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Juliette Gordon Low Society

The Juliette Gordon Low Society honors friends who have included Girl Scouts in their estate plans by naming Girl Scouts San Diego in their wills, living trusts, IRAs, and other life-income gifts. These planned gifts provide critical long-term support for our council, allowing future generations of girls to experience the fun, education, and leadership training available only through Girl Scouting.

We wish to express our gratitude to the following individuals and families who are committed to keeping Girl Scout traditions alive for generations to come through their participation in the Juliette Gordon Low Society.

Melyn Acasio

Meredith and
Robert Alcock

Barbara L. Alderson

Erik and Eva Andersen
Girl Scout Movement-wide Challenge Planned Gift

Sandra  Banfield

Jeni Barajas

Virginia L. “Ginny” Barton

Dianne Belk and Lawrence Calder Girl Scout Movement-wide Challenge Planned Gift

Marla B. Black

Helen Bloomfield

Ivy and Lee Boozel

Merle and Mitchell Brodie

Regina and Shea Buckley

Chris Carstens

Sandra and Harry Carter

Liza and Tony Crisafi

Debra L. Cushman-Parrish

The DeBello Family

Carol Dedrich
and Alex Nurse

Solveig and Dan Deuprey

Barbara J. Dickey

Kathy Drucquer Duff and George Duff

Robin and Kimberly Evans

Anne and David Fege

Arline M. Fisch

Zita B. Gardner

Tange Tipton Gavin

Barbara Ann
and David E. Groce

Marni and
William P. Hayman

Linda Helm*

Jim and Cheryl Hernandez

Jo Dee and Glenn Jacob

Rebecca James

Susan Jeannette

Gerry L. Keshka

Kim and Evan Kleber

Terry and George Klein

Sarah K. Lamade

Janet DeGruttola Lancaster

Makenna Lang

Pam Levin

Karen Linehan

Lani and Josh Longacre

Pamela Lynd

Patricia Macdonald

Susan and John Major

Elinore and Ralph* Mazza

The Honorable
Margaret M. McKeown

Bob* and Cindy Moore

Mimi and Mike Murray

Sara and Anthony Napoli

Barbara J. Norman, ChFC

Matt and Katherine Nowak

Justine Panian

Kassie and James Panian

Nichole Peterson

Kristen K. Pieper and Family

Debra and Charles Poey

Annie Revel

Laura and Justin Rice

Deborah and Michael Rider

Patti L. Roscoe

Barbara Schettler-Jehl

Nancy L. Scott

Ellen Roca Single

Kathleen Slayton

Steven and Carol Stachwick

Claudette and Ralph Steinhauer

Jean B. Stewart

Katie and Dan Sullivan

Sandy Sultz

Pamela L. Summers

Pearl Szymanski

Mary Talle

Judy Thompson

Coralie C. Thomson

Evelyn Mack Truitt

Elizabeth and Andy Van Pelt

Tammy and Louie Vener

Kelly Waggonner

Maggie Watkins

Lois Weinberger

Laura and Erv Wheeler

Arelene E. Wolinski

Anonymous (7)


For more information or a complete listing of membership benefits, please contact Merle Brodie, Gift Planning Officer, 619-610-0804.

For more information from Girl Scouts of the USA, visit their planned giving page.