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Quick Start for Volunteers

Volunteers are an essential part of the Girl Scout Cookie Program and fall product program! Help your Girl Scout or troop by becoming a troop cookie manager or troop fall manager in just three steps:

  1. Join Girl Scouts. If you’re already a member, log in to My GS.
  2. Select volunteer role "Troop Cookie Manager" or "Troop Fall Manager" and complete background screening. (You must be registered in the correct role to receive the weekly product program emails In a Nutshell and Cookie Chat.)
  3. Complete training (see options below).

Note: Your troop must have a Wells Fargo bank account to participate in the product programs.

Cookie Program

Thank you for participating in the 2022 cookie program. Check back in soon!

Fall Product Program


  1. Visit and select the My GS tab.
  2. Log in with your Girl Scout email and password.
  3. Select My Account (top, right).
  4. Select gsLearn (left).
  5. Select the Content Library (left) and type “troop fall” in the search field.
  6. Select the 2022 Troop Fall Manager Training course to begin. 
  • Important: If you don't see the course, make sure you are using the search field in the Content Library and not the field on your gsLearn dashboard.
  • Watching training on a phone?  Be sure to position your phone in landscape view so that you can see and select the gsLearn Content Library.

IRM Training

If your Girl Scout previously participated as an IRM, look out for an email with an invitation to the IRM Training the week of Sept. 10. If your Girl Scout did not previously participate as an IRM, please submit this interest form. You will receive a training link in one business day.

Essential Resources

Troop Needs