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Elite Entrepreneurs

Congratulations to our 2022 Elite Entrepreneurs. Girl Scouts San Diego had 59 girls reach 2,022 or more packages during this year’s Girl Scout Cookie Program. (T=Troop)

Sahara R. (T6105): 8,024 packages Sofia V. (T6956): 2,272 packages
Joanna Beatriz A. (T6581): 6,725 packages Landry S. (T4870): 2,240 packages
Tabitha A. (T5274): 6,350 packages Leah H. (T5046): 2,225 packages
Charlotte R. (T6956): 5,720 packages Vanessa F. (T6956): 2,223 packages
Dalia O. (T6149): 5,426 packages Ella T. (T6139): 2,222 packages
Gabi B. (T4069): 3,426 packages Elizabeth M. (T6561): 2,201 packages
Kaylee S. (T3434): 3,400 packages Taylor H. (T4612): 2,190 packages
Kianna M. (T4233): 3,365 packages Madison P. (T4875): 2,171 packages
Rhianna J. (T4190): 3,150 packages Elizabeth B. (T5099): 2,162 packages
Keely T. (T2002): 3,127 packages Annabelle H. (T5925): 2,161 packages
Karley C. (T4573): 3,048 packages Kaelin B. (T4069): 2,161 packages
Mia V. (T3224): 3,041 packages Macyn P. (T5810): 2,160 packages
Amanda N. (T6136): 3,005 packages Aiyanna B. (T5212): 2,152 packages
Kayla T. (T6116): 3,000 packages Savannah S. (T4288): 2,151 packages
Adrienne H. (T2956): 3,000 packages Isabelle W. (T5925): 2,140 packages
Gabriella-Sophia R. (T6039): 3,000 packages Lauren E. (T66892): 2,134 packages
Katherine-Rose R. (T6039): 3,000 packages Lillian K. (T5805): 2,123 packages
Isabel J. (T1044): 2,834 packages Alexsa S. (T2002): 2,101 packages
Leah E. (T4647): 2,610 packages Gabriella O. (T5984): 2,090 packages
Abigail C. (T5099): 2,608 packages Charlotte L. (T3637): 2,079 packages
Marian B. (T3868): 2,442 packages Audrey P. (T2118): 2,077 packages
Kyla A. (T6208): 2,399 packages Addison B. (T4999): 2,069 packages
Skylynn W. (T8780): 2,354 packages Gwendolyn P. (T4157): 2,062 packages
Madeleine-Elizabeth R. (T6039): 2,340 packages Lauren H. (T2211): 2,060 packages
Chloe G. (T2950): 2,339 packages Macie Lynn L. (T5146): 2,046 packages
Kirena G. (T4252): 2,334 packages Emma P. (T5096): 2,046 packages
Kendra T. (T2721): 2,325 packages Angelina M. (T2012): 2,039 packages
Grace B. (T6561): 2,317 packages Charlotte R. (T66891): 2,022 packages
Mikayla G. (T3997): 2,281 packages Anaeya B. (T6116): 2,022 packages
  Brooke S. G. (T7036): 2,022 packages
2021 Elite Entrepreneurs

Congratulations to our 2021 Elite Cookie Entrepreneurs. Girl Scouts San Diego had 85 girls reach 2,021 or more packages during this year’s Girl Scout Cookie Program. (T=Troop)

Sahara R. (T6105): 10,713 packages Leah E. (T4647): 2,322 packages
Emma B. (T4920): 7,091 packages Skylynn W. (T8780): 2,319 packages
Tabitha A. (T5274): 6,865 packages Rebecca H. (T2211): 2,313 packages
Taylor H. (T4579): 6,324 packages Emily W. (T1422): 2,297 packages
Charlotte R. (T6956): 6,132 packages Leah H. (T5046): 2,242 packages
Karley C. (T4573): 5,625 packages Gabriella S. (T3752): 2,236 packages
Kirena G. (T4252): 5,552 packages Macyn P. (T5810): 2,200 packages
Eva Z. (T4336): 5,092 packages Sofia V. (T6956): 2,200 packages
Dalia O. (T6149): 5,077 packages Kianna M. (T4233): 2,191 packages
Marian B. (T3868): 5,042 packages Landry S. (T4870): 2,189 packages
Rhianna J. (T4190): 4,872 packages Alyssa S. (T1270): 2,165 packages
Isabel J. (T1044): 4,754 packages Leilani D. (T5808): 2,160 packages
Amy M. (T6215): 4,749 packages Morgan S. (T1523): 2,148 packages
Grace M. (T4336): 4,736 packages Charlotte L. (T3637): 2,148 packages
Amanda N. (T6136): 4,731 packages Neena A. (T6923): 2,146 packages
Ciara T. (T5248): 4,663 packages Nina S. (T6956): 2,145 packages
Abigail C. (T5099): 4,660 packages Vanessa F. (T6956): 2,141 packages
Penny G. (T4487): 4,594 packages Samantha S. (T6381): 2,139 packages
Joanna Beatriz A. (T6581): 4,584 packages Kyleen S. (T5390): 2,136 packages
Savannah S. (T4288): 3,750 packages Lauren E. (T66892): 2,132 packages
McKensi G. (T5081): 3,629 packages Jordin J. (T2012): 2,127 packages
Lillian K. (T5805): 3,538 packages Gabriella-Sophia R. (T6039): 2,109 packages
Jessica L. (T1393): 3,364 packages Ryan L. (T1565): 2,101 packages
Anika Z. (T1165): 3,326 packages Kayla T. (T6501): 2,100 packages
Emily L. (T4186): 3,317 packages Macie Lynn L. (T5146): 2,086 packages
Gabi B. (T4069): 3,167 packages Izabela Z. (T4469): 2,080 packages
Kendra T. (T2721): 3,128 packages Adrienne H. (T2956): 2,069 packages
Jasmine M. (T6956): 3,125 packages Anaeya B. (T6501): 2,063 packages
Kayla M. (T6215): 3,113 packages Alexis M. (T4190): 2,059 packages
Gabriella O. (T5984): 3,111 packages Isabelle W. (T5925): 2,058 packages
Kaylee S. (T3434): 3,067 packages Sabrina B. (T6215): 2,056 packages
Angelina M. (T2012): 3,015 packages Kaylee E. (T1523): 2,051 packages
Elizabeth B. (T5099): 3,000 packages Hayden F. (T4469): 2,050 packages
Katherine-Rose R. (T6039): 3,000 packages Karly H. (T4100): 2,041 packages
Madeleine-Elizabeth R. (T6039): 3,000 packages Jaden V. (T1233): 2,032 packages
Brooke S. G. (T7036): 2,833 packages Grace T. (T5023): 2,028 packages
Elisa R. (T7036): 2,833 packages Sophie G. (T4419): 2,023 packages
Ashley G. (T4935): 2,747 packages Sophie B. (T1329): 2,022 packages
Isabella M. (T62095): 2,579 packages Kaitlyn B. (T6215): 2,021 packages
Kyla A. (T6208): 2,551 packages Mia R. (T1940): 2,021 packages
Annabelle H. (T5925): 2,436 packages Mikayla G. (T3997): 2,021 packages
Chloe G. (T2950): 2,397 packages Isabella G. (T4529): 2,021 packages
  Jasmine T. (T6058): 2,021 packages
2020 Elite Entrepreneurs

Congratulations to our 2020 Elite Cookie Entrepreneurs. Girl Scouts San Diego had 48 girls reach 2,020 or more packages during this year’s Girl Scout Cookie Program. (T=Troop)

Christina B. (T6127): 6,350 packages Gabriella B. (T4069): 2,179 packages
Brooklynn J. (T2734): 4,705 packages Mirayah A. (T5270): 2,151 packages
Daniele B. (T2866): 4,650 packages Dalia O. (T6149): 2,150 packages
Sahara R. (T6105): 4,502 packages Ella T. (T6139): 2,140 packages
Kaylee S. (T3434): 3,434 packages Kyla A. (T6208): 2,139 packages
Tabitha A. (T5274): 3,230 packages Lu H. (T69292): 2,136 packages
Leah H. (T5046): 3,127 packages Abigail C. (T5099): 2,135 packages
Mckensi G. (T5081): 3,067 packages Kayla M. (T1328): 2,133 packages
Isabel J. (T1044): 3,064 packages Laci H. (T6659): 2,130 packages
Teagan N. (T2094): 3,018 packages Liberty M. (T3102): 2,105 packages
Emma H. (T5160): 2,579 packages Zoe G. (T6903): 2,093 packages
Nora G. (T4927): 2,479 packages Leah E. (T4647): 2,085 packages
Taylor H. (T4579): 2,448 packages Sophia A. (T3879): 2,082 packages
Karley C. (T4573): 2,392 packages Sophia L. (T1923): 2,080 packages
Keely T. (T2002): 2,368 packages Olivia S. (T1758): 2,078 packages
Leinani M. (T3889): 2,260 packages Savannah S. (T63391): 2,070 packages
Charlotte R. (T6956): 2,248 packages Rhianna J. (T4190): 2,056 packages
Katherine-Rose R. (T6039): 2,247 packages Allison R. (T1490): 2,053 packages
Madeleine-Elizabeth R. (T6039): 2,247 packages Eva Z. (T4336): 2,045 packages
Charlotte L. (T3637): 2,222 packages Julianna G. (T1923): 2,033 packages
Neena A. (T6923): 2,218 packages Lauren E. (T66892): 2,033 packages
Kaelin B. (T4069): 2,209 packages Sierra R. (T68692): 2,030 packages
Gabriella O. (T5984): 2,197 packages Emma P. (T5096): 2,026 packages
Marian B. (T3868): 2,197 packages Joanna Beatriz A. (T6581): 2,020 packages

2019 Elite Entrepreneurs

Congratulations to our 2019 Elite Cookie Entrepreneurs. Girl Scouts San Diego had another record-breaking year: 48 girls reached 2,019 or more packages during this year’s Girl Scout Cookie Program. (T=Troop)

Christina B. (T6127): 5,530 packages

Brooklynn J. (T2734): 4,150 packages

Makayla M. (T6021): 4,010 packages

Charlotte L. (T3637): 3,659 packages

Kaylee S. (T3030): 3,615 packages

Sophia R. (T3879): 3,256 packages

Karley C. (T4573): 3,241 packages

Kyla A. (T6208): 3,118 packages

Laura L. (T3866): 3,037 packages

Mckensi G. (T5081): 2,823 packages

Isabel J. (T1890): 2,805 packages

Liberty M. (T3102): 2,633 packages

Daniele B. (T2866): 2,605 packages

Grace M. (T4336): 2,552 packages

Tabitha A. (T5274): 2,501 packages

Emma H. (T5160): 2,415 packages

Leah E. (T4647): 2,285 packages

Amanda N. (T6136): 2,265 packages

Erin B. (T4491): 2,254 packages

Marian B. (T3868): 2,243 packages

Neena A. (T6923): 2,217 packages

Elizabeth J. (T3658): 2,212 packages

Taylor H. (T4579): 2,180 packages

Sydney T. (T6136): 2,177 packages

Gabriella B. (T4069): 2,175 packages

Kaelin B. (T4069): 2,175 packages

Keely T. (T2002): 2,169 packages

Sahara R. (T6105): 2,144 packages

Madeleine-Elizabeth R. (T6039): 2,127 packages

Katherine-Rose R. (T6039): 2,127 packages

Kayla M. (T1328): 2,109 packages

Sofia R. (T4487): 2,101 packages

Elena C. (T8758): 2,098 packages

Abigail C. (T5099): 2,094 packages

Mirayah V. (T5851): 2,081 packages

Cassandra S. (T3150): 2,076 packages

Kirena G. (T4252): 2,064 packages

Zoe G. (T3637): 2,062 packages

Leah H. (T5064): 2,059 packages

Melody R. (T6072): 2,047 packages

Anna H. (T5044): 2,044 packages

Veronica Q. (T1328): 2,040 packages

Anastasia G. (T3830): 2,034 packages

Sofia B. (T1203): 2,034 packages

Josie P. (T5060): 2,034 packages

Lauren S. (T5546): 2,031 packages

Cadence C. (T1778): 2,026 packages

Layla L. (T5928): 2,019 packages

2018 Elite Entrepreneurs

Congratulations to the 2018 Top Cookie Entrepreneurs. A record-breaking 38 girls sold 2,018 or more boxes of Girl Scout Cookies this year.

  • Christina B. T6127 (4530 boxes)
    Layla L. T5928 (3145 boxes)
    Catherine C. T3630 (3124 boxes)
    Brooklynn J. T67893 (3124 boxes)
    Kyla A. T6208 (3100 boxes)
    Elizabeth J. T3658 (3025 boxes)
    Makayla M. T6021 (2555 boxes)
    Erin B. T4491 (2465 boxes)
    Dorothy S. T1133 (2355 boxes)
    Sofia R. T4487 (2250 boxes)
    Liberty M. T3102 (2242 boxes)
    Neena A. T6923 (2206 boxes)
    Leah E. T4647 (2194 boxes)
    Kellie D. T4057 (2181 boxes)
    Marian B. T62991 (2170 boxes)
    Evie C. T4491 (2150 boxes)
    Laura L. T3866 (2143 boxes)
    Karen Jean D. T6743 (2136 boxes)
    Keely T. T67892 (2136 boxes)

  • Isabel J. T1890 (2135 boxes)
    Mckensi G. T5081 (2119 boxes)
    Grace M. T4336 (2116 boxes)
    Karley C. T4573 (2110 boxes)
    Eva Z. T4336 (2105 boxes)
    Taylor H. T4261 (2091 boxes)
    Charlotte L. T3637 (2091 boxes)
    Zoey R. T1814 (2086 boxes)
    Aubrin P. T7000 (2081 boxes)
    Sophia A. T3879 (2075 boxes)
    Samantha C. T4354 (2058 boxes)
    Mia R. T1940 (2054 boxes)
    Leah H. T5064 (2048 boxes)
    Piper E. T1778 (2045 boxes)
    Teagan N. T2094 (2035 boxes)
    Alyssa Q. T1814 (2033 boxes)
    Amy W. T3793 (2030 boxes)
    Sahara R. T6105 (2027 boxes)
    Lauren S. T5546 (2018 boxes)