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Volunteer Celebration and Annual Meeting

Planning for the 2020 Volunteer Celebration is underway. Nominate or endorse volunteers using the buttons below, or request years of membership or service pins.

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Thank you to everyone who attended our 2019 Volunteer Celebration luncheon at the Hilton San Diego on Mission Bay. We honored 65 standout volunteers who were nominated by their peers for their standout service to Girl Scouts San Diego.

Thanks Badge

Jeni Barajas
Kassie Panian
Regina Buckley

Appreciation Pin

Amy Simpson
Angie Tetmeyer Yazici
Anne Hemp
Anne Hill
Anne Marie Wilson
Belia Garneau
Ben O'Day
Bev Keller
Carina Bell
Carissa Stewart
Dawn Groff
Debra Holly
Ellen Pratt
Janelle Lynch
Jenn Weady
Jennifer Duncan
Jennifer Stepp
Jessica Pinell
Karen Rand
Kelly O'Day
Kimberly Gregan
Kimberly King
Melinda Marks
Melissa Bennett
Michelle Al Balooshi
Mo Davis-White
Monica Lang
Nicole Vargas-Viglotti
Rhaylene Montgomery
Sara Johnson
Sarah Rhiley
Stacy Becerra
Suzanne Frontz

Cookie Award

Amie Lyons
Cindy Dickerson
Kris Newman
Rebekah Hill
Stephanie Nurding

Family Award 

Meske Family

Get Outdoors Award 

Ashley Taylor
Dawn Martin
Emoke Davis
Felicity Potter
Margo Redford

Honor Pin

Janet Brugger
Lale Laubach
Luis Hernandez
Sandra Banfield
Tanisha Garvin

Volunteer of Excellence

Deanna Woodworth
Debbie Lechner
Lis Phillips
Michelle Mullen

Friendship Award

CSU San Marcos—Office of Internships and Service Learning
Friends of Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve
Gateway church of Brawley
Grace Lutheran Church
Imperial Unified School District
Jason Blount
Tierrasanta Lutheran Church

Community Partner Award

Farrell Family Foundation and ResMed Foundation
Holland America Line

Earlier that day we held our annual meeting, where Girl Scouts San Diego volunteers and staff gathered to reflect on our council’s achievements, adopt new bylaws, and participate in the annual election. Read more below.

Annual Meeting Highlights

During our annual meeting, we were delighted to welcome Liza Crisafi as Girl Scouts San Diego’s new board chair! Liza, a dedicated board member and volunteer, was an Urban Campout chair in 2016 and 2017. For her first official act, she presented her predecessor, Regina Buckley, with the Thanks Badge (story), the highest honor for Girl Scout volunteers.

Nearly 150 GSSD members attended the gathering, which brings together board members, delegates, and members-at-large for a state-of-the-council address.

This year, members voted to accept the amended and restated bylaws. They also unanimously elected Liza and her fellow officers Machel Allen (vice chair), Rita Datko (treasurer), and Claudia Silva (secretary); members-at-large Carmen Vann (second term), Marsha Chandler, Suzanne Frontz, Janice Kurth, Angie Lasagna, and Woody Ledford (first term); five Board Development Committee members (for their first three-year term): Immediate Past Chair Regina Buckley, Jeanette Day, Tange Gavin, Patricia McQuater, and Kevin Munkholm; as well as Julia Brown (second term).

We also thanked and showcased the important work accomplished by the following board members who have completed their terms: Andy Gallagher (treasurer), Barbara Lamb (secretary), and members-at-large Suzanne Schlundt, Denise Scott, and Bill Whelan.

CEO Carol Dedrich presented an update regarding our three-year strategic plan, and Regina outlined the overall strategy. Carol provided a state-of-the-council address, which included our work to support Girl Scouts of the USA’s national key objectives.

Fiscal Year 2018 (FY2018) achievements by key objectives included the following (details in annual report):

  • Reach more girls—During FY2018, with 2,000 troops and 23,000 girl members (including 3,800 in our staff-led Outreach program), we were recognized by GSUSA as a growing council.
  • Higher impact—We are focused on providing the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to girls in K-12 through our four program areas: STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), entrepreneurship, life skills, and outdoors. During FY2018, we welcomed the addition of 23 new badges that engage girls with the outdoors and STEM.
  • Increase investments—As part of our mission to develop a culture of philanthropy, we raised over $230,000 to support our STEM Pledge. We also continued to have strong financials.
  • Stronger brand—We increased our media presence with stories showcasing our organization as the #BestPlace4Girls.
  • Effective operations—We continued to make the volunteer experience as easy as possible by providing enhanced technology platforms like the Volunteer Tool Kit, as well as launching and engaging volunteer-driven Go Teams (below).

Five of our Emerging Leader Girl Scouts showcased highlights of the past year (annual report) sharing their personal stories pertaining to the following topics:

  • Gold Award—Gold Award Girl Scout candidate Isabella Catanzaro spoke about the highest honor and introduced a public service announcement showcasing girls who have earned the prestigious accolade.
  • STEM Pledge—Isabel Silva announced that local Girl Scouts participated in 21,057 STEM activities, as part of GSUSA’s national pledge to add 2.5 million girls to the STEM career pipeline by 2025.
  • Life skills—Cadence Dobias reported on local girls earning nearly 61,000 badges while exploring new interests and expanding their horizons. Makayla Mayor—our third-ranked 2019 Elite Cookie Entrepreneur, who marketed 4,010 packages of cookies—rounded out the life skills topic with impressive statistics about the 2019 cookie program (infographic).
  • Outdoors—Julia Davis described how thousands of Girl Scouts from San Diego and Imperial counties took part in these aspects of our outdoor programs:
    • Almost 3,500 girls attended our day and resident campers.
    • Approximately 500 explorers hiked through mountains, chaparral, and deserts.
    • Nearly 300 older girls progressed in leadership as counselors-in-training, day camp aides, and wilderness backpacking trainers.

Last year, Girl Scout adult members identified four priority areas they felt needed addressing. From this information GSSD established our first “Go Teams.” Team leads described work accomplished over the past year. Leslie Catanzaro presented on highest awards, Michelle Mullen on training, Beth Nelson on communications, and Stephanie Kwiatkowski on new leader experience.

In addition, Nichole Peterson, a member of our Promise Circle and Juliette Gordon Low Society Committee, provided an update on philanthropic activities benefiting our council.

New Board of Directors Elected in 2019

Click on names to read bios.

Board Officers (2-year term: 2019-2021)
  • crisafi

    Liza Crisafi

  • allen

    Machel Allen
    Vice Chair

  • datko

    Rita Datko

  • silva

    Claudia Silva

Board of Directors Member-at-Large (3-year term: 2019-2022)
  • chandler

    Marsha Chandler
    1st term

  • frontz

    Suzanne Frontz
    1st term

  • kurth

    Janice Kurth
    1st term

  • lasagna

    Angie Lasagna
    1st term

  • ledford

    Woody Ledford
    1st term

  • speirs

    Katie Speirs
    1st term

  • vann

    Carmen Vann
    2nd term

Board Development Committee (3-year term: 2019-2022)
  • brown

    Julia Brown
    2nd term

  • buckley_square

    Regina Buckley 
    1st term

  • day

    Jeanette Day
    1st term

  • gavin

    Tange Gavin
    1st term

  • mcquater
  • Print

    Kevin Munkholm
    1st term

Additional nominations: Members may petition for the nomination of one or more additional persons to the positions listed above. To qualify for nomination by petition, nominee must be named in a petition nominee must be named in a petition signed by 15 or more voting members and received no later than Thursday, March 7, 2019. The nominee must provide Girl Scouts San Diego with a written statement that she/he meets the membership requirements set forth in the bylaws and description of her/his background and qualifications.


Date: February 22, 2019
To: GSSD Local Delegates, GSSD National Delegates, Board Development Committee members
From: Regina Buckley, Chair, Girl Scouts San Diego Board of Directors; Members of the Girl Scouts San Diego Board of Directors
RE: Amended and Restated Bylaws

At this year’s Annual Meeting on April 27, 2019 the Girl Scouts San Diego Board of Directors, National Delegates, Local Delegates and members of the Board Development Committee will be voting on the adoption of the Amended and Restated Bylaws for Girl Scouts San Diego (GSSD or “the Council”).

Upon examining the current GSSD bylaws and after extensive discussions at the October 24, 2018 and December 5, 2018 Board meetings, the Board believes that the current bylaws should be updated to better conform to California laws and best practices of not-for-profit public benefit organizations, and to better reflect the way in which GSSD currently operates. We appreciate the time spent with delegates at the December 5, 2018 Delegate Education Session and at the January 24, 2019 Assembly meeting to discuss these updates.

The significant changes include the following:

  • Self-perpetuating Board. California Corporations Code Section 5210 states that a “board may delegate the management of the activities of the corporation to any person or persons, management company, or committee however composed, provided that the activities and affairs of the corporation shall be managed and all corporate powers shall be exercised under the ultimate direction of the board”. Under the proposed Amended and Restated Bylaws, GSSD would adopt a self-perpetuating board. While this proposed change will not affect the mission of GSSD, it is important to bring our governing documents up-to-date to California law, to reflect the current operation and practices of the Council, to provide more flexibility to better implement our mission, and to bring our organization’s governance into alignment with local non-profit organizations.
  • Board Committees. In accordance with Code Section 5210 stated above, all Council committees are committees of the Board. The Amended and Restated Bylaws will reflect this. Of note, the Board Development Committee will become a committee of the Board and not a committee of the Council. The Audit, Compensation, Executive and “Other Committees” will continue to be designated as such in the Amended and Restated Bylaws.
  • Delegates. Keeping in mind that GSSD members are members of Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) and affiliated with GSSD, the Board will continue to vote on National Delegates every three years. National Delegates attend the National Convention and are voting members of GSUSA. The Amended and Restated Bylaws does not include Local Delegates. Replacing Local Delegates, the Council has implemented Go Teams, a best practice, to ensure that GSSD members have a voice and an active role to support and strengthen the organization.
  • Fiscal Year. The Amended and Restated Bylaws reflect our new fiscal year which is October 1 to September 30, and was adopted by the Board of Directors effective 2018. This is in alignment with other GSUSA Councils across the country.
  • Annual Meeting. In order to have more flexibility in scheduling GSSD’s Annual Meeting, the Amended and Restated Bylaws have excluded the requirement to hold the Annual Meeting during any particular month. All current GSUSA members affiliated with GSSD age 14 and above are explicitly invited to attend.
  • Number of Directors: The minimum number of Board of Director members was reduced from 22 to not less than fifteen (15). The maximum number of 30 did not change. This will allow the Board much more flexibility in years when a smaller or larger Board is more effective or efficient.

A copy of the Amended and Restated Bylaws is attached and has been reviewed by the Executive Committee of the GSSD Board of Directors, members of the GSSD Board of Directors and hired legal counsel.