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Cookie Chat

for Troop Cookie Managers

In this issue:

  • Military/Older girl lottery: Jan. 27 - 29
  • Set, Reach ... Matched! Troop goal contest
  • Verify girl registration in eBudde
  • Farmer's markets and street fairs
  • The Girl Scout Law of Selling Cookies
  • FAQs


Military/Older girl lottery: Jan. 27 - 29

Any eligible troop may participate in the online military/older girl lottery and acquire one site per day. (page 41)

  • Military sites require that one person with military identification be present throughout the booth sale shift.
  • Older girl sites are first made available to Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors during this lottery.
    • Following this three-day lottery all unclaimed older girl sites will be available to all troops when the full eBudde Booth Scheduler opens on Wednesday, Feb. 5.


Set, Reach ... Matched! - troop goal contest

Enter this year's  Set, Reach ... Matched! cookie contest by the Feb. 1 deadline so your troop doesn't miss out on the chance to win a match of troop proceeds (rules and conditions apply). Submission is easy! Simply complete the online entry form located here. All entries have the opportunity to be publicized in our local media. 


Verify girl registration in eBudde

Now is the time to confirm that all girls participating in the cookie program in your troop are registered. If the registered box is not checked for any girl, you must contact your SUCC to confirm registration (page 33). It is important to sort these issues out now, before the cookie program begins on Feb. 2. 


Farmer's markets and street fairs

Unless farmer's markets and street fairs have been coordinated by the service unit as approved booth site locations, walkabout sales and booth sales are prohibited at these locations. Please see pages 10 and 12-13 for walkabout and booth sale policies.   


The Girl Scout Law of selling cookies

I will do my best to be...

HONEST when I start taking orders on the first day of the sale and not before and FAIR when I share cookie booth time with my Girl Scout troop members,

FRIENDLY when I remember to say "please" and "thank you" to my customers, and HELPFUL when I can describe the different types of cookies,

CONSIDERATE and CARING to my family, Troop Leader and Troop Cookie Manager for all the time and hard work they contribute to my Girl Scout experience,

COURAGEOUS and STRONG on cookie delivery day,

And RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT I SAY AND DO when I take care of my customer's order and collect money,

And to RESPECT MYSELF AND OTHERS by being the best person I can be,

RESPECT AUTHORITY by following the rules, guidelines, and procedures, 

USE RESOURCES WISELY when I recycle my cookie cases,

MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE by using my troop's cookie proceeds for a service project,

And BE A SISTER TO EVERY GIRL SCOUT and remember that I enjoy Girl Scouts today because of all the women who came before me!

- Author unknown



Q. What if I missed the Jan. 17 deadline to place an initial order?

A. Don't worry! All orders placed after January 17 will be made through the cookie cupboard system and can be picked up at your local cupboard beginning Feb. 3. (pg. 46)


Q. What if I missed the Jan. 17 deadline to submit my troop's banking information in eBudde?

A. Immediately contact to resolve this issue in order be able to pick up your cookies on delivery day.

Q. When will I be able to access the cupboard website? 

A. The cupboard website will be live and accessible on Wednesday, Jan. 29. A map with all cupboard locations is located here


Q. Can our troop accept credit cards?

A. Yes! Please review the 2014 Credit Card Handbook for policies, procedures, and details.


Q. Some of the documents on the TCM webpage are password protected. What is the username and password?

A. Username: GSSD Password: TCM2014 (case sensitive)


Q. What if I see a troop/girl(s) violating policies? 

A. In the event that a disregard of policy is observed, assume good intent as mistakes happen to everyone. Simply ask (politely and respectfully) for the girl's name and/or troop number and share it with your SUCC and/or the Product Sales team via No further action should be taken by the reporting party - troops/parents should not attempt to resolve the issue themselves nor harass any other girls/adults. Please remember to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, respectful of others, and a sister to every Girl Scout.



Thank you!



The Product Sales Team

Girl Scouts San Diego 


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Page numbers

All page numbers referenced throughout Cookie Chat refer to the 2014 Troop Cookie Manager Handbook unless otherwise noted. The username is "GSSD" and the password is "TCM2014". 


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Upcoming dates

January 2014 

TCMs train girls and families


Wednesday, Jan. 22 

Girl order tab becomes visible in eBudde. Delivery confirmation available to print.


Monday, Jan. 27

Military/older girl booth lottery round 1


Tuesday, Jan. 28

Military/older girl booth lottery round 2


Wednesday, Jan. 29

Military/older girl booth lottery round 3


Saturday, Feb. 1

Delivery day: Cookie warehouse pickup; distribute cookies to families.


Sunday, Feb. 2 - 9 a.m.

Cookie program begins







Cookie Program 

 The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led business in the country and generates immeasurable benefits for girls, their councils, and their communities.  Girls set cookie sales goals to support their chosen activities, to fund community service/leadership projects, to attend camp, and to travel.


Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, girls develop five essential skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.


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