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Volunteer Invite a Friend 2016

Invite a Friend

 Are all your troop members renewed for 2017? Renew now, or learn how to renew your  troop or family members.

As a Girl Scout volunteer, you help girls build confidence, face challenges and find their spark. Double that impact: Invite a friend to start a life-changing adventure for girls, too! Not only will you give girls another hero to depend on, but you and your friend get a fun prize.

(Fill out your reward form if you've already completed the steps below.)

Extended: Through Tuesday, Jan. 31, invite your friend to volunteer. Once they’ve formed a new Girl Scout Daisy, Brownie or Junior troop …

 You get $50 to spend at Girl Scouts’ official online store.

 Your friend gets awesome resources (a $50 value!) to help them get their troop up and running.

 Plus, when you double the friends, you double your prize …
$100 for you and a Volunteer Resource Pack for each friend.

The best part: Girls get one more guiding star to cheer them on, expose them to new and unique experiences, and prepare them for a lifetime of leadership.

Your friend can start a new troop when she or he signs up as a volunteer, or may contact us for help at

Once your friend joins as a Girl Scout leader and starts a troop, fill out your  reward form!

Please review official Terms and Conditions.

 Questions? Contact our membership team, (619) 610-0702.