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Are your girls looking for an outdoor adventure? STEM experience? Patch, badge, or Journey program? Or just a fun time together? Check out the fabulous troop and girl opportunities for San Diego Girl Scouts in the coming months on our Happenings pages:

Expert insight: If your girl is facing a minor conflict, let her try to handle it on her own. Dealing with conflict is an important skill to master, and while your girl might need your guidance, it will be easier for her to weather her own storms if she starts with the small stuff. The truth is, life is hard sometimes. The sooner she starts practicing problem-solving techniques, the more confident and capable she’ll be as she grows up.

Pro tip: Get the latest scoop on our newly-created What's New page for volunteers! Recent additions include a link to our just-released Bridging Guide, info on summer Troop Adventure Weekends, and Bronze and Silver Award resources. Learn about program updates, procedural changes, resources, and more by checking the What's New page regularly.

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