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Staff Requests

Now taking requests! Ask for a Girl Scout staff member to attend your next service unit meeting and provide a fun, interactive, informative program.

Through the form below, you can request a staff-led mini-training or presentation for SU meetings. Choose your topic (or other service): Maybe you have volunteers who want to learn to be superstar recruiters. Perhaps your leaders would like a bit more info on taking their troops on a San Francisco bridging trip. Or you might seek a staff member to present a special recognition.

Open the request form to browse through your options. From camping progression to Cookie Captains, recognitions to registration, safety trainings to STEAM, we’ve got topics from all corners of the Girl Scout world. Each program comes to you from a staff member who’s an expert in the field.

We’re taking requests now for December 2016! Talk to your service unit team and submit your request for your next meeting today.

Questions? Email your service unit team or support specialist.

How it works:
  • We’ve got more than 50 trainings, services, presentations and booths to share at your meetings. Our request form will guide you through all the options. Don’t know what to pick? Connect with your service unit support specialist to discuss the possibilities.
  • Due to staff time constraints, if no staff request is made for a given service unit meeting, there will not be a staff member in attendance. We always like seeing you, so be sure to put in your requests.
  • Please make requests at least 30 days before your service unit meeting.
  • While we can't guarantee your first choice will be available, we’ll make every effort to ensure you receive the staff support you need.
  • Don’t see what you’re looking for? Make a special request on the form and we’ll work with you to put together a program that suits your needs.
  • Any service unit team member can make requests. Want to include your whole service unit in the decision making process? Take a vote at the end of a service unit meeting.
  • We’ll keep updating our offerings, so check back every so often and see what’s new!
Here's the timeline:

30 days before SU meeting

You: Work with your service unit team to fill out and submit the staff request survey.

Us: Receive request and coordinate staff to attend your meeting.

10-20 days before SU meeting

You: Communicate any special requests, meeting info, etc. to your staff attendee. Let your SU know what the program will be!

Us: Confirm your staff attendee and connect you with them.

Day of SU meeting

You: Set the agenda and get the leaders there!

Us: We’ll bring a fun program to engage leaders.