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In this issue:

  • Wrap up
  • Walkabouts and Standabouts may continue
  • Congratulations to last week's booth contest winners!
  • Set, Reached ... Matched!
  • FAQs


Wrap up

With just a few days of the cookie program to go, here are some timely tips and reminders for wrapping things up: 



  • Enter all OTM donations. (page 39) 
  • Submit your rewards order: Watch this short video for instructions on submitting your troop's rewards order or see page 52. 
  • Delete all data in the Deposits tab in eBudde (by selecting the entry and hitting the "delete" key on your keyboard) except for parent outstanding balances. Do not record troop bank deposits here. 

See page 56 for complete wrap-up procedures. Don't forget to email your SUCC when you have finalized your troop's sale. 


Are you a new TCM?

We recommend that you participate in the eBudde wrap-up webinar hosted by the Product Sales team. 

Weds. March 12 from 6 - 7:30 p.m. 

Click here to register.



Help sister troops by checking the Transfer Cookies to Others page on the Cupboard Website to see who has cookies to transfer. If you have posted cookies to transfer out on the cupboard site, be sure to keep your posting current by deleting your post when you no longer have cookies available. See tips for handling unsold cookies on page 50.


Troop-to-Troop Transfers

When troops transfer cookies from one to the other, the "giving" troop enters the transfer in the Transactions tab in eBudde (page 50). Remember to retain signed receipts for the transaction! 



Invitations for the OTM Superstar Celebration and 525+ box rewards are sent directly to the girl by mail and/or email. Please ask all parents/guardians to double check by Sunday, March 16 that the contact information listed in our membership database is correct and up to date to ensure timely delivery of high level rewards.

Girls will receive the items that are listed in eBudde (page 52), so please make sure the reward choices are correct.  


Parent Outstanding Balances

Enter parent outstanding balances in eBudde (if applicable - see pages 53-54) to reduce your troop's final payment amount.



Only Cadette, Senior and Ambassador troops may return cookies by Mar. 16, and only if they do not return cookies from their initial order or accept transfers in from other troops or IGMs. See page 9 for return policies.

  • If you feel that your troop should be eligible to return cookies but the cupboard system won't allow you to place a return, check to see that your troop level is correct on the Settings tab in eBudde (page 31). It may take 1 - 2 business days for the change to be effective in the cupboard system.

Large Cash Deposit Fees

ALL fees incurred due to depositing large cash amounts during the months of February and March 2014 will be reimbursed when a troop banks at Wells Fargo under the council plan. Update: Troops do not need to do anything to be reimbursed. Their refund will automatically be processed by Wells Fargo.


Walkabouts and Standabouts may continue

While booth sales have come to an end and we are in the home stretch of the cookie program, girls may continue to walkabout and hold standabouts at their residences through Sunday, March 16.


As a reminder, any girl who walks about will earn the walkabout rocker patch (pictured) and there are still over 40 Mystery Houses to be found all over San Diego and Imperial counties!


This map will give you a hint on where the remaining Mystery Houses are. Girls should leave a door hanger or business card if the customer is not home as it will "count" as a win. Please share with the girls in your troop!


Congratulations to last week's booth contest winners!

Melia from Troop 5121

Junior troop 5121 from the Emerald El Cajon service unit is our third and final winner of the booth contest


Congratulations to all three of our winning troops - 5121, 3431 and 1133! We'll see you on the green carpet!


Set, Reached ... Matched!

If your troop entered Set, Reach ... Matched! and achieved your goal, don't forget to email your troop number to by Thursday, March 20 to be eligible for the random drawing. Winners will be announced at Operation Thin Mint Sendoff Saturday, May 3.



Q. Can my troop return cookies?

A. Only eligible Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador troops may return up to 60 boxes of cookies. Please see page 9 for full details. 


Q. What can we do if we have too many cookies to sell?

A. Post your available cookies on the cookie Cupboard Website's Transfer Cookies to Others page. See more tips for handling unsold cookies on page 50.  


Q. What if I see a troop/girl(s) violating policies? 

A. In the event that a disregard of policy is observed, assume good intent as mistakes happen to everyone. Simply ask (politely and respectfully) for the girl's name and/or troop number and share it with your SUCC and/or the Product Sales team via No further action should be taken by the reporting party - troops/parents should not attempt to resolve the issue themselves nor harass any other girls/adults. Please remember to be honest and fairfriendly andhelpfulconsiderate and caringrespectful of others, and a sister to every Girl Scout



Thank you!



The Product Sales Team

Girl Scouts San Diego 


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Page numbers

All page numbers referenced throughout Cookie Chat refer to the 2014 Troop Cookie Manager Handbook unless otherwise noted. The username is "GSSD" and the password is "TCM2014". 


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Upcoming dates

March 12, 6 - 7:30 p.m.

TCM wrap-up webinar (optional)


March 16

Last day for eligible returns; cookie program ends


March 19

Finalized troop data and girl rewards orders due in eBudde by 11:59 p.m.; funds for final payment due in troop account by end-of-business







Cookie Program 

 The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led business in the country and generates immeasurable benefits for girls, their councils, and their communities.  Girls set cookie sales goals to support their chosen activities, to fund community service/leadership projects, to attend camp, and to travel.


Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, girls develop five essential skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.


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