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Training FAQs


How can I ensure a successful class experience?

  • Register early! Classes fill up quickly, so online registration is best.
  • Don't wait till the last minute to take classes. Allow some time to put tools to work with your girls.
  • No drop-ins! Materials are prepared according to number registered.
  • Not sure if you are registered or need to cancel? Email
  • On the day of your class, feel free to bring drinks and snacks. Arrive early so that class can get started on time.
  • Please arrange childcare — we cannot accommodate children.
  • If for some reason you cannot attend, please let us know so that someone else can take your spot.

Where do I get help with registering for classes online?

Contact or call 619-610-0821. You may also fax, email, mail or drop off a paper registration form.



Are any courses offered online?

Several courses can be taken online. See our Training Catalog to learn more, and contact  when you’re ready to sign up. You’ll receive an email from Litmos, our online learning portal, with instructions for setting up your password. Your User ID is your email address. Once you’re set up, you can return to Litmos anytime to finish or review a course that has been assigned to you. Use this URL: .

Important note: When taking online trainings, use Chrome as your browser. Safari and other browsers may not work.

 Do I need to take the Outdoor classes in order?

Basic Overnights, Let's Camp, Let's Have a Campfire, Let's Cook Out and Let's Tent are designed to be taken in order; each builds on the last. Give yourself time between taking each class to implement the ideas you learn.


Can I take First Aid or CPR elsewhere?

Yes! You may take First Aid or CPR from any authorized American Red Cross, National Safety Council, EMP America, American Heart Association provider (other certification providers must be approved; contact for information). First Aid and CPR MUST have an in-person component. Training that is taken entirely online is not acceptable for Girl Scout safety management.


Can I bring my kids with me to class?

To provide an ideal learning environment, please make arrangements for childcare. Consider asking another troop parent to care for your child(ren) so you can receive training.


Are any classes offered in Spanish? Ofrecen classes en Español?

Yes, visit our Spanish pageSi, pueden visitar nuestra pagina de españolQuestions/preguntas: Sarah, 619-610-0741.


How do I become a trainer?

We are seeking experienced Girl Scout volunteers with dynamic presentation skills to train our classes. We work with you to accommodate your schedule and preferred locations. We ask a commitment to facilitate one class per month and occasional webinars. Share your wisdom, sparkle and experience with new leaders! Contact us at



Can I request a training in my neighborhood?

Yes, you can request most of our trainings to be delivered in your neighborhood. Please review our Training by Request form guidelines and email the completed form to



What if I can’t make it to class?  

We can provide a transfer or refund in some cases.

You may request a transfer if:

  • You provide written or email notice at least five days before class.
  • It’s a one-time request—the same payment can’t be transferred more than once.
  • You provide the date and title of a currently scheduled class into which you’d like to transfer.

You may request a refund if:

  • You provide written or email notice at least five days before class.

If you need to cancel, please let us know, even if you’re not eligible for a refund or transfer. The trainers appreciate knowing who will attend. Rare exceptions to these guidelines are made for true emergencies. Contact to discuss or for general questions. For registration assistance, contact or 619-610-0821.