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Outdoor Training

Take your girls outside! The following classes prepare you to introduce girls to the great outdoors in progressive steps from a local overnight to rustic camping. Classes must be taken in order.


Basic Overnights online course

For first neighborhood overnight, encampments, and council-sponsored adventure weekends. Email with your name and troop number (if known) to access the 45-minute course.


Let's Camp! (independent troop cabin camping)

If you've completed a basic overnight, encampment, or adventure weekend with your girls, they may be ready for a troop cabin campout. Learn outdoor program delivery, as well as how to choose and reserve property, manage safety for your troop, involve girls in no-cook meal preparation (adults may use heat), and build troop skills, teamwork and memories. You’ll be qualified to take your girls cabin camping in our mountain properties and at private and public campsites.


Pre-requisite: Basic Overnights and Core Leadership Training


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Let's Cook! 1 and 2 (two-part class: outdoor cooking and skills)


This course qualifies volunteers to help their girls start cooking at cookouts, campfires, and during cabin camping. Learn tons of hands-on outdoor skills you can teach the girls, including fire-building, knife, hatchet and saw use, dunk bags, and many different fun cooking methods.

Part 1 is usually held on a weeknight. Learn Girl Scout-style menu and budget planning, equipment needed, and basic outdoor cooking methods. Then break into patrols to plan for a fun “menu challenge” to take place in Part 2.

Part 2 is a full Saturday, to fully experience your patrol’s menu choices. Practice the outdoor skills that are a key feature of this class. Participants collaborate to bring personal gear for their patrol, and share responsibility for food cost. Many participants also choose to attend Let’s Tent! which begins immediately after Let’s Cook! Part 2 ends. Separate registration is required for Let’s Tent!

Pre-requisite: Let’s Camp!


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Let's Tent! (independent troop tenting and rustic cabins)


Qualifies adults to take girls on rugged camping experiences, including tenting or rustic cabins. This overnight course includes sleeping in tents. Evening and morning class sessions pinpoint specific outdoor concerns, including safety, environmental and equipment topics. Campfire, stargazing, lashing, trail signs and nighttime program activities are also covered.

Pre-requisite: Let’s Camp! and Let’s Cook!


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Want more? Check out our Wilderness Hiking and Backpacking Program, which offers training and outings for girls and adults.

Travelling with girls? Take Troop Tripping early in the planning process. See our Travel Guidelines page for more resources.

Other adventure training, when available, is featured on our Enrichment Training page or in the Training Catalog.