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Wilderness First Aid 03/04/16 - 03/06/16

Fri Mar 04, 5:00 PM - Sun Mar 06, 1:00 PM
Camp Whispering Oaks, 4949 Pine Hills Rd., Julian, CA
Leadership Training

Learn how to assess, treat, and when possible, prevent medical and traumatic emergencies when calling 911 is not an immediate option, or when help could be delayed. Bring your own outdoor gear and discover how to improvise treatment, stabilization and evacuation techniques with on-hand items in remote locations. Successful adult participants may serve as Level 2 First Aiders, as described in Volunteer Essentials Chapter 4: Safety-Wise. This intensive course is open to all adults as well as Girl Scouts 14 years and older who are engaged in the backpacking program; certification lasts two years. A course manual and pocket reference card will be provided in advance, which you'll need to read before class begins.
Course fee includes meals and overnight at Camp Whipspering Oaks; course length is 16 hours. Email to request reading materials ahead of time and a Wilderness First Aid confirmation email.

Prerequisite: Current 1st Aid and CPR certification. 

Warning: This course includes genuine graphic materials and realistic scenarios.