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Financial Assistance Program: Opportunity Fund

We're committed to ensuring that all girls can participate in Girl Scouts, regardless of financial resources!

  • Opportunity Funds are available to individual girls and adults (not to troops).
  • Our goal is for troops/groups to be financially self-sustaining.
  • Opportunity Funds supplement existing troop/group resources. Funds won't cover 100 percent of any request and shouldn't be used in place of money-earning projects and solid budget planning.
  • Applications are reviewed by committee. The amount of funds granted will vary based on need and available funds.

Opportunity Fund Application English | Spanish
Opportunity Fund New Member Application English | Spanish



What is the Opportunity Fund?
The Opportunity Fund provides need-based financial assistance to individual Girl Scout members to help cover costs associated with basic supplies and Girl Scout activities and events.

Who qualifies for assistance?
New and existing registered members can apply.

  • An existing member's troop/group must have submitted its annual troop finance report. The applicant's family must have cleared any outstanding balance owed to our council.
  • Activities and events funds are requested for must contain Girl Scout Leadership Experience program values.
  • Girl Scouts San Diego reserves the right to determine who qualifies based on need. Applications are reviewed by committee. The amount of funds granted will vary based on need and available funds.

What do the funds cover?
Opportunity Funds help individual Girl Scout members cover costs such as:

  • First-year Girl Scout registration fees or start-up fee
  • Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting and girl Journey book
  • Uniform pieces
  • Activities and events that directly relate to or support the Girl Scout Leadership Experience

Troops should plan activities in line with the economic conditions of all troop members. Opportunity Funds should not be used to cover costs a troop is unable to raise money and budget for.

How do I apply for Opportunity Fund assistance?
Leaders and parents/caregivers should review, complete and sign the Opportunity Fund Application and Opportunity Fund Philosophy and Guidelines (in English or Spanish). New members requesting assistance for first-year registration fees need to submit only one form, the Opportunity Fund Application for New Member Registration (in English or Spanish).

What happens after the request is approved?
After a request is approved, email notification is sent to the parent and troop leader with details of the items approved.

 Questions? See more FAQs in English and Spanish, or contact Customer Care, (619) 610-0821.