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Be a Sister to Every G.I.R.L.

Complete these three steps to inspire more girls and volunteers to join Girl Scouts, then submit your “Be a Sister” checklist (fillable | printable) along with your patch design concept.*


1. Post

Show us your social media savvy!
Invite friends, classmates, and neighbors to join Girl Scouts!

Also, ask them to attend a Girl Scout meeting or activity with you. Many Girl Scout families and volunteers have chosen to join simply because a friend or colleague invites them.

Create social media posts using #inspirealeader, #inspireatroop, and #inspireagirlscout to inspire new troops to form and new girls to join, and reference this webpage (

Remember to use photos of your troop to enhance and personalize your posts.

Personalize these sample social media posts, or create your own!
  • My daughter and I have been having so much fun in Girl Scouts, and I think everyone should have a chance to participate! Want to know more about all of the amazing things you and your girl can do in Girl Scouts? Ask me, or check out You can also join my troop for [insert your fun, upcoming activity info here]—message me for more information.
  • I would love to help you come on board with Girl Scouts—ask me questions! I especially enjoy [insert your favorite Girl Scout topics], and would love to share my experiences with you.
  • One thing I didn’t know about Girl Scouts before I joined was [insert an interesting opportunity here]. What Girl Scouts activity are you curious about?
  • Frirends, who can help me plan a party to help a new Girl Scout troop get started?
  • [Insert your GS inspiration] inspired me to become a Girl Scout leader. I had no idea I would [insert your favorite fun, surprising GS activity]. Let me know if you want to join the fun!
Other post ideas

Share a quote or special Girl Scout moment from your girl(s).

Have the girls in your troop make a list of why they love their leaders, and tag friends and parents who might like to lead. Let them know you think they would be a great leader!

Create and share a list of the ways in which Girl Scouts has positively impacted your life and your daughter’s life. Share it on social media with a distinct invitation to others to lead!


2. Promote

Spread the word in your school/community!

Wear Girl Scout uniforms and host a cafeteria rally. Girls showcase a quick song or shout out at lunchtime and pass out Girl Scout flyers or invitations. Email us for printed copies.*

Host a two-day Girl Scout info table at lunch or after school. On day one, give girls an information card. When they fill it out and bring it back the next day, give them a sticker. Email us for cards and stickers.*

Set up a meeting with your principal. Let him/her know you appreciate his/her support of Girl Scouts and brainstorm how to grow more troops at your school.

Show up as a troop to a Summer Movies in the Park event. Rock your uniforms and hand out Girl Scout flyers. Email us for printed flyers.*

Host a table in the community. Consider setting up an info booth at your place of worship, local sports sign-up day, or other large community event.

*Please expect a minimum two-week turnaround time for printed materials.


3. Party

Have fun while you inspire!

Invite friends, classmates, and neighbors who aren’t yet members of Girl Scouts to attend a troop meeting or activity for a taste of what Girl Scouts is all about. Be sure to email us ahead of time to order information cards, flyers, and whatever else you need to distribute to potential leaders.*

Remember, you don’t have to invite new members to join your troop. If your troop is full, encourage interested girls/parents to start their own troop! You can even be sister troops! Encourage families to visit to learn more about how to start a troop.

Ways to party
  • Host a play date or camp activity at a park
  • Organize a field day
  • Invite girls and parents to a Girl-Scout-themed picnic
  • Have an ice cream social or tea party
  • Organize a hands-on community service project
  • Create a ceremony to invite parents to become troop leaders

Activities, poems, and songs from the girls can end with an invitation to lead!

Use this sign-in sheet for your event, and then submit it with your completed checklist.

*Please expect a minimum two-week turnaround time for printed materials.

Help new families get a head start on Girl Scouts with the new Extended-Year Membership option, offering new girls and adults up to 17 months of membership at a discounted rate.

*The patch design challenge is an optional activity.


Q: How do we submit our design concept for the “Be a Sister to Every G.I.R.L.” patch?

A: Simply fill out and return the “Be a Sister” checklist (fillable | printable) to along with your vision for the patch. This might be a written description, a sketch, or a full color drawing—whatever your troop or individual girl decides! The winning artist(s) will work with Girl Scouts San Diego staff to turn the concept into reality and will get to learn about marketing, graphic design, and other behind-the-scenes workings of Girl Scouts San Diego in the process!

Q: Will the patch look exactly like our drawing? Does it have to be a certain size or color?

A: The submission is for a design concept so it can be any size, color or format. The winning troop/individual girl will work with Girl Scouts staff to finalize the patch.

Q: How will you choose which three troops get to pitch their designs?

A: After the campaign deadline of July 15, a staff-based committee will review the submissions and notify the three finalists who will be invited to come to our offices and pitch their design. Finalists will be provided with a list of questions and more information ahead of time to help them prepare.

Q: When we help start a new troop, do they have to meet with our troop? 

A: Not at all! It’s all about celebrating your success in Girl Scouting by helping others come forward and enjoy the experience, too. You can do things with the new troop—or simply be their inspiration!

Q: When someone is curious about leading, what is the next step?

A: Girl Scouts staff is here to help! Simply put us in touch with them by emailing or calling 619-610-0702. We will provide them with more information and next steps.

Q: If we have a list of girls who would like to be in a troop, what do we do?

A: Simply email or calling 619-610-0702. Girl Scouts staff will work with the families to either find or start a troop.

Q: I feel bad that girls cannot join our troop. What do I tell them?

A: A rich tradition of Girl Scouting is to pay it forward in creating opportunities for more girls to come into Girl Scouting. You are carrying out that legacy by providing an introduction to Girl Scouts in San Diego. One of the ways we support full troops is by helping new troops to start, especially in areas where there is already a full troop. Sometimes families think they have missed out if the troop is full in their area and do not know we can start a second troop. We are hoping this information and encouragement will help them realize this opportunity!

Q: I would like some materials/support/ideas to help with our party/event or school information table/rally. Where can I get them?

A: You can find ideas, materials, and more in our “Be a Sister” toolkit above. You can also contact us at We’ll be happy to offer you guidance, plus we can mail you supplies or arrange for you to pick things up at one of our office locations. Please expect a minimum two-week turnaround time for printed materials.

What is a sister troop?

A sister troop can be any troop, anywhere that you help create by inspiring leaders to start the troop!

Creating a sister troop may be a community service project for your girls. Brainstorm with them and focus on what would actually inspire adults to take the next step to leading.

Sister troops might occasionally do things together, but it’s not a necessity.

  • A troop might invite a sister troop to a special activity.
  • Sister troops might attend one or two large events together.
  • Older girls may mentor younger girls and pass on their traditions and projects.
  • Leaders support each other and pass on tips and materials.

A sister troop can be in the same school grade or program level, or a different school grade or program level.

  • For example, help the new Kindergarten parents come on board with Girl Scouts.
  • Many schools in San Diego have multiple troops per grade. It’s great for the girls to have a community of Girl Scouts at their school.
  • If your troop is full, you can help organize a sister troop at the same level enabling the Girl Scout experience to be available to all the girls in your grade.

Celebrate the success of your troop by inspiring a second one in your community or in another community.

  • A sister troop might be one you start in an area of San Diego that does not have a troop at all.
  • Your Regional Recruitment Specialist knows of communities who need troops.
  • Sister troops can even be an outreach activity to one of the new communities sprouting up in San Diego.

Perhaps a sister troop simply meets at a different time allowing girls with different schedules to still be in a troop.

A sister troop can be led and sponsored by another community organization as well, such as an after-school program, sports team, faith-based group, etc. It’s a great way for dance and sports teams to maintain camaraderie in the off season. Girl Scouts is flexible enough to fit any of these groups and complement existing activities.

A sister troop can be a legacy troop that an outgoing class sets up at their school or in their community. 

If you need help to start a Sister Troop, contact us so we can put you in touch with your Regional Recruitment Specialist.