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Safety Resources

Safety Activity Checkpoints

Before considering any activity, please read and understand Safety-Wise (Ch. 4 of Volunteer Essentials). This addresses:

  • Transporting girls
  • General adult-girl ratios
  • Health Histories
  • Insurance
  • First Aiders and first aid kits
  • Emergency procedures
  • Activities that are never permitted

When preparing for any activity with girls, refer to the Safety Activity Checkpoints (SAC) written specifically for that particular activity.

Use this handy Matrix to quickly check which activities are appropriate for your age group, and whether you’ll need advance approval. Click on the activity name to view the checkpoints.

For tips on using the checkpoints, read this introduction.

Any approval required will be specified at the top of the SAC. Submit an Activity Approval Form to your service unit activity consultant at least one month prior to your activity (earlier for advanced or international travel). View a sample completed form.

Download the Safety Management Plan for Troop Activities.

 What if I don’t see checkpoints for our activity?

If your activity is very low-risk, or very rare, there might not be written checkpoints. Check with your activity consultant if unsure.

 Which activities are never allowed?

When activities involve unpredictable safety variables, they are not recommended as Girl Scout program activities. These include but are not limited to: • Bungee Jumping • Flying in small private planes, helicopters or blimps • Hang gliding • Hot air ballooning • Hunting • Motor biking • Parachuting • Parasailing • Riding all-terrain vehicles • Riding motorized personal watercraft such as jet skis (exception: Girl Scouts San Diego may use some motorized vehicles with special permission. See your activity consultant for more information.) • Shooting Sports are not permitted for Girl Scouts San Diego members • Skydiving • Stunt skiing • Outdoor trampolining • Zorbing

 Need help interpreting safety guidelines?

Contact your service unit activity consultant or Sandy Sultz, (619) 610-0814, with questions.


Additional Insurance Enrollment
  • For events that include non-Girl Scout members
  • For extended events, including trips out of San Diego or Imperial County
  • For international trips, including day trips to Mexico

See our insurance information and enrollment forms sheet to find out what kind of coverage you need for your event. Contact Holly Strum, (619) 610-0719, with questions. Insurance enrollment forms must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event/activity/trip. Completed forms may be sent:

By email to or by mail to:

Girl Scouts San Diego
Attn: Additional Insurance Enrollment
1231 Upas St.
San Diego, CA 92103-5199

Certificates of Liability Insurance

Activity providers and locations—especially high-risk ones—need to provide proof that they carry liability insurance. All vendors and venues with a current certificate on file are on this Liability Insurance Certificate List. It is updated the first day of each month.

If a vendor or venue is not on the list, the troop or group attending the event should request that the vendor or venue email a current certificate to Jenna Ryan, (619) 610-0782. Ask for the certificate before making arrangements to participate.

Request Certificate of Liability Insurance from Council

To request that a copy of the Girl Scouts’ Certificate of Liability insurance be sent to a vendor or venue, please email Jenna Ryan with:

  • Complete vendor/venue name
  • Mailing address
  • Specific additional insured wording for Certificate
  • Vendor/Venue fax or e-mail address