encinitas Service Unit

The Olivenhain Town Council is a not-for-profit organization that runs and upkeeps the Olivenhain Town Hall in Encinitas. With its helpful and welcoming staff, the Town Hall has hosted service unit events and troop meetings, free of charge, letting the SU reduce costs and run events for free or for a nominal fee, allowing more girls to attend. The Town Council is always willing to go above and beyond to support the SU in its efforts for community service, recruitment, and just plain fun.

2. Ricochet Imperial Logo

Ricochet Rec Center, Imperial Valley Service Unit

Since its inception, the partnership between the Imperial Valley SU and the Ricochet Rec Center has been ever-growing and an integral part for the growth of Girl Scouts in Imperial Valley. Tori Allen and the entire Ricochet staff, are always accommodating and allow for multiple activities and events throughout the year in their place of business. They have permitted use of their space for events as small as troop meetings to large multi-day such as the summer STEM series and a drive through troop cookie distribution, most of the time at a reduced fee or at no cost. 

3. Sweet Pete's Logo_mask

Sweet Pete’s Martial Arts (Pete Salas), Sunny Trails Service Unit

For the past two years, Pete Salas, owner of Sweet Pete's Martial Arts Academy in Chula Vista, has offered self-defense and mental awareness workshops for both younger and older Girl Scouts at no cost. Pete is passionate about empowering girls to be able to protect themselves and helps build their confidence in handling difficult and scary situations. He provides this service by donating his time, the use of his studio, and sharing his techniques when the studio is usually closed (on a Sunday), and he sacrifices his own family time so he can empower girls.


VFW Post 3783, Sunrise Valley Service Unit

The Ramona VFW Post #3783 is a wonderful community partner to Girl Scouts going above and beyond to support local girls as they work to pursue their dreams and goals. They consistently allow Girl Scouts to use their property to host meetings and events, and they set money aside in their budget for girls fundraising for destination travel and/or highest awards. The VFW offers opportunities for girls to get community service hours, such as: putting flags in the local cemetery, gift wrapping holiday presents for families in need, and hosting community dinners. They are always a wealth of knowledge for girls looking to be inspired for take action projects and can often guide girls to very deserving endeavors. These unique partnerships have helped our service unit to grow immeasurably.

Get Outdoors Award

The Get Outdoors Award recognizes adults who worked beyond their own troops or service units to inspire a love for nature. This year’s award recipients built girls confidence on wilderness hiking, backpacking, and canoeing excursions; they imparted survival skills through lessons in cooking, knife safety, exploring local trails, as well as deep-sea fishing, archery and knot tying.

1. Karen Linehan_Headshot

Karen Linehan, Sunny Trails

Karen works beyond her own troop and SU to create a love for the outdoors in more girls and volunteers, by coordinating and hosting wilderness hiking and backpacking training and events. Outdoor programs like these keep older girls engaged and give younger girls something to look forward to. She inspires others to reach beyond what they think they are capable of and to share that with other girls. 

3. Christa Wise_Headshot

Christa Wise, Sunrise Valley

To help troops stay engaged, Christa designed and led a summer "Outdoor Series" that included pocket knife safety, outdoor cooking, and monthly hikes exploring the local community. Additionally, she took the lead on various "get outdoor' events including the annual glow hike, rose garden cleanup, and Ramona Rodeo Days parade. Her love of backpacking, hiking, and exploring is the stuff legends are made of and the SU has benefited from her knowledge and expertise tenfold.

2. Carissa Stewart_Headshot

Carissa Stewart, Vista

Carissa’s love for the great outdoors has always been noticeable but it has never been more apparent than this last year. She jumped to become a canoe instructor and can often be found leading a group in canoeing. Carissa attended the Black Canyon canoe trip as an ACA (American Canoe Association) Level 2 Canoe Touring instructor and as the Wilderness First Aider. In addition, her archery instruction has reached more than 200 girls, and she has led knots training for over 100 girls.

Honor Pin

The Honor Pin awards adults who deliver outstanding service to two or more service units. These honorees have a significant impact on girls and the organization as a whole. They have hosted programs and events designed specifically with older girls and independent registered members in mind to help these girls keep connected and engaged in Girl Scouting. They have participated in the College Volunteer Leader Program to bring Girl Scout programs into several schools without troops, engage with our LatinX community, and host community events to celebrate Girl Scouting and cultural diversity.

7. Brenda Radder_Headshot

Brenda Radder, Mission Trails

As SU manager for three years and with a passion for CSA troops, Brenda identified a need for older girl programming and opportunities for older girls to network and socialize, which is so important with the immense crossover of troops in high schools. She organized monthly events including: bunco, ceramic ornament painting, and a CPR/First Aid class, benefitting older Girl Scouts of Mission Trails, as well as neighboring service units. Volunteers all over GSSD look up to Brenda as a mentor and a level-headed troop leader. Thanks in part to the leadership she has provided and the community of Girl Scouting that she has helped foster, for the past two years, MTSU has had over 80 percent troop retention and has jumped to over 1,000 registered Girl Scouts. 

3. Erin Clements_Headshot

Erin Clements, San Marcos

Erin, a former Girl Scout and Gold Awardee, chose our College Volunteer Leader program to fulfill her service learning hours. When quarantine began, she converted her GS experience to a virtual experience by creating an easy-to-follow video for earning the Eco-Camper badge that was distributed to girls in the College Volunteer Leader program (San Marcos, Vista, Escondido and Oceanside) as well as council wide via Facebook. Well received by leaders, it became the example of how to make these types of videos and has continued to be the model this summer with students at Cal State San Marcos. In addition, Erin created a promotional video in support of the Girl Scout organization and proven to be an outstanding leader and terrific example for young girls.

1. Haidee Banuet_Headshot

Haidee Banuet, San Marcos

Haidee is a gateway for Latinx girls to feel they have a safe space in the Girl Scout community. Serving as a valuable mentor in these girls’ lives and motivating them to take on new challenges, her sustainable impact is felt beyond San Marcos in many ways. Every year, Haidee’s troop organizes a “Christmas in Mexico” event, where her girls dance, provide great food, and teach Mexican culture. She helped create “In Her Shoes Around the World”, a groundbreaking older-girl World Thinking Day event, where girls design a shoe based on a country, participate in a fashion show, and reflect deeply on critical cultural icons. Haidee is a lead coordinator of the Día de los Muertos celebration, where her troop runs a booth and participates in the La Catrina show, which showcases the diverse regions of Mexico. Plus, she planned the 2020 Conferencia Adeltante Mujer, an event empowering Latinx young women and girls. 

6. Kristin Newman_Headshot

Kristin Newman, San Marcos

Kristin serves as the SU Registrar, SUCC, outgoing Fall Product Coordinator, and is a current Girl Scouts San Diego National Delegate, plus she assisted in cookie kickoff, encampment, and hosted a cookie cupboard. In addition, Kristin was the TCM and treasurer for all ten of the College Volunteer Leader Program San Marcos troops, which are troops that exist in schools where it is a struggle to recruit adults to volunteer. These schools are predominately in Latinx communities where Girl Scouts is not well known. This program enabled 130 girls to participate in Girl Scouts in the Fall of 2019. In her role as registrar, she also worked to increase membership numbers by reaching out to troop leaders to place new girls. 

4. Carol Cujec_Headshot

Carol Cujec, Scripps Ranch

Carol, the faculty director of service learning at California State University San Marcos and a professor of service learning courses, invites troop leaders to present her classes that require service learning hours. During the presentation, Carol speaks to the value of the Girl Scout mission and the importance of bringing Girl Scout programming to girls in underserved schools where it is a struggle to recruit adults to start troops. Carol’s advocacy has helped grow the program and increase the locations where there are after school programs. These troops are largely Latinx girls which increases Girl Scout membership diversity as well as membership numbers. The program helped to recruit more than 70 college student leaders for the 19 troops in the College Volunteer Leader program, which serves girls in Oceanside, San Marcos, and Escondido. 

5. Catherine Ecija_Headshot

Cathy Ecija, Sunny Trails

Cathy’s multiple roles include: SU manager, membership recruiter, and recognitions chair. Concerned that registration numbers fell, she found creative ways to add more girls and leaders. As the liaison between the school district and SU, she facilitated back to school night recruitment tables to bring awareness of the opportunity to join Girl Scouts. When recruiting, Cathy ensures that volunteers have the tools to register and connects them with staff or with their local SU team. She has done an incredible job of contacting new leaders to welcome and invite them to SU meetings, assists them on the phone, and goes to their first troop meetings. As recognitions chair, Cathy knows the importance of thanking volunteers who have hosted events as well as new leaders. Cathy helped create two new SU scholarships, one for destinations and one to encourage young adults to get the Girl Scout Lifetime Membership.

2. Stacy Becerra_Headshot

Stacy Becerra, Sunny Trails

Since 2013, Stacy has been the fall product program coordinator, and by delivering stellar troop training, she has been instrumental in tremendously increasing the sales and girl participation for the SU. Three years ago, she developed and assumed a new position as SU manager for IRMs. She reaches out to Rainbow Region IRM parents and girls to make sure they are offered opportunities to participate in all the fun programs, such as encampments, hikes, and troop-forming events to help them join with other Girl Scouts in our area, resulting in better retention and engagement of IRMs. The Chula Vista area is naturally rich in diversity, so the programs that Stacy holds includes girls and adults of many races, languages and cultures. The adventure camps and encampments that Stacy helps to run are big selling points when talking about why girls should join Girl Scouts during recruitment meetings, helping increase membership and retaining older girls.

Share Award

The Share Award recognizes service unit Share coordinators or other adults who have set, tracked, created, and followed a plan to build support got the Share program which helps keep Girl Scouting available and affordable for all.

1. Jillian Moran_Headshot

Jilian Moran, Mission Trails Service Unit

Jillian has been a strong influence on the entire service unit when it comes to educating, promoting, and collecting funds for Share. She has exceeded the expectations of her position by attending every service unit meeting where she presents about Share, explains what it means to Share, why it is something each of us should be a champion for, how troops can participate in this campaign, our service unit Share collection goal for the year, and periodic updates on how close we are to our goal. She then goes even further in teaching girls and troops across the service unit by providing informative flyers and website links.


Casey Whalstrom, Canyon Crest Service Unit

Because of Casey, her service unit (SU) was able to reach its Share goal, and the number of people who are now informed about the Share program is higher and they are excited about being able to support not just the service unit, but council as well. When talking about the Share program, Casey ensures everyone understands that donations go towards all girls within the GSSD community, regardless of who they are. Casey's dedication to gather Share donations and help with SU events energizes the team. She has earned a large amount of money towards the Share project and has put on several fun and educational events, as well as many great bonding experiences for the girls and their parents.

Sunrise Valley Service Unit

When Girl Scout members were told they could not hold events, due to COVID-19, the Share program was facing a grim situation, so the Sunrise Valley Service Unit got creative and took to social media. They created an online sewing class, via Facebook Groups, which drew 58 members who paid their class fees to GSSD’s Share program. This was no ordinary class. It included a weekly, interactive, live session for the entire month of April, “how to” videos, and a thorough PDF class guide and curriculum. They also provided ongoing support for their members and a patch for completion. Thanks to their quick thinking and organizing, Sunrise Valley’s class raised about $400 for Share in less than a month.

Volunteer of Excellence Award

The Volunteer of Excellence Award recognizes those volunteers who have contributed outstanding service while partnering directly with girls in any pathway to implement the Girl Scout Leadership Experience through use of the national program portfolio or who have contributed outstanding service in support of the council’s mission delivery to girl and adult members.

1. Carly Garret_Headshot

Carly Garrett, La Mesa Service Unit

For thirteen years, Carly has exemplified Girl Scout troop leadership, with a unique understanding of keeping older girls involved and interested in Girl Scouting. Having organized many trips for her troop: Zion National Park, Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, Washington D.C. Paris and London, Carly took kids from families that couldn't necessarily afford these trips on adventures that have helped shape their lives. She not only helps girls throughout their Girl Scout years, but looks toward their future by assisting with college applications, finding scholarships, and connecting to volunteer opportunities.

3. Sandie Sears_Headshot

Sandie Sears, Oak Creek Service Unit

Sandie is recognized for her excellent job in leading her troop, and being a true role model to the girls. Exemplifying fairness and kindness, she always welcomes girls and drives them to go beyond their comfort zone and takes the lead in seeking out new adventures. Well-organized and terrific with numbers, Sandie runs a smooth cookie program, provides clarity on expenses, and delivers an end-of-year budget review. Currently the SU registrar, Sandie has held multiple positions in the service unit and steps up whenever needed. 

2. Valerie Ross_Headshot

Valerie “Val” Ross, Sunny Trails Service Unit

A volunteer­­ for over 20 years, Valerie helped develop and launch Girl Scouts San Diego’s multi-tiered backpacking and hiking program, participates in the annual Hiker Fest event, was instrumental in writing the "Nuts and Bolts" manual, and updated all the informational packets given out at the three-step wilderness progression classes. 

Valerie, a certified Wilderness First Responder, works year-round to recruit volunteer trainers of all ages, engages girls, conducts classes and leads many trips each year.

She also recruits youth leaders to assist with the training classes, giving these youth the opportunity to learn and practice valuable leadership, communication, and backpacking skills. After participating in Valerie’s world class trips, many girls have gone on to make a difference too—by leading their own trips, revamping outdoor programs at their universities, joining the Peace Corps and becoming outdoor adventure guides.

4. Jessica Zamora_Headshot

Jessica Zamora, Vista Service Unit

Jessica is an outstanding Girl Scout troop leader and service unit manager, who uses her resources wisely and brings her infectious leadership style to make volunteering a pleasure. Last year, she stepped in to keep the SU on track by adding her own special spin on events and meetings. Jessica has had multiple roles including: membership, SUCC, treasurer, SUM, encampment director, and led two troops from Daisies-Ambassadors. She has built relationships with several businesses that have lent support with badge workshops and community service projects, which helps girls get out and about as well as exposed girls to the many challenges facing society, including diversity. Jessica also leads camper council, with 52 girls, and has worked to make it inclusive and prestigious, providing a leadership avenue to which girls aspire. 

Philanthropist Award
Cox Logo 4C 2018

Cox Communications

Cox Communications has been a steadfast partner of Girl Scouts San Diego for more than a decade. In addition to their financial sponsorship at events such as Cool Women and Urban Campout, they have been a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program supporter since 2017. Cox Communications has enabled Girl Scouts to increase STEM programming throughout San Diego and Imperial Counties. Hands-on events such as Spring into STEM and the Incredible Race that have sparked girls’ interest in fields related to science and engineering are possible thanks to their generous support. During this challenging year, Cox Communications donated their production resources to create a public service announcement for our Power Her Promise Campaign, inspiring critical support for our programs.  Girl Scouts San Diego is truly grateful for our partnership with Cox Communications, as we empower girls to be strong leaders for our future women together.

SD Foundation_Harvey Fund

Hervey Family Fund at The San Diego Foundation

We are very pleased to honor the Hervey Family Fund at The San Diego Foundation. They are very generous supporters of this community, and of Girl Scouts San Diego. Year after year, they provide generous funding to ensure every girl has access to our programs and that our programs are strong. In addition, they understood the importance of Cabin 3 to our council, and were major contributors to bring that project to fruition. Most recently, they recognized our dire need for forestry management funding at our camps in Julian, and just awarded us with a very generous grant for that project. We are beyond grateful for your ongoing support. You are ensuring girls throughout the region will continue to follow your example—as they build courage, confidence, and character, and work to make the world a better place. 

President's Award

The President’s Award recognizes the efforts of a service unit to enhance Girl Scouting in their community during the membership year. To achieve this award, service units must work together to meet or exceed goals in: girl programming, membership growth, volunteer training and support and team building. Service unit team members give their time and wisdom to help each troop shine in areas of financial stewardships, participation in product programs, girl-led events, and increasing membership. These high-functioning service units pull together to bring the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to more girls and adults. 

Imperial Valley 2019 Coronado 2020
Mission Trails 2019 Sunny Trails 2020
San Marcos 2019 Tierrasanta 2020
Magnolia Trails 2019 and 2020 Vista 2020
Sunrise Valley 2019 and 2020  

Help us choose: To join the volunteers dedicated to reading through nominations and endorsements and selecting the Volunteer Celebration honorees, email to join the recognitions task group.

Last Year's Event

Volunteer Celebration and Annual Meeting 2019

Thank you to everyone who attended our 2019 Volunteer Celebration luncheon at the Hilton San Diego on Mission Bay. We honored 65 volunteers who were nominated by their peers for their standout service to Girl Scouts San Diego.

2019 Honorees

Thanks Badge

Jeni Barajas
Kassie Panian
Regina Buckley

Appreciation Pin

Amy Simpson
Angie Tetmeyer Yazici
Anne Hemp
Anne Hill
Anne Marie Wilson
Belia Garneau
Ben O'Day
Bev Keller
Carina Bell
Carissa Stewart
Dawn Groff
Debra Holly
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Michelle Al Balooshi
Mo Davis-White
Monica Lang
Nicole Vargas-Viglotti
Rhaylene Montgomery
Sara Johnson
Sarah Rhiley
Stacy Becerra
Suzanne Frontz

Cookie Award

Amie Lyons
Cindy Dickerson
Kris Newman
Rebekah Hill
Stephanie Nurding

Family Award 

Meske Family

Get Outdoors Award 

Ashley Taylor
Dawn Martin
Emoke Davis
Felicity Potter
Margo Redford

Honor Pin

Janet Brugger
Lale Laubach
Luis Hernandez
Sandra Banfield
Tanisha Garvin

Volunteer of Excellence

Deanna Woodworth
Debbie Lechner
Lis Phillips
Michelle Mullen

Friendship Award

CSU San Marcos—Office of Internships and Service Learning
Friends of Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve
Gateway church of Brawley
Grace Lutheran Church
Imperial Unified School District
Jason Blount
Tierrasanta Lutheran Church

Community Partner Award

Farrell Family Foundation and ResMed Foundation
Holland America Line