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Cookie Chat

for Troop Cookie Managers

In this issue:

  • Last chance!
  • Mystery House hint
  • Cookie Business badges and Activity Pin
  • TCM wrap-up webinar
  • Congratulations to last week's booth contest winners!
  • Night at the Museum chaperones needed
  • FAQs


Last chance!

Now is the time for girls to refresh booth signage to remind customers it is their last chance to buy Girl Scout cookies until next year! 


Girl Scouts all over San Diego and Imperial counties are getting very creative with their booth signage. Take Megan and Rebecca from troop 4222 for example. Customers are having hard time saying "no" to this clever duo!


In this home stretch of the cookie program, check in on your troop's progress towards their goals. Your girls may be just a handful of boxes away from reaching the next highest reward and/or troop proceed rate. 


Mystery House hint

There are still 43 Mystery Houses to be found all over San Diego and Imperial counties!  This map will give you a hint on where the remaining Mystery Houses are. 

  • The first Girl Scout to visit the Mystery House will be presented a certificate by the host to claim her prize.

E'Miah of troop 5284 is one of our lucky winners

    •  Girls should not ask customers if they are the Mystery House; the girl will be notified by the host. 
    • Girls should leave a door hanger with first name, troop number, and adult contact information.  It will "count" as a visit in case a Mystery House host is not home.

Congratulations to all 20 Girl Scouts who have already located a Mystery House!


And remember, girls can earn the Walkabout rocker patch simply by getting out and walking about!


Cookie Business badges and Activity pin

Have your girls earned their Cookie badgeCookie Business badges and Cookie Activity pin for the 2014 cookie program yet? Earning requirements for badges

are found in the Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting for each grade level.


TCM wrap-up webinar

The Product Sales team will be on hand to walk you through wrapping up your troop's cookie sale (and answer all your questions) during a live webinar on Weds. March 12 from 6 - 7:30 p.m. This optional webinar is a great resource for new and returning TCMs. We hope you'll join us!

Click here to register.


Congratulations to last week's booth contest winners!

Catherine from troop 3431

Cadette troop 3431 from the University City service unit is our lucky winner! Congratulations, girls!


There is still one more chance to win the exclusive shopping experience for your troop! 


Any troop who has signed up or will sign up for additional booth sites between Sunday, Feb. 16 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, March 9 is automatically entered. (Sites must be additional sites; sites claimed prior to 7 p.m. on Feb. 16 are not eligible.)


Booth sites are now unlimited and there are still more than 4,200 booth sites still available.


Click here for booth contest details.


Good luck! 


Night at the Museum chaperones needed

Dancing, movies, pizza, crafts, games and more! Volunteer to chaperone for the Night at the Museum sleepover on Friday, May 16 at 4:30 p.m. through Saturday, May 17 at 9 a.m. at the San Diego Air & Space Museum! 


Create a special memory for the girls who earned this special event by volunteering your time. Chaperone responsibilities include caring for the emotional and physical health of their small group of girls and helping our community of adults ensure the safety of everyone at the event. 


Please note that if a chaperone has a girl attending the event, the chaperone will be assigned a group separate from their own Girl Scout. To become a chaperone contact Christina Hernandez at volunteer@sdgirlscouts.org.



Q. If our troop is accepting credit cards at booth sales, can we keep the account open and continue to accept credit cards (for troop dues, field trip fees, etc.) year round?

A. Yes! Troops may choose to do so and must follow all guidelines enclosed within the Credit Card Handbook


Q. When is the last day I can pick up a new cookie order at a cupboard?

A. Sunday, March 9th is the last day to pick up new cookie orders. 


Q. Can my troop return cookies?

A. Only Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador troops may return up to 60 boxes of cookies. Please see page 9 for full details. 


Q. I am ready to place my troop reward order in eBudde but I do not see the Fill Out button. When will I be able to complete my order?

A. The Fill Out button on the Rewards tab in eBudde will become available on Friday, Mar. 7. (page 52)


Q. Does Girl Scouts have a partnership with Planned Parenthood? 

A. No. Here are the facts:

  • Girl Scouts does not give cookie proceeds to other organizations.
    100% of our proceeds stay here in San Diego to support our 30,000 girl and 13,500 adult members.
  • Girl Scouts has not endorsed any person, organization, political party or politician.
    Our mission is to build girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place. This is not a political mission!
  • Girl Scouts does not take a position on reproductive issues.  We believe these matters are best discussed within the family. Girl Scouts of the USA does not have a relationship with Planned Parenthood. Neither does Girl Scouts San Diego.

This resource contains accurate information about the use of cookie proceeds. You may wish to read it and bring a copy with you while selling.

Q. What if I see a troop/girl(s) violating policies? 

A. In the event that a disregard of policy is observed, assume good intent as mistakes happen to everyone. Simply ask (politely and respectfully) for the girl's name and/or troop number and share it with your SUCC and/or the Product Sales team via cookies@sdgirlscouts.org. No further action should be taken by the reporting party - troops/parents should not attempt to resolve the issue themselves nor harass any other girls/adults. Please remember to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, respectful of others, and a sister to every Girl Scout



Thank you!



The Product Sales Team

Girl Scouts San Diego 


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Page numbers

All page numbers referenced throughout Cookie Chat refer to the 2014 Troop Cookie Manager Handbook unless otherwise noted. The username is "GSSD" and the password is "TCM2014". 


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Upcoming dates

March 9

Booth sales end; last day to pick up new orders at cookie cupboards


March 10 - March 16

Wrap-up week


March 10

Exchanges only (and returns for eligible older girl troops) at cookie cupboards for remainder of program; walkabouts may continue


March 12, 6 - 7:30 p.m.

TCM wrap-up webinar (optional)







Cookie Program 

 The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led business in the country and generates immeasurable benefits for girls, their councils, and their communities.  Girls set cookie sales goals to support their chosen activities, to fund community service/leadership projects, to attend camp, and to travel.


Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, girls develop five essential skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.


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