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Are your girls looking for an outdoor adventure? STEM experience? Journey, badge, or patch program? Or just a fun time together? Check out the fabulous troop and girl opportunities for San Diego Girl Scouts in the coming months on our Happenings pages:

Expert insight: When diverse people come together to form one complex yet seamless whole, that’s unity. It’s about equality, inclusiveness, and dignity. While none of us can snap our fingers to create instant unity, we can—we must—take action and stand together for what’s right. Help your girl become a leader for unity in our country with these tips. We all have voices, and now is the time for us to raise them—together. (from the February issue of Family Zone)

Pro tip: Have you been waiting to get your troop up and running again? The time is now! You can still get started with this year’s cookie program. Plus, take advantage of our badge kits, Girl Scout Hangouts, and Troop Campy Hours…they’re like “easy buttons” for your troop meetings. Make sure your troop is back in the swing of things so they’ll be fully charged once we are able to meet in person again . Do you have girls with lapsed memberships? Check out our unprecedented Galentine’s special: $10 off this year’s membership! (from the February issue of Volunteer Voice)

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