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Saturday, Oct. 8
10:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Girl Scouts San Diego Balboa Campus

Empowering Me: Older Girl Conference is moving from virtual to in-person! Girl Scouts in grades 7-12 are invited to an empowering day with mini-workshops themed around our four Girl Scout pillars: STEM, Entrepreneurship, Outdoors, and Life Skills.

Participants will enjoy inspiring sessions (check out the descriptions below), a catered lunch, and time learning with and from other Girl Scouts. 

Empowering Me Sessions

Groceries to Garbage: How We Can Reduce Food Waste

Gauge your understanding of the environmental impacts of throwing away excess food. Join a group discussion about how to reduce the amount of food waste in your own life, and interact with a speaker from a local environmental organization.

Idea to Market (for Girl Scouts in grades 7-8)

Meet Pree Walia, the local entrepreneur behind the Nailbot smart manicure system, and learn how she turned a big idea about nail art into a company. Use Nailbot, offer product feedback, learn how to pitch your idea, and build your first prototype from a napkin sketch.

Idea to Market (for Girl Scouts in grades 9-12)

Meet Pree Walia, the local entrepreneur behind the Nailbot smart manicure system. Learn how Pree invented, manufactured, and patented her idea, and built a technology company involving hardware, software, beauty products, and community. This hands-on "idea to market" workshop will teach you how to pitch, fund, and make your idea a reality. Leave inspired with tactical advice on how to utilize failure and setbacks as fuel for your next big thing. As a bonus, you'll get to use Nailbot, offer product feedback, and share your creations on social media.

Leadership Lessons and Outdoor Adventures

Test your self-determination with activities led by the amazing Girl Scouts San Diego Outdoor Program team. See how balance, strength, and self-motivation play a role in physical tasks and everyday challenges. Practice advocating for yourself, your team, and your mission when setting and accomplishing goals and powering through figurative (and literal!) roadblocks along the way.

Sweltering Cities: Urban Heat, Climate Change, and Public Health

Discover how climate change manifests itself locally while focusing on its connection with public health. Interact with a noted local speaker from an environmental urban greening group and engage with the concept of urban heat. Explore the solutions provided by trees through an engaging, hands-on, outdoor activity.

The People's Plastic Problem: Pollution in our Oceans

Explore the environmental impact of plastics and modern plastic reliance through guided and interactive discussions with fellow participants, Girl Scout advocates, and Youth4Climate’s Plastic Free Gen Z.

Use Your Voice

Grow your confidence by learning the tools to create boundaries, de-escalate conflicts, deal with yo-yo friends and bullying, and use your voice when needed. And, practice the skills you’ve learned in this interactive workshop with Tracie Arlington from Play it Safe Defense.

Registration Instructions
  1. Register for the event. This will simply secure your spot; you will select your sessions later.
  2. After registering, you will receive an email from SignUpGenius with a personal link to sign up for the session of your choice. Please select only one activity per session (A-C). If you do not see an email, be sure to check your spam that will be from "Girl Scouts San Diego" with the email address ""
  3. If you change your mind, you can log back in to SignUpGenius and swap sessions. Feel free to make all the changes you need until 11:59 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 24.

If you have trouble signing up for sessions on SignUpGenius follow these steps:

  1. Try clearing your browsing history and cache
  2. Disable your Pop-up Blocker
  3. Refresh the page

After that, if you continue to have issues, please email