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Emerging Leaders

An Emerging Leader Girl Scout embodies the mission and promise of Girl Scouts to make the world a better place and exemplifies the highest caliber of leadership, courage, confidence, and character. She is the essence of a G.I.R.L. (Go-Getter, Innovator, Risk Taker, Leader)TM.

Not only does she thrive in the classroom as a scholar and achiever, but an Emerging Leader also flourishes in the community, where she solves problems and stands up for causes close to her heart. She is curious about the world and inspires others with her positivity and can-do spirit. She is poised to make a difference and elevate those around her.

As part of the 2019 Emerging Leaders program, you will receive networking skills, business etiquette, and personal brand basics training through an orientation. Then, on Friday, March 29, you will meet with female business leaders from around San Diego during a morning mentoring session and be recognized at our 2019 Cool Women Luncheon. Select Emerging Leader Girl Scouts will have the opportunity to hone their public speaking skills by introducing this year’s class of Cool Women or presenting during the Cool Women Luncheon program.  

Apply Today

San Diego Girl Scouts in grades 10-12: You are invited to apply for the 2019 Emerging Leader program by midnight on Sunday, Jan 6.


  • Be a currently registered Girl Scout for the 2018-2019 membership year.
  • Be a current 10-12th grade student.
  • Show us your G.I.R.L. power in and outside of Girl Scouting.
  • Relate to one of the G.I.R.L. qualities and be able to articulate why you want to participate and what you can gain from this experience.
  • Must be able to attend one of the mandatory orientation sessions (tentatively Sunday, March 3 from 2:30-5 p.m. or Saturday, March 9 from 9-11:30 a.m.).
  • Must be able to attend the morning mentoring session and Cool Women Luncheon on Friday, March 29 from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. (participants will miss a full day of school). 

Download this PDF to review and prepare your application responses. Actual application submissions must be completed online.

The 2018 Class of Emerging Leader Girl Scouts
  • Kennedy Anderson

    Maria Burritt

    Sofia Christensen

    Taylor Cloutier

    Taylor Cole

    Sarah Cooper 

    Ana De Almeida Amaral

    Cadence Dobias

    Rebecca Ebling

    Larkin Gallup

    Kayla Gunter

    Alina Ho

    Mychal Johnson

    Danielle Lund

    Sarah Mauricio

  • Makayla Mayor

    Molly McHargue

    Roni Nelson

    Sadie Neville

    Kayla Nitahara

    Angeline Santa Romana

    Teia Shannon Wright

    Isabel Silva

    Navyaa Sinha

    Jaddin Thomas

    Sarah Uran

    Amira Walia

    Elleanor Wong

    Lillian Wood

    Paige Zimmerman

What 2018 Emerging Leader Girl Scouts Said About...

The Morning Mentoring Sessions

"So many of my conversations showed me that successful women focus on both their professional achievement and their personal happiness. A lot of the time, those two things support and contribute to each other. It's great to see women who are emotionally healthy as they conquer the world."

"I learned that no matter what field you go into, the same lessons in life almost always apply."

“Coming into the morning session I felt pretty set on what careers I was looking into, but speaking with the mentors helped me realize there is so much that I can do. The women have all accomplished amazing things, and it was a great experience for me to hear about how they reached the level of success that they have. Most of all, I learned that you have to be open to change, because you never know where life will take you.”


The Luncheon and Presentations

"I loved, loved, loved seeing my sister Girl Scouts up on the stage."

"I enjoyed sitting at my table because the people sitting there had some pretty cool stories; sometimes that's the best way to learn."

"I liked hearing other Emerging Leaders speak, using what they learned in the workshop."


The Overall Cool Women Experience

"To say that the opportunity to meet all the Cool Women was really cool is an understatement; it opened my eyes to a new perspective and definition of success from all levels and across a variety of careers. Learning from others' experiences, trails and errors, and success has helped me rethink how I will pursue my future, further motivating me to set my sights far."

"I want to become a Cool Women in the future. They are so incredible, and that shows great success."

"This program was the first of many ‘doors’ in my life. The women who spoke into my life truly changed it. I’ve pursued relationships with my mentors, and in the short time I’ve learned from them, I’ve decided to pursue organic chemistry at a local college, to launch my business, and to find what my brand means to me. It is these women who have inspired me to do such, and I know that it is just the beginning."


Contact Program Specialist (Grades 6-12) Steph Dawes.