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Finish Chelsea's Run in Partnership with Girl Scouts San Diego

A letter from Kelly and Brent King

As we went through the shattering revelation in late February of 2010 that our little girl would never come home, you wrapped your arms and hearts around us. You helped us find the strength to draft and enact laws that now provide protection for more than 17 million kids. You helped us create the sunflower scholarship program which has awarded over $650,000 to amazing students heading off to college, as Chelsea dreamt of. You have run with us in our annual 5k, Finish Chelsea’s Run, and played baseball at our annual Home Run for Chelsea tourney. You have provided us the light and the strength to move mountains.

As beautiful as each of these events and accomplishments are, they come with a toll. There is always a balance now in our lives that has pain on one side, and joy on the other. It never goes away. It’s the paradigm of loss. With this said, we are choosing to change the way Chelsea’s Light Foundation accomplishes its mission.

Going forward, we have decided to sunset these “annual events” and, starting October 1, we will shift our focus to advocacy. We will be the voice for our nation’s children—in every state capitol building, in Congress, and in the White House. It’s based on the concept of a membership organization much like the Sierra Club that protects trees or the Surfrider foundation that protects coastlines, but we will be legislating laws to protect our children. We’re calling it “Protect the Joy.” Both a rally cry and a mission statement in one, but most importantly, it’s a reminder of childhood’s essence: joy. Finally, there will be a voice to protect it.

Chelsea’s Light will still continue to shine bright each day through our Sunflower Scholarship program and Joie De Vivre grants and will constantly and consistently work to protect children from the harm that befell Chelsea.

As we kick off the creation of this exciting new venture, we’ll need your support. Instead of attending Finish Chelsea’s Run or playing in Home Run for Chelsea, we ask that you channel your tremendous passion into helping build out an organization that our children desperately need and deserve. If you’d like to learn more or register your support, please visit We humbly ask for your patience as we assemble the foundational blocks and embark on this new and necessary journey to “Protect the Joy” of all children.

Thank you for always standing with us, holding us up when we felt like falling, and hugging us when we needed it most.

Brent and Kelly 

Girl Scouts played an important role in Chelsea’s life from a very early age, and I had the great joy and privilege of being a Girl Scout troop leader. Girl Scouts is where Chelsea first learned that her voice mattered and that she could make a difference.”

Chelsea King’s mother, Kelly

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