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Join FAQ

Finding and Joining a Girl Scout Troop

If you're brand new to Girl Scouts, begin with the Join form. After you've entered your information, you'll have the opportunity to browse troop options.

If you/your family already have a profile in My GS, log into your Member Profile, and from there you can

  • Add or change your troop membership
  • Add new members to your household
  • Update the contact information
  • Sign up for events and trainings
  • and more

Below are answers to common questions about finding a troop. If you're looking for step-by-step instructions for online registration, check out this how-to guide or contact Customer Care.

I don’t know anything about these troops. How do we choose?

All Girl Scout troops are unique, so the best thing to do is talk to the leaders and even attend a troop meeting. You can sign your girl up for multiple troops in the catalog, and the leaders will contact you with more information. You can always revisit the catalog to check out new troops, too. Once you’ve found the perfect fit, let us know at and we’ll update your account.

The troop meeting time/day says “TBD,” or the description says the meeting date and time is subject to change. What does this mean?

Troops that are in formation may have meeting times or dates listed as “to be determined” (TBD). Once a troop leader is established, s/he can decide the best time to meet with input from girls and parents. If you want to know more about when a troop might meet, please contact

I’m searching for a specific troop, but it’s not coming up in the catalog.

Make sure you put a “0” before the troop number (e.g. to find Troop 1234, type “Troop01234” in the search bar). You may also need to clear the zip code field in case the troop is listed in a different zip code than your own. The Opportunity Catalog shows all troops that have told us they are open to new members. If the troop leader has invited you to join, choose the “Unsure” option and type the troop number in the popup box. If you have not spoken to the leader, it is possible that the troop is not open at this time.

None of the troops in this list will work for my family. What’s next?

If you don’t find the right fit in the catalog, please select “Unsure.” A membership staff member will contact you shortly to help you discover the best option for you and your girl.

The troop my girl joined still needs a leader or girls to get started. What can I do?

The opportunity catalog indicates how many members and volunteers each troop still needs. Troops only need a minimum of 5 girls and 2 adults to start meeting. If you are interested in volunteering, we would love to help you get started! The commitment can be as little as 2 hours a month, and Girl Scouts San Diego provides all the training and support you need for a fun and successful experience. If your troop needs more girls or adults, Girl Scouts San Diego's membership staff will actively recruit to your troop until you have enough members. We can create paper or electronic flyers to distribute at your school or in your community, or we can host an information meeting to tell other parents more about Girl Scouts. Troop members will receive email updates on the troop’s status.

Contact to learn more about volunteering or recruiting members.

How is the troop notified when a new member joins?

If the troop already has a leader established, s/he receives an email with the new member’s contact information. Leaders should follow up within a few days to welcome new members. If the troop is still in formation and doesn’t have a leader yet, new members receive an email indicating the troop’s status.