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Emerging Leaders

An Emerging Leader Girl Scout is a girl in 10th-12th grade who embodies the mission and promise of Girl Scouts to make the world a better place and strives to be a leader of courage, confidence, and character.

As part of the 2022 Emerging Leaders program, Girl Scouts will build skills in networking, business etiquette, public speaking, and personal brand basics through workshops. Then, they’ll meet with female leaders during a mentoring session and will be recognized at our 2022 Cool Women Celebration on Thursday, March 24. Select Emerging Leader Girl Scouts will introduce the class of Cool Women and present during the Cool Women Celebration program.

Applications will be open from Monday-Sunday, Nov. 1-21. Stay tuned to this page for the link to apply!

Meet Our 2021 Emerging Leader Girl Scouts
Noor Alramadan* Bella Bertram**
Madison Bianes** Samantha Bianes*
Anjali Bose Adhiti Chandramohan*
Shruti Chari* Nicole Curristan*
Meilani Davidson Kelly Dohrer
Maddie G. Engblom* McKenna Fischer
Abigail Gant Alexi Grabia**
Sydney Griffin** Kristen Gunter**
Emilie Harmon Selma Hyytinen
Serena Ingram** Amy Jones
Samantha Gettinger Kowalski* Kaitlyn Lund
Carina Lutz* Kristine Mackey*
Jaden McDaniel* Hannah Nguyen*
Madalyn Nguyen* Elena O'Connell
Katie O'Connell* Karina Parikh
Emilia Quintanar Kaavya Raamkumar*
Divya Ramesh Kavya Ramesh
Emersen Rider* Samara Shahzad*
Kaiolena Tacazon Lyla Thygerson
Hannah Tison Esha Walia**
Destiny Wilcox** Katelyn Zamora

*also recognized as a 2020 Emerging Leader Girl Scout
**also recognized as a 2019 Emerging Leader Girl Scout

Read What Emerging Leader Girl Scouts Have Said About the Program
The Morning Mentoring Sessions

"Opportunities to network and talk in a formal setting do not come that often for girls my age, so it’s so impactful when they do."

"So many of my conversations showed me that successful women focus on both their professional achievement and their personal happiness. A lot of the time, those two things support and contribute to each other. It’s great to see women who are emotionally healthy as they conquer the world."

"I learned that no matter what field you go into, the same lessons in life almost always apply."

"Coming into the morning session, I felt pretty set on what careers I was looking into, but speaking with the mentors helped me realize there is so much that I can do. The women have all accomplished amazing things, and it was a great experience for me to hear about how they reached the level of success that they have. Most of all, I learned that you have to be open to change, because you never know where life will take you."

The Luncheon and Presentations

"It was amazing! The Cool Women luncheon will always be one of my favorite events."

"I was seated at an amazing table with a variety of different people, who I shared common interest with or could learn something from."

"I loved, loved, loved seeing my sister Girl Scouts up on the stage."

"I liked hearing other Emerging Leaders speak, using what they learned in the workshop."

The Overall Cool Women Experience

"As I grow and develop, I know that programs like this make all the difference in my personal and professional development. I love connecting with the girls, professionals, and women whose stories impact my life more than I can begin to express."

"I loved the opportunities this program opened for me, even after the luncheon was over."

"I participated in Cool Women last year and thought that it was an invaluable experience in practicing networking and business skills. I was excited to return through the Emerging Leaders program to meet more people, practice public speaking, and understand more about professional settings."

"I want to become a Cool Woman in the future. They are so incredible, and that shows great success."

Questions? Contact Robyn Murray, 619-610-0705