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Outdoor Training

Take your girls outside! The following classes prepare you to introduce girls to the great outdoors in progressive steps from a local overnight to rustic camping. Classes must be taken in order.


Basic Overnights online course
For service unit encampments and council-sponsored Adventure Weekends where program activities and meals are provided, and girls lodge in cabins. First time neighborhood overnights — required before girls can go cabin camping — are also covered. At least one adult in attendance must have this training.

This online course lasts about 45 minutes. Sign up using the code sleepingbag.


Let's Camp! (independent troop cabin camping)
If you've completed a basic overnight, encampment, or adventure weekend with your girls, they may be ready for a troop cabin campout. Learn outdoor program delivery, as well as how to choose and reserve property, manage safety for your troop, involve girls in no-cook meal preparation (adults may use heat), and build troop skills, teamwork and memories. You’ll be qualified to take your girls cabin camping in our mountain properties and at private and public campsites.

Pre-requisite: Basic Overnights and Core Leadership Training
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Let's Have a Campfire!
In this hands-on class, you’ll learn safe campfire activities you can teach your girls, including building and extinguishing fires, using pocketknives and hatchets, tying knots, campfire programs and reflective debriefing. Get tips for safely cooking on a stick while you enjoy a tasty snack. This training qualifies you for stick cooking (like s'mores), beach or backyard fires, and campfires held while cabin camping.

Pre-requisite: Basic Overnights and Let's Camp!
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Let's Cook Out!
Discover several fun methods of outdoor cooking you can empower your girls to use. Using propane, charcoal and wood fuel, you and your new friends will cook and share a tasty four-course meal. Learn about safe food handling, sanitation and accommodating allergies and dietary practices. You'll be qualified to use many outdoor cooking methods with your girls.

This course includes all food and materials. Please email if you have dietary restrictions.

Pre-requisite: Basic Overnights, Let's Camp! and Let's Have a Campfire!
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Let's Tent! (independent troop tenting and rustic cabins)
Once you and your girls are ready for more rugged experiences, explore troop tent camping. Learn about safety issues, environmental considerations and proper equipment, then discuss individual concerns with the group. This fun overnight training comes complete with campfire program (including dessert), cool nighttime activities and a delicious breakfast.

Pre-course assignment: You'll receive a link to “Let's Tent! Read-ahead” upon confirmation of course placement. If you don't receive the read-ahead or confirmation, please email Bring personal gear as outlined in the read-ahead, a tent, and brown bag dinner for Saturday.

Pre-requisite: Basic Overnights, Let's Camp!, Let's Have a Campfire! and Let's Cook!
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Travelling with girls? Take Troop Tripping early in the planning process. See our Travel Guidelines page for more resources.

Other adventure training, when available, is featured on our Enrichment Training page. Visit our events list to browse and search upcoming courses.

 Questions? Contact to learn more about our outdoor classes or ask about testing out.